Deal Alert: Best Buy Offering 32GB HP TouchPads For $150 – But There’s A Catch


Well, color my goose and slap me silly! Looks like there was still a few more HP TouchPads stashed somewhere after their big fire sale to go around. As it turns out, Best Buy will begin selling the 32GB version of the Android-hackable TouchPads for $150 but this time under one condition — customers looking to take advantage of the deal must buy an HP computer to go along with it. Those shysters.

The deal kicks off on November 1st and you best believe Best Buy will be advertising the deal across all the usual channels like the front page of their Sunday ads. Oh- if you’re feeling a bit wary about purchasing an HP computer after you know —  the whole talk of them pulling out of the PC market, word on the street is HP may have changed their minds. Nice to know your computer will at least offer some level of support. HP TouchPads on the other hand… well, you’re just going to throw CM7 on there anyway.

[Via TechCrunch]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Actually, posting this from a TouchPad now. WITHOUT CM7.

    I really like webOS on a tablet. Way better than pre-honeycomb on a tablet. But of course when ICS gets ported, I will switch.

    1. I didn’t even think about ICS on this thing!!!! :O

      I’m getting one! xD

    2. I read my droid news here every day with my touchpad (typing from it now). Can’t wait for a good CM7 :-)

  2. I don’t know about this deal. Hp computers are piece of crap.

    They also come with lot of bloat that puts verizon phones to shame, loves to get all prima donna with compatabilty that’s not from hp, so ill have lot of cleaning up to do for both pc and tablet. Probably not worth it.

    1. Gotta disagree with you on the HP computer front. I just picked up my first HP laptop ever, and the initial build quality was far better than my two previous Dells.

      Plus, I’m not complaining about $1,283 for a Quad i7 @ 2ghz, 8GB of RAM, 1GB dedicated graphics, Blu-Ray Burner, 17.3″ 1080P display, 7,200rpm harddrive, and a 3-year in-home warranty which covers accidental damage. Plus, it took all of 45 mins to get rid of the bloat and start fresh.

      1. i bought a very similarly speced laptop from the microsoft signature store, bloat free… it was beautiful.

    2. Amen. Just sold my last two laptops from them. You get a great deal…but I have to say, I’m loving my MBP much more than I ever did the HP tablet or DV7T. Customer service is…horrible to say the least. Make sure you make the recovery discs for your computer. Oh, and write down your OS product key before it fades away.

    3. Thats the most ridiculous statement ever made….. HPs are the best made computers……even the ones running AMD phenoms are well….phenomenal… i dont know about their customer service because ive never ever needed it….. keep your dells, ill stick with HP, the HTC of the PC business.

      1. Dell? Where in my post did I advocate that crap. Is pc world only hp or dell for you? That’s quite a false dichotomy you got there.

      2. You sir, are a moron. To assume he’s talking about any of the Walmart brands.. that’s the point. People on a site like this will be hitting up newegg or tigerdirect and will be saving 2000 and getting a better system to boot. While I’m glad you enjoy your HP PC, I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to hand in your geek card.

  3. Being forced to buy an HP PC… this is no longer a deal. I am not sure I would be interested even if they threw the touchpad in for free…

    1. that’s actually a better deal.

      1. I am not at all sure what you mean here. What, exactly, is actually a better deal?

        1. What it is, I thought at least, you were saying: Buy a HP computer, get a TouchPad free.

          1. That IS technically better than $150 for the TouchPad

  4. Can you buy the HP computer, get the Touchpad, and then return the computer?

    1. I’m sure they have a catch in there where they will take out the full original retail price of the Touchpad off the top of your return leaving you paying full price for the tablet. Retailers are always planning for customers trying to use the system to their favor.

    2. that was my first thought lol

    3. No. Everything that came as part of a bundle will have to be returned with the bundle to get your money back. You will have to return all or nothing.

    4. They will charge you $599 for the Touch Pad if you return the computer

  5. And help Megs numbers look good? No thanks.

    1. Haha! Ms. Whitman needs you!!!

  6. @.@ i just got a laptop gees….
    lenovo G560 for only 399 plus tax…
    i don’t really like HP computer, they kind of not as good as lenovo

    1. Sold one of those out of my store to a friend, something went wrong with the chipset or something cuz his screen produces artifacts and garbley gook all over the place. He only had it for 3 weeks before it happened. Good luck with that Lenovo. LoL

  7. they should stick to printers.. they screwed over a very loved and promising OS.. hope they go bankrupt!

  8. Hmmm keep windows I go with Mac…I’ve been with windows my whole life but I think its time to change. And everybody likes Mac they just don’t like the price.

    1. Must be the joke of the day…

  9. dell is a piece of crap hp wayyy better, but i have an asus and its better than both

  10. The company basically said “screw you” to all the people they promised would be first in line when more were produced, and sold them to Best Buy, instead.

    The company should just give up dealing with the public all together, they suck at it. I won’t buy HP again.

  11. Too bad hp’s computers are notoriously short lived and pretty much all have a life span of like 2 years tops. Glad I got a touchpad through the fire sale. Now to just wait for a stable android port.

  12. A lot of opinions for both sides floating around here..To each their own.. The only input I can provide is from a customer service point of view.. Have not had many hardware/software/driver issues with HP’s as a general rule.. Dell ( mostly software, driver) I run into more frequently that I’d like.. As far as bloatware.. anybody should be able to remove it, it’s not that difficult.. I suppose I should note that I am a “desktop” guy, and I will probably never be a “laptop” guy.. I have also never bought a prebuilt PC ever.. I built the first PC I ever owned in 93 and have been upgrading and building new ones ever since.. I have worked on and cannibalized many a HP, Dell, Gateway, Vaio, etc .. If I was forced to buy a desktop (can’t speak for laptops) I would probably go for an HP based on what I have dealt with.. Still have to say, there is nothing better than picking and choosing the quality components for your own system.. Custom home built,.. Throw on some Linux, and have pain free computing that’s rock solid.. It should also be noted that the last two companies I worked for had HP desktops, and never had any problems with any of em.

  13. It would be helpful if you provided a link under phrases like CM7 so the layman can understand it by clicking on it and know what you’re talking about.

  14. whoever buys a laptop in november is dumb, when there is black friday coming up

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