Race of Champions Brings Jaw Dropping, Cart Racing Visuals to Android


I’ll admit, I was one of those nay-sayers quick to point out the over-kill of equipping our smartphones and tablets with overly powerful beefy GPU’s — I mean, it’s not going to make Angry Birds look any better, right? Well, consider me wrong. Mobile gaming is about to get real serious, real soon. Look no further than Shadowgun and Bladeslinger which we took a look at awhile back. Well, if those titles failed to impress or perhaps weren’t really your style, check out Race of Champions coming soon to Android (and iOS).

The game is being developed by a Invictus and is coinciding with the real life Race of Champions event being held in Germany. As you can tell by some of the screenshots, Race of Champions is more of a simulation racing game (no turtle shells or mushrooms here, folks) and features both circuit and off-road racing. They’ve even thrown cross platform multi-player into the mix meaning Android users will be able to challenge iOS users and use their skills to decide which OS is truly “better.”

Can you imagine how great these visuals will look on the Galaxy Nexus’s 720p Super AMOLED display? Anyone else drooling over these screenshots? Race of Champions is expected to drop sometime in early November and we’ll keep you posted.

[Via AndroidPolice]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Great on the awesome screen with crappy gpu

    1. A lot of games are actually allowing users to “tone down” the graphics if they have an underpowered device. Let’s hope these guys add that option :)

      1. I was being somewhat sarcastic but i seriously would like to know if the GPU being under-powered will effect gaming on the phone in any major way

        1. I mean, is the GPU really that crappy??? I’m sure this was designed to run on something like the old PowerVR?

          1. Well considering the iPhone 4 is running a PowerVR 535, and can play games like infinity blade at 960 by 640, the 540 MIGHT be able to pull it off.

  2. Besides simple games like Cut the Rope, and actual ‘mobile’ games, I’ll want to do this kind of racing on an actual portable handheld.

    1. I’m a big gamer and handheld fan. Arcade racing is actually pretty fun with tilt controls. Depending on how they tweak it, I think it will be great. Can’t wait for the Vita though :D

      1. We should play TF2 sometime.

      2. Ugh I hate tilt controls, changing the actual screen as you drive is so stupid. Need buttons

  3. You the man CC !!!! Tell Rob he left his wedding ring in my hotel room in Hong Kong ;)

    1. What happens in Hong Kong, stays in Hong Kong.

  4. Playing this on the Asus Transformer Prime!

  5. Is that first car a VW Scirocco? Sexy looking game nonetheless…. WANT!

    1. In the image on the main page that’s a VW Scirocco indeed. The pictures inside the article are of the KTM Xbow.

  6. I’m notmuch of a phone gamer but this change my mind. Finally a game that’s my style. Rpg, arcade and fps games aren’t up my alley much regardless of phone or console

  7. What Razr phone, This will look fantastic on a 4.65″ 720p screen. not that i’m a big phone gamer, just relizing how netfilx hd and everything else will look. Screw the Razr. Can the bring call of duty to mobile? that would make me literally shit my pants

    1. Lol they call it netflix hd on the razr but the resolution is sd lol such suckers!

  8. My friend is working on a game on Unity called Left 4 David, a rehash of Left 4 Dead. It hasn’t been long since he started creating it. He showed me some of the work he is doing and already it looks even better than the Angry Bots demo he originally created and this. Plus, like Angry Bots, which people are saying easily has the absolute best graphics, it will run smoothly even on the Motorola Defy, which is running on last generation hardware.

  9. Wow

  10. Ps vita got delayed, by the time it launches android will be more powerful in terms of hardware, and the games will eventually look better too. Android ftw

  11. “Can you imagine how great these visuals will look on the Galaxy Nexus’s 720p Super AMOLED display?” Frame rates will likely stutter with a 1280×720 DPI and a GPU from 2007. Gaming on the Galaxy Nexus is sure to dissapoint.

    1. I’m sure the game was designed to run on the old PowerVX whatever it’s called..

    2. One thing wrong with your post. One is 1280×720 is not a DPI its a resolution. Get it right. Also the GPU in the Nexus is slightly overclocked vs. the standard SGX540….so i’m sure that will effect it’s performance some what.

      1. A 92% overclock is ‘slight’? Can you moderately overclock my PC, please?

  12. I think I should sell my 3DS if games like this starts coming out. Uh oh… Looks like Handheld Game Consoles are gonna have competition. Especially since the 3DS only has 3-5 hour of battery life.

    So I’m used to the battery dying fast. And with the ability to connect your PS3/Wii controllers to your phone? My gosh, why’d I even get a 3DS? LoL!! Can’t wait for this. I like Off Road racing.

  13. Yeah, the GPU of the Galaxy Nexus will TOTALLY be able to pull it off.

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