Samsung Transform Ultra Headed to Sprint


Sprint-owned Boost Mobile has had dibs on the Samsung Transform Ultra, but the parent company is picking up the handset, too. Today Sprint announced that it will carry the Android 2.3 smartphone with Sprint ID featuring a 1GHz processor, 3.5-inch HVGA display, and slide-out QWERTY keyboard. In other words, not much changes from the Boost Mobile variant. Pricing and release details were not provided along with the announcement.


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  1. Looks like the form factor of the Samsung Charge, but less horse power.

  2. One shouldn’t append the modifier “Ultra” onto things that aren’t very Ultra.

  3. I’ve seen Sprint pick up like 3 or 4 garbage phones the past few weeks. Just get the Galaxy Nexus and all will be right with the world.

    1. except the data speeds :(

  4. looks like trash… I’m done with Sprint

    1. You are done with Sprint because they are attempting to retain / grow their business with some low-end models for those that don’t want a superphone? Really?

      1. This. I’m getting tired of people going ape over their carriers not churning out superphones by the second. Not everyone needs that kind of power, you know!

      2. no I’m done with sprint because I’m lacking faith in their network… I’m sick of barely seeing 1.5 mbs down d
        for data speeds, a network doesn’t mature over night but why wait for one to mature when the competition is already at a considerable progression? Not to mention I get a better discount with Att over Sprint anyway so its a win win move for me.

        1. The data speeds have soured me on sprint as well, but I can’t justify spending over $100 more per month on my family plan on a different carrier.

          You were just a bit unclear as to your reasons for being “done with sprint” since this article is about a device, not network performance.

  5. My initial thoughts were the same as others. Why can’t we get a quality slider? Then I looked into it a bit. The screen is a 3.5 inch…same size as iphone, but not the same pixel density. Its shipping with gingerbread, so thats better than the epic. Then I found out that the quadrant scores are actually impressive…


    My only concern at this point is support. It looks like only boost and sprint will get this phone so far…I can’t imagine a large strong forum community like the Optimus S or the galaxy epic phones have.

    The bottom line, I think this is an impressive phone…but if Sprint really wants to sell a bunch of phones, they need to invest in some real impressive specs. They should have gone for the highest pixel density samsung offers and had them put a dual core processor, upped the ram and rom and included gorilla glass. Go ahead and charge $299 for it. If it has an sd card slot expandable to 32gb it would have actually contended with the best in the market. That would keep people coming to sprint. Between the iphone 4s, the epic touch, and the best slider on the market, sprint would have have the best of the top tier phones. Then keeping the Marquee, the iphone 3, and the kyocera milano, they have had a solid mid line-up as well.

    I don’t think this phone will get their customers excited enough to have them flying off the shelves. At best it will attract that reluctant touch pro 2 user that doesn’t want to pay for a 4g plan.

    1. I think the reason the specs aren’t too impressive is because this phone was originally intended for Boost (no contract, thus phones are more pared-down in order to remain affordable). But yeah, Sprint should put out a more powerful slider some time.

  6. Don’t get it. My original Transform gives me enough issues.

  7. This is horrific looking phone.

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