POLL: Samsung Galaxy Nexus – Success Or Disappointment?


After a plethora of separate posts for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus announcement, it was hard to get an accurate reaction from our readers on how they felt about the device. Now that the dust has settled, I’m left wondering — were you impressed with the Galaxy Nexus specs? Maybe you were looking forward to a little more aluminum? Perhaps you wanted a few more mega for your pixels? Maybe the device a little too “bezel-tastic” for you? Or could it be the hardware just didn’t bring the shock-and-awe you were expecting from a next generation Nexus device.

Although I haven’t had received any hands-on time with the device, I thought the Galaxy Nexus was just about pure perfection. Everything from the screen to the form factor — I loved it. Would have liked to have seen an 8MP camera but as long as they improved the camera senor, I’m okay with it (barely). Either way, I want to know what you guys think. We’ll keep this simple for the poll and you guys can elaborate in the comments. Did Samsung impress with the Galaxy Nexus hardware?

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Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. i mean … a 5 MP camera ?? COME OOOOOOOOOOOOOON

    1. Samsung’s 5MP will blow HTC’s 8MP out of the water…

      I hate Sammy sometimes but their hardware is hard to fault. From their screens to cameras, it’s pretty much great.

      Now if you start talking about their GPSes, I will agree with you…

      1. Actually, I hope the GPS on the Galaxy Nexus is better than what I’ve experienced with my two HTC phones. The GPS in my very first G1 never worked right; I exchanged it for another one within a week of getting it. The second G1 seemed to prefer network location over GPS most of the time, and would frequently show my position up to a mile off in Maps, bouncing me around minute to minute even when I was sitting still. My Nexus One, as much as I love it, really acts weird: I think there’s a bug in the GPS driver because it seems to lose the ability to update location or even get a fix after a random amount of time. For instance, the last 3 days in a row I didn’t get accurate locations on the way to school (30 miles away) until or unless I rebooted the phone. However, each day on the way home, the GPS was extremely accurate even if I didn’t reboot the phone that day. This behavior seems to be triggered by being in-doors, with poor GPS reception, for a random length of time. Sometimes it’s minutes, sometimes it’s hours.

        1. Just wondering, why did you need to use GPS the last three times on your way to school? Surely you know where it is by now?

      2. I’ve never had a problem with their GPS… don’t know if it has to do with location or what.

      3. Just hope you don’t get a blue tint or yellow tint on your SAMOLED. I went through 3 vibrant warranties to get a white one. Other than that, SAMOLED is definitely the best.

    2. That was just ONE spec. It’s not like it was a 3MP or something. I mean really, it only sucks if you’re looking to blow up your pics or crop them. Not really disappointed with the camera seeing how the software was amazing =)

      1. As I’ve made clear before, I’m not disappointed with the camera either. However, I due find it annoying that they chose to YET AGAIN omit the micro SD card slot. I’ll get buy with 32gb I think, but it’s still annoying that something seemingly so simple to include that’s so useful went by the wayside in Samsung’s thought process.

      2. I told yeah chris you really open up pandora’s box with this question im on this phone like white on rice. Really to be honest if your taken a picture with a photo and want photoshoot quality OMG your a douche go buy a real camera its a phone not a camera for a photoshoot

    3. More MP ≠ better picture.

      Better sensor = better picture.

      1. but does it REALLY have a good sensor…? like for real 100%??
        they didnt mention anything….

          1. Proof please

          2. The camera on my Nexus S 4G is better than the iPhone 4 camera by far

          3. I beg to differ.

          4. LOL LOL LOL

          5. I agree… The Nexus S 4G, at only 5mp takes some great photos. (and no, im not a nexus fan boy… I dont even own a Nexus.. i just have maturity to give credit where credit is due)

    4. MP is not everything, its also about the image processor and how well the image is rendered.Its like saying I have 500 horsepower yet 0-60 is 10 secs.

      1. at least someone gets it. My retired Palm Pre had a 3.2MP (i think it was) camera, and it took amazing shots.. better than most of the 5-8mp camera phones you find now.

    5. My GS2 has 8MP but I never use it. I set it down to 2MP because smaller pictures are a lot easier to store. Besides, the Quality is never compromised. Megapixels are just a marketing gimmick, any real photographer knows that. For example, FB downgrades everybody’s uploads to less than 1MP yet nobody notices that. The picture quality is still the same.

      1. Standard picture quality on Facebook is often kind of lame. However, I think your argument still stands. No one on Facebook really cares.

      2. A full HD screen is about 2MP, if you intend to ever be able to spot the difference, you won’t be taking those pictures on a phone, you’ll take them with a real camera.

  2. Its not perfect but if you take any ENGINEERING classes you will realize that there are tradeoffs with every product made. Sure, you can make a Lamborghini, but at the end of the day only <1% of the population can afford it.

    In other words, you won't ever get cell phone perfection because they are priced to move units. 20% profit on 10 million phones is a lot more money than 200% profit on 1,000 phones.

    This phone has everything you need/want. But no, it isn't perfect. Graphics aren't going to be the best, MP a litltle low (though camera quality probably still good). But you get NFC, HD 720P screen 1.2ghz OMAP (good encoding/decoding) LTE etc. This phone rocks.

    1. I agree with you 100% here. Hardware wise I have no complaints. I would have liked a faster process but I root and OC anyway so no big deal there. My ONLY complaint is the name. “Galaxy Nexus”? Did they really have to relate this to their Galaxy series? I say, let Nexus be Nexus and Galaxy be Galaxy. It should have been Nexus Prime. Whats next, Droid Nexus?

      1. I totally agree, I absolutely hate the “galaxy” brand. Google should never have agreed to this junk. It’s a stupid name, yet Nexus Prime would have been just so great.

        1. If you every HAD a Galaxy phone you wouldn’t feel that way. They may “feel” cheap, but they make an amazing device and I’ve been happy with mine for over a year now. It wasn’t a mistake that Nexus teamed up with Samsung for their latest device.

        2. Nothing beats the Galaxy brand

      2. I want to go into manufacturing custom battery covers that instead of saying something like “Galaxy Nexus” or something stupid like that, they just say “Prime” I don’t think I personally would be able to, but dammit, if someone does it, I will buy one on the spot!

      3. I think Chris Brown is pretty terrible too, but out of respect I just leave it alone, because in the end its just a name right? ^_~ no offence on the name bit, just making a point

      4. How does NOBODY UNDERSTAND, the phone can’t simply be named “Nexus Prime”, because that name is TRADEMARKED BY HASBRO TOYS.

        Yes, I’m sure Google would love to pay royalties out the ass for a stupid phone name, give me a break…

    2. This. Perfection? No. Pretty awesome? Yes. Would I kill my grandmother for it? Well, she’s already dead, but still no… (Unless she was a Zombie, then the bitch has to go!)

    3. Samsung dropped the ball this phone could have went for the 4S’s jugular. What do we get instead very average specs. The Droid Razr matches most these specs so where is the innovation.

      Google should go with Motorola next round and give off some of its enterprise software in core Android to satisfy other manufacturers stink faces of the proposal.

      Camera should be better, The graphics processer should match Apples offering. They don’t have the exclusive on the processor technology. Hey Samsung hint for next year use the quadcore GPU. It is public knowledge that Apple uses the A5′s SGX543MP2. Use the one with the MP4 at the end next year.

