Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave Expansion Now Free for All Android Users


Trendy Entertainment are feeling a bit celebratory right now, and for good reason – they’ve reached 1 million+ users for their mobile online RPG Dungeon Defenders and are looking forward to adding many more with the release of a console version. In order to celebrate, they’re giving out the second expansion – Second Wave – free to all Android users. It’s normally $10, we hear, so this is a great deal if you’ve been waiting for one. Find the free download here.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I thought this was already free 5 months ago?

    1. Give the boys a break, they’ve been working hard covering NEXUS & RAZR info.

    2. I dunno, Trendy just sent us a press release saying it was now free, haha. Maybe before it was only for a limited time?

  2. do u have to make corny in-game purchases to do everything in this game?

  3. my sgs II gets super hot (almost too hot to hold) when playing this. anyone else?

  4. it was free for tegra2 devices, now i is free for all android devices

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