Oct 20th, 2011

I’ll admit, I was one of those nay-sayers quick to point out the over-kill of equipping our smartphones and tablets with overly powerful beefy GPU’s — I mean, it’s not going to make Angry Birds look any better, right? Well, consider me wrong. Mobile gaming is about to get real serious, real soon. Look no further than Shadowgun and Bladeslinger which we took a look at awhile back. Well, if those titles failed to impress or perhaps weren’t really your style, check out Race of Champions coming soon to Android (and iOS).

The game is being developed by a Invictus and is coinciding with the real life Race of Champions event being held in Germany. As you can tell by some of the screenshots, Race of Champions is more of a simulation racing game (no turtle shells or mushrooms here, folks) and features both circuit and off-road racing. They’ve even thrown cross platform multi-player into the mix meaning Android users will be able to challenge iOS users and use their skills to decide which OS is truly “better.”

Can you imagine how great these visuals will look on the Galaxy Nexus’s 720p Super AMOLED display? Anyone else drooling over these screenshots? Race of Champions is expected to drop sometime in early November and we’ll keep you posted.

[Via AndroidPolice]