      Ice Cream Sandwich is the only real innovation here. where is the SD card btw?? If the Razr had ICS or Moto could promisw January ICS will be here, their would be no competition.

        1. So seeing that once ICS hits the galaxy 2, Galaxy instantly becomes a faster better phone is trolling??? Got it, I’ll remember to not post my opinion in an opinion article dumbass.

          If you have half a brain you’ll see its a great move for Samsung but not so great for thr Google v. Apple battle.

        2. I don’t think he was trolling, EVERYTHING he said is completely legitimate. I LOVE android to death, and I LOVE this phone (mainly because I’m on Verizon and we get no Nexus love till now). However, using a GPU this old is unacceptable! The 543MP2 has been out, IN DEVICES, since February. They had plenty of time to at least have SOMETHING with that in it. There have been benchmarks after benchmarks proving that the 543MP2 is VASTLY superior to anything else currently offered.

          All in all, I am just saying that between the two of you, he gives a much higher “non-troll” vibe to me than you. Please, if you are going to comment, make comments that mean something.

          1. The problem is that aside from the A5, no other smartphone SoC includes it. TI won’t even include it until their OMAP5, which doesn’t arrive until the second half of next year. The Exynos SoC includes the Mali-400MP2 GPU, though.

        3. Probably an iPhoner :P

  3. My biggest disappointment is around the lack of MicroSD. What are we, cave men? These days, we should be able to converge our iPod and phone into one. The Galaxy Nexus won’t allow that for anyone with any kind of substantial collection.

      1. This.
        Or Google Music?
        Amazon Cloud Player?

        There are several solutions to deal with this problem.

        1. well that uses data, and with carriers capping data thats an issue

          1. It also cuts quality and ease of access.

    1. Google and Sammy by doing this are ahead of the curve because cloud based music is the future, which will drive down prices on those little cards for those who choose to use them.

      1. Just because the cloud exists doesn’t change the fact that I want the maximum amount of storage on my device, which by today’s standards would mean internal memory + micro SD.

        Also, so what if they drive down the prices if my phone doesn’t accept the damn thing(microsd) to begin with?

        Other than that and no mention of HDMI out or an existence of an hdmi adapter, the Galaxy Nexus is full of win and will be my next phone.

        1. It should have that new thing that converts the USB out into a video output like the galaxy 2

          1. You’re probably right…but why wouldn’t they mention it? I am really disappointed in their “showcase” of the phone. All this talk about making their screen the “HD Standard size..same as a TV”..only to not show a demo of the device hooked up to a TV?!?


          2. You dnt need mhl or hdmi as Samsung uses DLNA. I can output hd wirelessly to my tv.

          3. lol, it’s supposed to be a replacement for your TV. You watch stuff ON it.

            How are they supposed to showcase the beautiful screen of the phone if they hook it up to bigger screen?

          4. errrr watch ON your phone?

        2. The iPhone 4S packs 64GB of blazing fast solid state flash storage. Check it out :P

          But really. Why can’t they make a 32GB Nexus… And by 32GB I mean FLASH, not Micro sd…

          1. Yeah, for $399 you can get a 64GB iPhone….but why would you? I’m guessing the 32GB Nexus will be $299 at Verizon.

            And yes, they ARE making a 32GB Nexus. It is being produced in 16GB and 32GB sizes. Check the spec sheet and see for yourself.


          2. Um, I’m pretty sure the Galaxy Nexus is available in 16GB and 32GB last I checked. 32GB is more than enough considering Google Music cloud storage; I have 20GB on my Nexus S with no microSD slot, and haven’t come close to using all of it yet.

          3. Of course, this is under the assumption that someone is in an area that has data service to continuously use the application. Ever been in the middle of the desert on a trip where there is no data connection and you play music for a week?

          4. DAMN. You’re right… Now I will have to postpone all of those trips to the desert I was going to take… I’ll just pin a few albums for offline use ;)

          5. Cloud based services may be the direction that providers are headed, but that’s going to be a problem as carriers continue to eliminate their unlimited data plans. I appreciate my cloud based services but would rather pay for a micro sd card once instead of an increased data plan monthly.

          6. Um, it DOES have 32 GB of flash?

        3. I’d imagine it will have MHL (instead of HDMI)… thats the direction sammy is going.. most of their newer TV’s support it. Same idea.. just get stuck with having to by an adapter.. but they’re cheap on Amazon.

      2. and once signal is 100% and 100% reliable no matter where you are then “the cloud” will be an acceptable solution for me, till then… actually even after that, I want the option to carry my music/pictures/videos/files/whatever else with me on my SD card.

        I have the Nexus S, and yes i do regret the absence of an SD slot. I love the phone, but i’m not a cloud user, and at this point, i’m not interested in becoming one.

      3. Exactly. I’m actually surprised Apple has a 64 Gb option – companies are wanting to make the thought of cloud based storage more likely choice for consumers, though with all the data caps in place for many carriers, that’s still not an option for many folks. A SD slot would have been nice, but it’s definitely not a deal breaker for me.

        1. Because Apple wants you to buy buy buy buy their apps. They make 30% off that, remember?

    2. I agree. Luckily, I’ve still got unlimited data (Thanks to Sprint), but I would really like to have a SD card on this phone.

      1. Luckily I being a long time verizon user, get to keep my 30$ unlimited plan! Hell maybe if I go to sprint I can sell my account on ebay:)

  4. The Galaxy Nexus is alright, I’m just more excited about Ice Cream Sandwich, err, I mean CM9.

    1. What happened to CM8? AFAIK, they haven’t made one yet unless its for tablets and shrouded in mystery because I can’t find it on the CM site.

      1. CM8 is retroactively reserved in case the Honeycomb source ever gets released.

        1. I doff my cap to thee, my well informed colleague.

  5. I love the third option. Sadly, its similar to some of the responses you’ll see of people who are moving to the iPhone or who already had an older iPhone and were contemplating the switch to Android. I’ve heard numerous people claim how the Galaxy Nexus was a disappointment in terms of hardware to them, so they’re getting an iPhone. There is no logic to that whatsoever unless you’re just absolutely madly in love with the iPhone’s design language, and then, you may need to see a psychiatrist.

    1. how is someone crazy and in need of a psychiatrist because they prefer the iPhone’s design

      1. Because the iPhone “design” is boring, bland, and old. Apple is not even trying at this point, just coasting on their past performance.

        1. i know i cant stand the look of iphone 4 ..i cant stand that one button thingy

        2. that may be so but it sure feels a hell of a lot better in the hand than any android device…i bet the RAZR comes close though…all that kevlar and aluminum framing…

      2. because i dont see anything wow with iphone…as well…and koolaid must be in full force.

      3. I mean in terms of arguing the hardware overall, including things like 4G and the larger screen size. I’ll be the first to admit that the iPhone has a wonderful design that I wish some Android OEM’s would take note of, but the tiny screen size and lack of 4G kills it in terms of hardware.

        I’m just saying its hard to justify getting an iPhone because you were disappointed with the hardware of the Galaxy Nexus, that’s all. If you want an iPhone, then get an iPhone. Don’t make a ridiculous statement like saying the hardware of the Galaxy Nexus disappointed and then go get an iPhone that can be argued pretty strongly is at a disadvantage to the Galaxy Nexus in terms of hardware.

        And my psychiatrist reference was meant if you were obsessed and consumed by the iPhone’s design in a non-healthy way, not just preferring the design over the Galaxy Nexus.

