HTC Rezound Stops By The FCC Again – Adds Wireless Charging To Features


The HTC Rezound aka Vigor has been going through some changes. Faced with a jampacked holiday season on Verizon the device appears to be… evolving. The Rezound made its way back to through the FCC again (first time was back in September) and according to the FCC change letter, the device has added an all new “wireless charging back cover.” The same wireless inductive charging found on those fancy Sonicare toothbrushes. Welcome to the 21st century, folks.

November will be loaded with Android heavy hitters going head-to-head thanks to the Motorola RAZR and Samsung Galaxy Nexus rumored to drop all within weeks of one another. Glad to see HTC is taking this fight seriously. What do you guys think? Will wireless charging be enough to pull this superphone ahead of the pack?

[FCC Via WirelessGoodness]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. no, but if it’s packing Gorilla Glass, smaller size (for those of us with carnie hands), removable SD card, and maybe a better camera, it could have a chance.

    1. Pretty sure it has Gorilla Glass, it’s smaller than the 4.5-inch phones, definitely has a removable SD card and improved camera sensors (instant capture like on MyTouch 4G Slide)..

      What now? o_O

      1. And it HTC phones have a date stamp on there cameras.. I dont know why but that is kind of selling point for me..

      2. Yeah, I just listed all the perceived “shortcomings” of the Galaxy Nexus. Still, it’s pretty hard to overcome ICS out of the box and stock Android.

        1. Normally I’m against stock Android (I know, I’m weird) but Ice Cream Sandwich really got me drooling :D

  2. Not if it carries that stupid moniker.

      1. Yeah, makes me go to sleep as well.

    1. I dont see what difference it would make, who cares what its called as long as its a decent phone.

  3. wowsers!

  4. Could be tempting seeing how the Nexus is still MIA. Maybe we can actually get our hands on the Rezound!

  5. I hate HTC, so its either the RAZR or the Nexus for me.

    1. How can you hate HTC? I personally don’t have it in me to actually hate a phone manufacturer. There are some I like better than other, but hate? No.

  6. “Will wireless charging by enough to pull this superphone ahead of the pack?” I think you mean “be enough” and not “by enough”. Typos, Chris, gotta love ’em :-)

  7. Well I still have my reservations on the razr and nexus, but I don’t think wireless charging is the standout feature this phone needs. Still I am a big fan of wireless charging, it should be standard by now.

  8. Whats wireless charging?

    1. Updated my post to clarify. Same thing as on those chargeable toothbrushes or maybe you’ve seen those Powermats where all you do is place down your phone on one and it starts charging. Pretty neat. =)

  9. I want it… That will be my next phone

  10. Well, this is the phone I’m waiting for.. love HTC, f Samsung. :)

  11. I can’t wait to see how this compares to the Bionic in the reviews and whether or not the Rezound will be tainted by Verizon’s suite of forceware.

  12. All of the HTC phones look the same. They need to come up with a new concept in terms of design. Rezound for example, reminds me of the HTC Incredible.

    1. spray paint, elmers glue, feathers and glitter.. problem solved.

    2. I think that’s kinda the point? So people can identify their phones? Dunno..

      1. Thats one of the reasons i stick with HTC… Loved the look og my Incredible and am ready for the Vigor to carry the torch for a time

    3. Please HTC, change up the look of your phones

    4. I disagree, I think HTC has several unique designs. For example the Sensation and Amaze look nothing like the Evo series. The ChaCha looks nothing like incredible and so on. Samsung and Apple are the ones who’s devices all look the same.

    5. why are you talking about all of htc on an article about wireless charging? I think the wireless charging is a FINALLY should have been here 3 years ago feature… hope they were able to integrate it well… still waiting to hear the kind of processor the phone has… is it hopeless to believe it might have s4?

  13. It looks like it’s going with more plastic like the Incredible instead of the higher quality metal feel of the Thunderbolt – can someone confirm this? Also, I’m wondering if it has NFC. With a 4.3 inch screen like most of the great phones today but also with Beats, a removable battery and an microSD card, this may be the phone for me especially if it has NFC. I’d prefer a higher quality feel than what the Incredible was.

    1. It will have a battery cover similar to the Evo 3D (soft-touch plastic). The rim around the glass will be metal though. The phone will feel heavy and solid like other HTC devices, I’m sure.

      Almost positive this will not have NFC.. I don’t think it will be until next year before we start seeing most phones come equipped with it.

  14. why do people who don’t like the phone even comment the damn article? god damn, it’s like troll central here sometimes.

    if you don’t want the phone, if you don’t like the phone, don’t comment. simple as that.

    this is gonna be a damn good phone, and i, for one, can’t wait to get it.

    1. iPhone 4S is better o.O

      1. Mango likes to tango….

      2. WTF

    2. Trolls will be trolls, but either way you’re right, this phone is top of the line in most every way. Kinda wish I was on Verizon now.

      Evo 3 will be just as awesome and hopefully better.

  15. Wow! any high end phone coming out now…. is, fxckn awesome o_o

  16. I really like the wireless charging already liked it on the palm pre. I still don’t think it will get me of course (buying Galaxy Nexus)

  17. Decisions. Decisions!

  18. After the thunderbolt debacle, until htc proves they can make a phone with half decent battery life and keep the phone up to date then I will come back to htc. Maybe they should drop the battery hog sense and that would fix it.

    1. You’re right about the Thunderbolt. It was doomed from the start. My Evo 4G and Evo 3D are both fantastic phones though, so I see the Thunderbolt as a fluke.

  19. I hate a phone manufacturer. Did you own a Samsung instinct? I sold them while owning a touch pro. I’ll never buy Samsung after that junk.

    1. I don’t really hate, but I see your point about a few Samsung devices. The Moment in particular was a disaster.

  20. Wireless charging will appeal to the ex webOS user but not me. I prefer to just plug it in, its cheaper and I can use it anyway I want while attached to the cord charging.

  21. remember the phone will also sport a 720p screen and its 4.3 in, so should have a high dpi display

  22. Keep on adding the features. I’d like to see this phone obliterate the Razr and Bionic. Also whatever features it gets are hopefully gonna be on the next gen Evo, which I’ll be getting :)

  23. depends on whether it will come with senseless crap and make you pay 15 gazillion dollars for a video out cable

  24. Nice new feature but instead of wireless charging (which they are probably only doin to sell u a dock for $100) what they need to do is put in a more powerful battery so that I don’t have to charge it every 3 hours. Give me an 1800mAh battery along with the wireless charging capabilities and I’m sold.

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