New Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation Trailer – Coming Soon To Android [Video]


Just in time for the big console releases of Battlefield 3 and CODMW3, Gameloft is looking to bring some of that FPS action to Android with their new trailer for the upcoming title Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation. Obviously the game’s claim to fame is in its console quality graphics — so good in fact, I had to double check to make sure I was looking at a mobile game.

You’ll take on the role of Corporal James Walker as he defends the U.S. from the attack of North Korean, Pakistan and Russian troops. Players will battle their way through 13 stages, across various locations around the globe where eventually, they’ll bring the fight to Kim Jong Il’s doorstep.

For those of you who like to battle with live opponents, Gameloft has included 12-player multiplayer with 6 maps and 6 game modes as well. Sounds pretty good, right? You can look forward to Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation launching for iOS devices on Oct. 27th with an Android version following shortly after. Anyone else excited to get their thumbs on this? Oh, I almost forgot — AMERICA!

[Via Twitter | IGN]

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  1. the graphic looks amazing, but FPS on touchscreen just sucks =/

  2. Dude, I’m absolutely getting this instead of the real one. I’ll set it up with my wiimote.

    1. How do you get that to work? I have my dualshaock 3 connected to my phone but can’t get it to work for gameloft games.

  3. This + BT Controller + HDMI out = the beginning of the downfall of console gaming.

    1. I’m waiting on an update to play gameloft games with my dualshock 3. They have good controls, I just hate the on screen controls.

  4. Looks great! But I agree with what phantomash said. FPS on touchscreens are not great. It’s good to see more quality games coming to Android though.

  5. FPS on touch screen isn’t so bad…. most console fps gamers can’t stand using keyboard and mouse (which in my opinion is the best) and I think that touch screen controls feels closer to that then using dual analog sticks on a gamepad.

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