        1. And the Galaxy Nexus’ huge screen killed it for me. 3.7-4″ or go home. But that’s me. I’d rather deal with 3.5 than 4.65.

          But then of course you factor in the software buttons. So lets just say I wish this phone looked exactly like a Nexus S but had a 4.3 720p SAMOLED. The Nexus S had a much better overall design.

  6. The only disappointment was that it was only going to be on Verizon to start off. Verizon costs an arm and a leg – worked out to about $180 per month for just me! I’m not switching…I guess I’ll have to wait for an ICS device to come out on Sprint that the dev community will have interest in rooting and playing around with…

    1. where did you hear that?

    2. ok, really?

      Verizon is not overpriced to the average user. 40 for voice, 30 for data, and 10 for sms. With tax that’s well below 180. If you get a company discount, the price gets better. I just never understand why people complain that Verizon is sooo expensive…

      1. Unlimited voice = $69.99
        + Unlimited messaging = $20
        + 10 GB of data = $80 (based on my Sprint bill, I use 10 GB of their 3G each month at least)
        $169.99 + taxes

        1. I have to agree. I just now went to the Verizon website to see what I’d be paying… and its over 100 bucks more a month for my 3 line family plan. Not to mention, I still wont be getting as much with Verizon as I do with Sprint, and likely to incur data overages as well, making Verizon even more expensive. With Sprints Network Vision upgrade on the way… I’ll definitely be staying with Sprint… besides.. I’ve been happy with them for about 10 years now.

          1. If Sprint’s network was as good as Verizon where I live, I would switch to Sprint as well. The prices are definitely cheaper, but depending on where you live, coverage and reliability may differ. I’m glad that there are cheaper options. I just wish the networks wouldn’t require voice plans for everyone or offer some lower prices for those who don’t want it.

          2. Sprint is really much cheaper when it comes to large family plans. I have 2 lines and combined it with my sister’s 3 lines to make a 5 line family plan. Comes out to around 260 with TEP for each line (including discount). Moving my 2 lines to verizon would increase my monthly bill from ~100 for 2 lines to about 90 for each line. No thanks.

        2. Thank you for proving my point. As I said, the average user wouldn’t select those options and would be able to afford verizon like on any other carrier. If you are not grandfathered in with an unlimited data plan, then you’ll pay a lot more for tiered data plans. If you are using 10gb on your phone, then you are not the average user. Sounds like you’d benefit from a business plan if that is all work you are doing on your phone.

          It’s just a bit unfair to compare tiered data prices to unlimited plans since many verizon customers still have the 29.99 unlimited data plan. The only thing that’s causing the price to jump is the data plan. Either stick with your unlimited plan on Sprint or cut down your usage when you switch.

          If price is the deciding factor, then Sprint’s unlimited eveything for 100 is obviously the better option. If I “needed” 10gb of data and didn’t have unlimited data, I’d opt for that. I have yet to cross the 1gb data usage limit yet, so I’d like to know what it is that you are doing that requires almost 10gb a month…

    3. $180/month on Verizon just for 1 person? What kind of crazy plan do you need? My Verizon plan is $75/month with unlimited 4G data.

      1. ok im repying to wrong guy,anywhoo..i just lest spring even with unlimited it cost over 80….verizon its over 90 for me..ill take verizon..and 2 gb…besides late night i flick on wifi..in my area its abit fast…so im clear with data..

      2. Unlimited voice = $69.99
        + Unlimited messaging = $20
        + 10 GB of data = $80 (based on my Sprint bill, I use 10 GB of their 3G each month at least)
        $169.99 + taxes

      3. consider yourself lucky… I just went through Verizon’s website to set up a plan… all of my selections were the “cheapest” Verizon offers… and it will cost me 100 more a month than what I’m paying now. Not to mention, since i chose the lowest options on minutes and data.. I’ll probably end up paying even more.

        1. $90 + tax just for 450 min, unlimited text, and 2gb of data. (what my wife would need)

          Wireless prices are just getting ridiculous.

          If I could afford to pay her $350 ETF and buy 2 new phones, I’d totally be moving us to Sprint. Funny how 6 years ago I cancelled my Sprint account and went to Verizon because they were cheaper and better (and Sprint pissed me off when I wanted a new phone and they wanted to charge me full price because I hadn’t had my previous phone for 2 years even though I had been off-contract for over 2 years…but that was 6 years ago)

  7. Not hardware perfection, but it has a few things that I want that no other phone will give me (I think, for now). Huge full hd super amoled+ screen. Hardware hand picked and optimized along with the software (OS) running on it.

    Only cons: no external card, Is the battery removable?

    1. Has there been an Android phone that you couldn’t remove the battery?

      1. Droid Razr ;)

        1. Really, thats been confirmed? (havent really kept up with that because I dont have Verizon)

        2. That’s right maybe I’m getting it mixed up with the Razr.

      2. Not sure, just thought I read somewhere the battery wouldn’t be removable. If that’s true then its a con in my book.

        1. Yea I just found this http://androidcommunity.com/samsung-galaxy-nexus-vs-motorola-droid-razr-superphone-shootout-20111019/

          I find this disturbing that a phone does not have a removable battery……

      3. The HTC Bliss/Rhyme has a non-removable battery.

      4. There are a few HTC phones that have removable batteries but it’s kind of pointless since they are slots instead of on the back, meaning no battery upgrade.

  8. Well, im not getting an iphone lol

    1. wrong reply

      1. how?

  9. I was left wanting HTC.

    1. I was left wanting a Moto Droid RAZR

    2. i hope u get an HTC soon…

  10. I only said yes because I am not disappointed. But it is hardly “hardware perfection.”

  11. The Galaxy Nexus is defiantly a great phone, but i think after seeing it i was more excited about android 4.0 than the actual phone

    1. Can you please specify what this phone is defying? Gravity? Or maybe the law of phone awesomeness?

      1. Ha! Funny.

      2. Not Defying or Definitely… it’s Defiant.
        It’s a rebel phone with bad boy attitude. >->

    2. The best hardware you can image is just dead weight without good software. That is why a pure google experience is so important. These phone companies aren’t interested in maintaining the changes they make to android. They are in the business of selling you new phones, not breathing new life into your old one. I suspect it is a conflict of interest for them. Sometimes I think that these phone manufacturers are actually holding the nexus line back by never quite giving google the latest hardware. I’d say this is the best nexus yet and it is a definite buy. I would like to see them sell a bunch of these, but only after I get mine.

  12. I wouldn’t say it’s a perfect 10 but maybe a 9.6.

    It’s missing something to make me super excited about, but i don’t know what it is.

    1. No, no device can score that high except for Apple. Just ask Engadget. ;)

  13. If i get one of these new Big 3 phones (Nexus/Rezound/RAZR) am i gonna be able to use Swype, or will i be typing like a chump again?

    1. You’ll be able to use Swype on all android devices. That’s the beauty of open source. :)

      1. excellent, i can’t stand anything else now on a cell phone!

  14. The only thing i’m disappointed in is the cpu. I’m sure it will be incredibly fast, I was just hoping for more.

    Other then that, it is an amazing phone!

    1. Well, the cpu on this was underclocked to 1.2 GHz, most likely for better battery performance is my guess. Also, remember this is the first OS of android that is specifically made for dual core devices, which means the phone will take full advantage of the dual core. Sure, it’s not 1.5 GHz, but all that would do is make your phone a tiny bit faster with the cost of more battery. Besides, if you want 1.5 GHz, then I’m sure someone would OC it to 1.5 GHz for your liking :). Either way, the phone will be fast :D


      I’m extremely excited for ICS and the competition the Galaxy Nexus will bring. Although some features are not “new” in the xda community, they’ve definitely redefined android.

      1. First they said Gingerbread would take advantage of dual core. Then they said Honeycomb. Now they’re saying ICS. I’m saying… Probably not until quad cores are out.

        Thisismynext said that this phone STILL wasn’t butter. Still had the jitters.

    2. Disappointed in the CPU? Why? Any dual core Cortex A9 running at 800MHz or greater will be faster than you could need.

      What you should be disappointed in is the GPU. Same old SGX540 from the Hummingbird. That’s the problem.

  15. Yes, need on Tmobile now!!!

  16. good phone. but all i really cared about is Ice Cream Sandwich. by next month, a new phone will come out with better specs than the Galaxy Nexus. But i dont care, im still getting it. Always wanted a TRUE, Google to the core phone.

  17. I’ve stated this in other places but here it goes..

    I’m not an Apple fan and this beats the pants off my Nexus One, however…it’s frustrating that most of the “new features” Google was pushing are ideas that have already been done: swipe notifications, incognito mode, screenshots, resizable widgets, data usage tool (just to name a few) I already have care-of Cyanogen and some apps. ICS really seems like a lot of Android catching up with “community Android”, so to speak.

    Then the software is packaged in plastic (from what I can tell) that looks like a cross between the Nexus S on the front and the Galaxy S II in on the back so there’s nothing original there.

    This is probably what happens when you get in bed with a manufacturer and let them run the show – I think the fact that “Nexus” is not top billing in the name anymore illustrates this. I’m kind of partial, but the Nexus One was and still is a great phone. The only complaints I have about the phone is a) the very limited internal storage for apps and b) the cheap/flaky touchscreen HTC used that freaks out frequently. This phone looks, feels and is built solid with it’s metal frame and all. I just think of all the times my phone has been dropped and has withstood everything every time largely due to it’s construction and wonder if this will hold up to the same. Maybe I’m spoiled with the build of the Nexus One.

    In the end though, I’m setting my sights on this phone as it’s about that time for a new one. As the software goes, maybe I’m just spoiled by the developments of the community so I don’t see much difference between Cyanogen’s Gingerbread and the new ICS. If that is the case, then props to the community for their awesome contributions to Android that Google feels the need to bake the community’s ideas in with the next version.

    1. cyanogen was hired by samsung

      1. Cyanogen has stated several times that the CM project and what he does for Samsung will remain separate. Now with that being said, CM team members were invited to work closely with Google on ICS the last few months to polish out and indeed give the Android community what it was looking for.

      2. Yes, this is public knowledge, but how is it relevant? He was hired sometime around August by Samsung (the hardware provider) and not Google. If he were working on ICS code/features as a Samsung employee I think we’d have to call into question how much of a “pure Android experience” it is then which I don’t think we’ll have to worry about.

        All I’m saying is that thanks to the hard work of him and other developers, ICS will be full of features that GB did not have but because I’m already using said features, there’s nothing really big in ICS since Android is catching up with Andorid.

        1. it’s relevant b/c you’re a douche

    2. I think it still looks a lot better than the community versions. The screen is also supposed to be amazing. Honestly though, we all expect these super amazing features in a phone, but the real problem still hasn’t been fixed: battery life. It’s the biggest limitation imo. We could probably have 2Ghz quard core phones with built in pico projectors, lazer projected keyboards, etc., but what good is a phone that only has 2 hours of battery life? Until some major innovation occurs on the battery front, we’re going to be limited.

      1. I felt the same until I picked up sprints galaxy s ii. I’m getting about 60 hours on a single charge with my normal usage, which in all fairness is a bit light. Still, it’s triple what I’ve got on any other phone with the same usage.

      2. Sure, battery tech hasn’t advanced like hardware has, but the real problem (IMHO) is not only do they keep adding new fancy hardware, they are making phones thinner and thinner because that’s the cool (fruity) thing to do. Give me a phone I can hold on to, not a post card. And when you stop trying to make it so thin, you can fit a bigger battery in there.

    3. well isnt that the magic of the android OS ? community and developers sharing and swapping ideas to make android better ? if ICS shows anything its that android listens to its users and what their needs are….not telling someone what they need and what they dont ala IOS

      1. That’s a very good point and probably one of the reasons I’d like to stay using Android because Google seems to listen and appreciate their Android users and developers.

    4. I agree to the ideas of design, but only to a certain extent.
      I believe that sammy is forgoing the metal design for plastic in the fact that plastic, from a molecular stand point, will withstand far more damage to its structure due to its elasticity. it may not be as durable as metal but dropping a phone incased in metal will give far less than a phone designed with plastic. In turn, the componets inside including the screen will be more protected.
      Let’s face it, if you have ever dropped your phone, no matter how hard, your heart skips a beat and you immediately check for any nicks or dings. it does give a “cheap” feeling but in the long run you will feel more secure knowing that it is better protected. Just be glad your phone isnt incased in glass. i mean really?! Who at apple thought that was a good idea?

    5. You’re right. But from the standpoint of those who are not part of the community, this is a huge leap forward. That’s where I was some time ago. Totally new to android. I wasn’t blown away by design and usability took some getting used to (physical buttons) but I was blown away by features and personal control over MY PHONE. Then when I found the community, I was stuck on android.

      So looking at ICS via those new eyes, this is exactly the audience that Google was targeting and that audience will be impressed. Making the switch from iPhone to android will be more pleasant for most people because of the streamlined OS. (I’m talking about those who simply want to turn on a phone and have it work without looking through menus.) Opening up a contact and have the option of calling, tweeting, texting, chatting with that person without having to open another social app- that’s pure awesome. Having all that person’s updates available without opening another social app is more awesome.

      For someone like me, features like data control sold me. In the end, I’m more excited about the possibilities that this offers for the development community more than anything.

      Hardware/spec wise- the phone is meh. But it’s still worth having.

      1. “You’re right. But from the standpoint of those who are not part of the community, this is a huge leap forward. That’s where I was some time ago. Totally new to android. I wasn’t blown away by design and usability took some getting used to…”

        And I think that’s why Sense and Blur and TouchWiz have been so prevalent. Because stock Android used to kind of suck. When I got my first (and only so far, I guess) Android phone 2 years ago, I had to choose between the OG Droid and the Eris. I went with the Eris because Sense felt easier to use and not quite as “barebones” as stock Android on the Droid did. Unfortunately now that I know what I’m doing, I kinda wish I went with the Droid, but live and learn.

        Anyway, hopefully this will help bring more stock Android devices to the market. What I’d personally like to see happen eventually is OEMs leave Android alone, and then make their “improvements” as add-ons that can be enabled/disabled by the user whenever they want, without having to root and install custom ROMs.

  18. No sdcard no sale! Plus it was made by Samsung when will Google learn I hope this phone bombs and Google will accurately pick a different OEM.

    1. They picked Samsung because the other OEMs could not match what Sammy made, think about that, it was an open competition, the best manufacturer won, maybe HTC/Moto/LG will get their shit together or get used to Sammy Nexus phones.

  19. Overall I like the phone, and it will be a nice upgrade from my Nexus One. But, while I’m not one to demand a seriously high megapixel count from my cellphone’s camera, I think that it could have been higher than 5, and my personal pet peeve is the lack of micro-SD card support. There’s just something about non-removable storage that bugs me. (Note that I have an 8 gb card in my N1 and still have plenty of room left, but it bugs me that I don’t have the option of swapping out the card if I choose to do so. 16 or 32 gb will be far more space than I’ll probably use in reality though.)

    My other disappointment, minor though it may be, is the clock speed. True, ghz isn’t everything, but discounting the fact that it’s dual core, the actual processor speed is only a little faster than my N1. (Factoring the second core in and it should be significantly faster, making this minor disappointment silly, but emotional reactions are emotional reactions: they don’t always make sense.)

    Beyond those things, the only thing I’m really hoping for is a car dock for it; I love the dock for my N1 and want something similar when I switch over to the Galaxy Nexus next month.

    1. Nexus One = Single Cortex A8 core with a crappy GPU.
      Nexus S = Single Cortex A8 core with NEON support and a nice SGX540 graphics unit
      Galaxy Nexus = Dual Cortex A9 cores with NEON support and the same old SGX540, which isn’t bad, but compared to…
      iPhone 4S = Dual Cortex A9 cores with NEON support and a spanking ass SGX543MP2.

  20. Camera buttom, hdmi outlet, micro SD slot, bigger battery, carbon fiber back, and your mom

    1. U looking at a custom one I can’t remember seeing micro SD being on the phone

    2. Yes…this list should be standard on a flagship device. …except for my mom

    3. wont the USB actually be a MHL?? Thus, dubbing as HDMI.

  21. i would have preffered more aluminum than plastic chasis, samsung exynos, sd card

    1. aluminum means squat plastic is ok..usually better reception

    2. I used to feel the same way about the plastic cases…but I have now changed my mind. I no longer feel that light=cheap. I am glad that Samsung is heading in the lighter=better direction…especially if screen sizes are going to keep getting bigger. All I care about is durability. The heavier (more solid) they are…the more you can break when they fall…

  22. disappointed at the enormous size and no Exynos………… other than that, im ok.

    1. I’m fine with the size, could of made it bigger even.

      1. Mmmmmmmm…

  23. I was hoping it to be clearly better than SGS2 in every way. Instead I got what I expected. Pretty much matching sgs2 with 4g added now. Still delighted. Not ecstatic though.

    Samsung did themselves too well earlier this year. Set the bar way too high. None of the phones really outshine that damn thing even today. Such shame I couldn’t enjoy it throughout the year.. Damn US…

  24. It could have had a slightly better camera (8MP), a much better SoC (Exynos please), and a MicroSD slot. I was satisfied with everything else though. ICS looks looks like a great update (much better than 2.3) and the radios seem to support every carrier.

    1. Exynos is worse than the Omap4460

      1. Not so sure honestly. Depends on how the GPU’s compare.

  25. I say push. Like: screen size/resolution, phone design, NFC, 1080p video record, ICS . Major disappointments: bottom location for power plug-in & audio jack, no micro sd (thats some weak appl bullsh*t), no replaceable battery especially for LTE version, was hoping for better processor, perhaps more RAM would have been nice. Isn’t the Nexus supposed to be the next evolution of hardware/software. This seems almost strictly sofware compared to say the GSII, Rezound & RAZR.

    1. One complaint I never understood is the one about having the headphone jack on the bottom. It’s way more convenient with it on the bottom, think about it, when you have the phone in your hand and place it in your pocket it goes in top down. With the port at the top, you have to rotate the phone in your hand and awkwardly place the phone in your pocket, reverse when you take the phone out of your pocket. Or if you have the phone on your desk, the bottom port is facing you so the cord doesn’t have to snake around the phone. From a design point it makes perfect sense to me.

    2. … it has a replaceable battery. What are you smoking?

    3. There’s a replaceable battery on the Galaxy Nexus. That’s where NFC is I think. You sure it wasn’t the RAZR that had a nonreplaceable battery?

      Under Battery

    4. MicroSD slots are bullshit. They’re only there so the manufacturer can put 256mB of space on the phone and let you buy the rest of it, and then crow about how you could get more space if you could afford the somewhat crazy price of a 32GB card. Built in flash is faster, gives you more of the space for apps and such (which is where its most useful), costs less to you and is a lot less of a pain in the ass. Good riddance MicroSD

      1. Good argument but I think many of us would of liked to see it come with 32 and be able to put in another 32.

  26. All I’m disappointed about is the lack of release dates during the announcement……………

  27. Nexus handsets never go the whole distance, perhaps the leave it to suppliers to do that? It’s not a bad phone, just not groundbreaking. Or maybe we have been spoilt lately? I would have thought however, that the Nexus models should take aim at apple, and set the bar for them to reach. Then all the Android manufacturers could take it up a level. You really have to admire apple, they are on their own, but still manage to keep pace with all the competition, fair enough they are a year in front, but they make a product people want. Android still has to achieve that level of success. So to echo others here, ICS is the winner here, not the handset.

  28. I’ll take PURE GOOGLE any day of the week. Fragmentation is only possible when people buy skinned phones. If you don’t buy a Nexus, and then you have no reason to complain when your update to ICS or Jelly Bean comes out 6 months late.

    1. cyanogenmod.mod.mod.mod.

      It’s pretty close to stock with many tweaks that can be disabled. Those locked bootloaders make it bit more difficult though.

    2. But then you have to complain about a 20 month old GPU and a leftover camera from last year.

  29. Excited to see ICS. A little disappointed in the phone. I was hoping to see a better GPU. Seeing the same GPU that is in the Fascinate is disappointing, (I know it will run better with the dual-core, but I still would of like to seen an upgrade there.)

  30. I know I’m a minority on the subject, but the camera was one of the only things that I was happy with. why? because I think a good camera lens can make a 5MP camera good enough in any point and shoot situation. But more importantly (especially with out an sd card) I’d rather not have each of my pics taking up 8MP worth of space on my phone. Also, uploading is easier with smaller files and I think that’s the direction they are heading with all their social network integration..so to me…it just makes sense to have a better quality smaller file size pic.

    Other than that, I thought the phone had nothing really new to offer.

    1)Sharing files & such through the NFC chip isn’t necessary with apps like bump.
    2)Unlocking the home screen to specific apps like the camera was done in HTC sense on the 3d…IMO this should be a home screen OPTION downloaded in an app, not built into the OS.
    3)The Photaf app has been able to stitch panorama photos. The Time-Lapse app…well you get the point.
    4)As for the face unlock app…Did they really just unveil a “feature” in front of everyone only to have it MALFUNCTION?! Really?! You didn’t practice it with makeup on so you knew it would work when you unveiled it?!? That’s amateur hour IMO. There is NO excuse in a company this big. I would have been fired if I did that in my company. No questions asked…total fail. Primacy effect ruined.

    On a separate note… Can anyone explain the ad’s to me? What was with the whole “better together” campaign? cookies+milk, newspaper+coffee, planner+fountain pen, another perfect combination right around the corner…get ready for it..something BIG is coming…

    what was the combination?

    where’s the BIG?

    1. I agree with you on the camera, as for the other stuff, there is always an app for that but it has to be standard eventually, good ideas will always get noticed. As for point number 4, I agree. And the teaser video had to do with ICS and Galaxy Nexus being a perfect combination together.

      1. Thanks for the combo explanation…It makes sense now that you mention it…but even that (from a marketing standpoint) is weak. EVERY nexus device ever released should have been considered a “perfect combination”…thats what they were built for. By design, they SHOULD be the perfect phone to show off the new OS. Maybe that’s why I missed it.

        As for the apps becoming a standard part of the OS…I don’t fully agree. I feel they are messing up one of the biggest assets they have…CHOICE. Keeping these features as apps, gives every individual the freedom to customize the phone. Many people like the “vanilla” experience. Not because they are boring, but because they use it as a clean palate to create something custom and special that’s just for them. Sense, Touchwiz, even LauncherPro were all created to give carriers their own edge and selling point to stand out and try to better their competition. I’m not sure how these companies will compete now.

        1. ok, but maybe the marketing team didnt think of that. they’re not gonna build a time machine and redo the ads just for you. going forward they can use that concept. is that ok with you?

        2. you still have the option to not use the new baked in apps. if you would rather use the panorama app than the native one, you can still download it. i think it’s smart of them to include stuff like this b/c it will save space on your phone. geez, can never please everybody. why dont you design a phone then?

          1. “i think it’s smart of them to include stuff like this b/c it will save space on your phone”

            Your argument doesn’t make sense… You can’t save space by downloading an app as an alternative to an one that is baked into the OS. You’d save more space if the OS didn’t include apps you didn’t want.

            You seem to be trolling just to argue. I feel I brought up valid points, and I am entitled to my opinion.

            I have not seen one response from you that hasn’t been negative to the OP. Most of your answers have been nothing more than negative crap and many of them are outright uncalled for. There’s no reason to call people “idiot” and “douche” in a reply. Sure,..you agree or disagree with someones opinion…but when you have a weak argument it doesn’t become stronger just because you resort to name calling.

            Grow up kid.

          2. if it’s baked into the os, it might be optimized and take less space than an external app. think for a second, it’ll help in life, kid

    2. I don’t agree with all your comments. However, I think your “right on” regarding the huge FAIL with a couple of the “feature” presentations. There were several features they didn’t show us due to time constraints. Couldn’t they “not” show us the things they weren’t 100% sure would work? The facial recognition unlock, swipe up to ignore call and send “canned” response, etc.

      Also, do you think they will ever do another announcement in Hong Kong? Wow, talk about a hard to impress audience. During the iphone 4s announcement, they mention features like “notification system” and the audience is just blown over and there is huge applause. At the Galaxy Nexus announcement they say “the phone can fly you to work” …. cricket….cricket.

      1. You gotta admit though iOS notifications were long overdue for an overhaul.

      2. what does the crowd in hong kong have to do with apple fag/fanboy audience? just b/c the fagboys are easily impressed, you want android people to make more noise? get over yourself

        1. Wow you are super negative with all your posts. Does is suck that bad being you?

          I don’t want people to applaud for features that are nominal or even sub-par. However, there were several features that were quite impressive and no one seemed to care. They should get some credit when they show off something impressive.

          1. it’s b/c people keep on bitching over no reason. so what if they clapped, then you’d complain that the people clapped louder for the iphone 4s. it just wont end

          2. That was such an idiotic thing to say. He’s just making observations about the two different groups, it seems like you’re one of the many people that comes here just to argue.

      3. I think it is Asian thing :) Being an asian myself, I knew they wouldn’t be cheering like they do here. :)

    3. it was Android Software and Samsung Hardware, the part of the presentation where the green square hit the blue blob and turned teal (ICS colors) and then spit out the new nexus is a pretty big deal (only so many have existed after all).

      I know I was underwhelmed by the presentation, Andy Rubin was the best speaker out of all of them and they kept having phone/projector issues. That and I was (ok still am) hyped up from rumor haunting that anything was disappointing. Felt the same way when the nexus S was released, but it’s now a solid phone that until dual cores hit wasn’t all that bad.

      I wished this phone was going to be a hyperbeast, its just a beastly with some gimmicks (facelock) and a better OS. The main point is that Google set a bar and said jump. Some may have already jumped before (SGSII?) but a vast majority have not. This is now what your phone should at least be to be an ‘android’, plain and simple.

    4. It was Samsung + Google, the two major players in mobile phones right now. What’s not to get?

    5. i dont know what you do for work, but tech mishaps happen all the time. it’s how you react and dont get flustered which closes the sale. relax buddy. calm down. this doesnt affect your world as much as you think

  31. 3 things I need to know:

    1. Is the battery replaceable
    2. (Very important!) NOTIFICATION LIGHT??
    3. Is T-mo getting it next month

    1. They said it had a notification led.

      1. Really? Thanks.

    2. There’s something about NFC stuff on the battery. I think they are not saying much about it because of that. Replacing battery will limit certain functions on your phone I assume.

      Hidden notification light on the chin… it is better than ever it seems.

      I am sure they will get it, not sure about next month.

  32. -No Micro SD card clost (my biggest gripe)
    -A GPU that is *over a year old*. (2nd biggest gripe)
    -Would’ve preferred Exynos over the OMAP (although this is arguable. If someone intelligent on both processors can elaborate, please do. But it seems the majority prefers Exynos)
    -5MP camera (I thought it would be the same as the GSII)
    -Wish the screen size wasn’t so big. Anything over 4.3″ is overkill IMO. 4″ is ideal.
    -I kind of like the capacitive buttons. Not sure how on screen nav buttons will fare. Let’s say I’m cautious/weary. But time will tell on that one.

    1. Agreed on everything except first and last.

  33. -No exynos.(only OMAP 4460 when the 4470 is out?)
    -Poor gpu.
    -Regardless of a new sensor explaining to people all the time that your 5mp camera is better is a complete pain(I used to work retail, trust me, no one will understand). -Lacking microsd slot.
    – No hdmi?! Really?
    6 months ago, it would have been a good phone.. now it seems its either rezound or iPhone 4s..

    I was really looking for a bleeding edge android phone, guess I’m relying on HTC again..

    1. Get a Galaxy S 2. It’s better then this.

    2. whats the problem with no HDMI?? (assuming the USB dubs as an HML). Do you know if it is HML capable??

  34. i think the specs are great but i was left feeling a small amount of disappointment. Its not that the Nexus has bad specs but that they are what we have already seen i was hoping for a future proof phone maybe a 1.5 dual core exynos. 8 mpx cam at least etc. as it is now this phone will be outdated in 2 months at least spec wise

  35. It’s certainly NOT, “hardware perfection!” ICS and pure Google seem to be the best features here. I own both a Nexus One and a Galaxy S Captivate and this just doesn’t seem like a truly great leap forward. In other words, this phone is what the Nexus S should have been! That would have been enough of an improvement over the N1, to have the same impact the original had on the industry. I wouldn’t upgrade my N1 to a Nexus S. Likewise, I wouldn’t go from a Nexus S to a Galaxy Nexus! It’ll be the best option for those of us who love the whole “pure Google experience” and all the benefits thereof but, now I know the upgrade I’ve been saving since February can wait until I see what’s coming down the pike between now and New Year’s 2012! GO CM7(9)!!!

    On another note, what’s with this new iClone-esque trend that’s taking place with Android manufacturers lately? I mean things that set us far apart from Apple like external memory card slots and now non-removable batteries (a la Droid RAZR), are starting to slowly fade away! I love all that Android has stood for thus far, but I’ll gladly choose freedom AND fragmentation, over the force fed “you like what I say you like” options the iSheep have dealt with all along!

    1. I have posted this other places but I believe Moto. only did away with the removable battery on the device because they could make the Razr razor thin with LTE capabilities. It isn’t for everyone but the non-power users (most everyone) will find that device to be wonderful because its the LTE phone that is thin with a big battery and Moto’s new battery life adjustment settings. It makes perfect sense because they want to appeal to masses and until the battery life problems with LTE are fixed you either get a bulky LTE phone with removable battery or a very sleek styled LTE phone without a removable battery.

      1. i keep saying the Razr will be a hot seller based on the name alone. and i agree, those people who will buy it based on the reputation of the name alone won’t care about or even consider the issue of removable v. nonremovable battery. i, on the other hand, find it to be a dealbreaker (much more so than lack of microSD)… i have MORE than enough space on my D2, but if i’m out and about for a full day, i am definitely switching out my battery. an extra battery is a staple in my purse.

        the one thing i haven’t seen addressed to my satisfaction is the “16gb/32gb” issue. iirc, it has been reported the UK version will be 16gb, but i would really like confirmation regarding who would be getting the 32gb (or even whether both options would be available, though i’d spring for the 32gb without question)

  36. The only thing is, they have to release it everywhere. The iPhone 4S is available on all the carriers. Why can’t their phone be?

    The game has been raised.

    1. Hey T-Mobile called. They want some recognition here

  37. Not perfect, but pretty darn good. The fact that it’s a nexus and has ICS puts it above anything else though.

  38. Disappointed myself..
    1. No Sd card external.
    2. GPU is weaker than Sg2.
    3. The camera will not be as good as the sg2.

    1. Personally, I will trade all those things easily for 1280x720p super amoled screen. Along with the quicker updates by Google as well.

      1. Eventually every phone will get updates.

  39. My feeling is it’s next years screen, last years nexus stylings/quirks, with the guts of a bionic. It left me at ehhhhhh.

    Also, what the hell are those three gold dots on the right side?

    1. Do your research. They’re docking contacts.

      1. That’s speculation, there was never any mention of it in the announcement I saw. There was a bunch of stuff that wasn’t really mentioned; google TV, nexus 1, xoom. Seemed all focused on the Galaxy Nexus and”its” build of 4.0.

        1. I’m willing to bet $$ that they are indeed docking pins, they look the same as the Nexus One’s (except there is 3 instead of 2)

          What else could they be??

          And if I recall correctly didn’t I see in the preview, the phone sitting in a dock horizontally?? Correct me if I’m wrong but I remember seeing it somewhere…

          1. yep, the pres said pogo pins for the docking.

          2. agreed, there was DEFINITELY mention of pogo pins for docking, and an image of the phone sitting all happy and content in its little dock home :) i currently have a dock at home and at work. i don’t use it for media, i just like having my phone in a dock if it’s charging on my desk or nightstand

          3. you’re right…its in there. Its for the dock.

        2. Try actually watching the announcement. They show the contacts and the phone being put into a horizontal dock.

          1. Great now other than charge (which requires 2 contacts), what do the pins do?

          2. I wondered that as well…I’m hoping for some future use…perhaps a connection to a tablet or host laptop-sized keyboard/screen combo? THAT would have impressed me.

          3. Data transfer perhaps?

  40. I am disappointed myself.
    No sd card support..
    Weaker GPU than the GS2. It’s a freaking hummingbird dual core. My GS2 camera blows it away. I saw the hd video they shot and i saw warping on it. The pica don’t impressed me to much either.

    1. Just be happy they didn’t dump a Tegra2 in it…

      1. Isn’t Tegra 2 better?

  41. I’m not exactly sure what people were expecting, but for me the Galaxy Nexus is everyone I could have hoped for and more. ICS is beautiful and the phone itself is simple yet sexy. When it finally arrives, it will be THE best phone available.

    1. Too big. It’s 5.4 x 2.7. That’s 16% bigger than the thunderbolt.

      1. Yes but much thinner and lighter

  42. I don’t care if you up the price with 100$ or whatever, I just want a better GPU!!!!
    Other than that it’s perfect.

    1. I think Apple and Sony bought out all of the good ones from Imagination Tech (iPad 2, iPhone 4S, PS Vita) so they have to settle for leftover 540’s

  43. Disappointment in many regards – first being no hdmi out, then the camera, battery which only add to it. If it wasn’t for NFC and Ice Cream it would be just another phone right now. Compared with the Iphone 4s it fails hardware and aesthetics wise.

    1. MHL?

    2. You don’t need an hdmi port with MHL and DLNA.

  44. It did however manage to make me look more forward to the transformer 2.

  45. The phone looks quite nice. I have some concerns, without actually holding one, that it may be a little too big to hold and be practical.
    The hardware is a bit of a disappointment from the perspective that there are already better CPU/GPU combinations out there being used including this already announced phone: Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE which incorporates a MicroSD slot.

    The WORST thing though for me is that the name is a big mistake. The Google legacy has been: Nexus One, Nexus S and now this phone “Galaxy Nexus” which doesn’t belong in the sequence as far as I’m concerned WITHOUT the name of Nexus Prime! This phone may be the first to be released with ICS 4.0 which is also incidentally seems to be holding up the public release of the code until the hardware comes out. The whole launch has been soured for me with the name and the fact that its really just a bent Galaxy phone that Samsung have already announced a superior product in that line.

    The most positive thing out of the launch was the new ICS. That was the real star and I look forward to it landing on my tablet and being publicly released so the modders can get to work so I can have it ported to my N1.

    1. The worst thing was the name? Really? *eyeroll*

      1. The name sucks. Admit it.
        That said, I’ll probably just call it by its codename, so it goes Passion, then Crespo, then whatever they called this one…

    2. Rob1003, you hit the nail on the head with the GSII HD LTE. THAT’S the hardware than should be rolling as a Galaxy Nexus. I don’t know why they substituted something lesser.

      I’m no iPhone troll either; this is coming from a guy who owned a GSII for a week, LOVED IT TO DEATH, but couldn’t get reception (Sprint) where he needed it. I went back to Verizon and was super excited for this phone… now I’ll wait until the GSII HD LTE gets released. I want the highest end hardware available, and the Galaxy Nexus isn’t it…

      It’s particularly disappointing to think that they’re going to be flogging this phone for $300, while the GSII is only $200. This phone’s worth $150 IMO.

  46. The bottom line is…this phone will sold out regardless of its negative and positive feedbacks!!

    1. so did the iphone.

  47. My only REAL disappointment is the lack of expandable storage.
    Sadly, I may pass on th GN just due to the lack of an microsd card slot.
    That’s why I passed on the Nexus S.

    In this day and age when carriers seam to be wanting to phase out unlimited data plans and putting caps on our usage, we can’t really rely entirely on cloud storage now can we? I like being able to have everything I need on my sdcard and being able to freely swap them in and out between my multiple devices.

    1. I agree. I don’t know ANYONE that prefers to NOT have the SD card. It was a big complaint and on the “negative” list of almost every review for the Nexus S.

      IMO, there was no valid reason to leave it off the Galaxy Nexus. Esp considering the GSII has it. SMH

      1. I’d forgive it if they used high write speed memory for moving things around from the mothership computer, but I doubt it. My tf handle my media syncs in seconds thanks to my memory cards, it really is a big feature. It has theoretically less storage than a nexus 1. Only my tf is topped off though, but with a screen like galaxy nexus I’d put movies on there too.

      2. Do you know how cool it is to switch phones and have all your stuff instantly after you sign into your google account?
        Windows fried two microSD cards on me, and so I went to the cloud and haven’t looked back. I have my old 8gb SD card in my atrix because clockwordmod and the camera won’t work without it, i don’t need it otherwise.
        I have only a 1GB data plan and I’ve only gone over once, you’d be amazed how little of your stuff you need all the time.

  48. I must say it’s complete bullshit that they didn’t give any information on release. That’s really the only reason any of us care about the launch because usually by then we know almost everything about the phone including what it looks like already. Which we did indeed know everything that came on the phone. RELEASE DATE!!! =(


    1. I agree… I was worried when I got my Galaxy S II (Epic Touch) on release day (Sep 16) because I thought I might regret it with the new Nexus on the way. Although I like the 720 screen resolution on the Nexus… I now know I don’t have to regret anything. Happy (and relieved) with my decision. :)

  50. Perfection? no. Fantastic? Hell yes! I hope it comes to Bell this time, and hopefully by january, I have upgrade then!

  51. Wow chris u opened pandoras box asking something like this lmfao

  52. there are a few hardware changes that would have wowed me.

    1) micro SD card
    2) waterproof
    3) FM receiver (yeah i know, but it would be nice)
    4) slightly larger battery. and yeah, i would be willing to sacrifice a little thinness for more juice.
    5) slightly faster processor; to go with the larger battery.


    6) HDMI out, i only include this because it seems to be quite in demand. i myself have no need for it.

    1. In regards to HDMI… does the new Nexus not have HML? Sammy is pushing MHL (on their TV’s now), like many other Flagship phones (i.e. EVO 3D). So, I’d imagine the Nexus has the HML too.

      1. no idea what that even is, like i said, i only included it because it’s something that is being brought up continually and i personally have no use or care for it at this time.

      2. It does have MHL.

  53. What happened to the search button. Magnifying glass. I use it sooo much.

    1. +1 I love the magnifying glass! Particularly how it adapts to whatever app you are in for searching for a word within that app (i.e. text messaging)

    2. I’ve never used it once myself.

      1. I use for voice search like, (map Disney, call Best Buy it will call the nearest, Emai so so. Its very useful. Especially searching for whatever is in my phone.

  54. This phone is awesome. Highly anticipated and they did not disappoint. Sad to say I was really hoping Apple would have unveiled some craziness this year but we all know what happened with that (iphone 4s with a very powerful point and shoot camera, and siri….wow, forget 4G and free gps navi, and bigger screen size with awesome resolution…lets all make hallmark cards for Apple with our new hallmark generator thanking them for the this, while faster, same looking iphone 4).

    And for people complaining about sd card slot storage: that’s old technology. Everything is going to be cloud based. No need to store anything on your phone. Dropbox anyone? (Google cloud and icloud are coming as well)

    1. I think that apples plan is to truly update their device once every other year. They know just cuz there is a half eaten fruit sticker on the back that it will sell… the sheep will flock. This saves them money by allowing them to sell millions of the same device twice.

  55. I was very indifferent with the whole thing. I’m still holding on to that rumor regarding the galaxy nexus having a keyboard. Yeah, I’m that desperate.

  56. Let’s put it this way: If they’d announced a SGSII with ICS, and a higher res screen, I’d be much happier. This is a downgrade in so many ways.

  57. Come on guys, you had to include a mid-way! I think the hardware is quite good but overall not so impressive… A lighting fast phone with an amazing graphic card – and a smaller screen, but these are personal tastes – would have been the very welcome, but overall I can’t complain.
    Anyway, the specs of the phone are nothing jaw-breaking.

  58. Galaxy Nexus features the same hardware as Nexus S, only design and screen chanhed. That’s a 100% FAIL!

    1. i think you mean sgs 2, idiot

  59. The hardware is not bad, but I expected more. Nothing revolutionary hardware-wise, while I hoped this nexus would be like the Nexus One and set the new standard.
    Well I am still looking to get one, but that has hardly anything to do with its hardware and more with its software and getting updates faster than other phones.

    ICS on the other hand looks amazing, and I can’t wait to use it!

  60. With OMAP4460 processor build by TI….I think this will be the cheap and over price version by Verizon in US (Pre-order Oct. 27th. and for sale by Nov. 10th.) Model SCH-i515
    If I tell you the real TRUTH I care less about the CDMA version show up to now.

    I just want to know more and also I will wait until the GSM Model GT-i9250 be for sale by AT&T/T-mo/World with higher specs.


  61. The IC chip in the phone isn’t supported by the Japanese IC system (osaifu keitai, using the Felica IC chip), so I’m going to go for one of the new sharp phones, which are waterproof, support Japanese IC, have digital over-the-air TV, etc… etc…

    The Gnexus (pat. pen.) Is good, but once other phones get ICS, the only advantage will be fast updates.

  62. I like turtles.

  63. Compared to what I have (Droid x) it’s the perfect upgrade. Sure it does not have the fastest CPU but next year quad core is going to be the rage. At least the screen resolution and size will be high end longer than the processors.

  64. Two words: Planned obsolescence!

    1. I’ll easily be happy with this for 18 months until my next upgrade – so I don’t mind the planned obsolescence (though I don’t really think that’s the case here)

  65. I think this is the same talk we all had last year. There are always going to be people who think it sucks, even if it is the best in the world.

    1. But it is not the best in the world.

      1. and what, pray tell, is better?

        1. Well I never said there was a better phone, just that this one is not the “best”. No micro sd card slot is a deal breaker for a lot of people including myself. 5megapixel camera? Are you kidding me? This phone does indeed pack a punch but its not a knockout.

          1. Ahh gotcha. Those things don’t bother me, but I understand that they do bother others. But just so we’re clear, you “never said there was a better phone” :)

          2. That’s your argument for it not being the best? The 5mp? Do you know anything about photography?

    2. There are a few minor things I would have been more than willing to pay extra if this would have been the PERFECT phone:

      GPU: It is not clear yet how it performs, but any dolt would know an HD screen needs a higher performing GPU.

      SD slot: Although not required, by joining Apple, you are saying they have it right. Why not put the damn slot in for extra storage?

      Body: The metallic body of the Razr is sweet. I would prefer a little extra weight and price to have a solid body I can trust. It still is not clear how durable this phone is, but the Razr seems to have it.

      Screen: I do not know what they are using exactly. Gorilla glass is the way to go. 4S has a glass screen that can break easily (see Square Trade video). I do not want to use a screen protector and fear scratches.

      I would pay an extra $100 if all those features were added.

  66. There should be another option like “Good enough”. Nothing’s perfect. I wish it had a better camera and an sd card and battery life is an unknown at this point, BUT, this looks like the best nexus yet. Better cameras are on the way along with quad cores, BUT, you won’t get that hardware without the Android update headache until the next nexus a year from now. Not sure a quad core is all that better than a dual core for everyday use anyway. I’ve been waiting for the right phone to buy since the G1, and finally, for me, this phone seems to be worth buying. The hardware is on par with what is out there now (and even excells screen wise) and with stock android I’m sure to get the latest software features. This phone is a definite buy for me.

    1. Agree, I was reluctant to click ‘perfect’, but no phone has come close to that. This is better than I was hoping for, and imo better than any other phone on the market in terms of hardware and design (not even taking ICS into account). It’ll be a massive upgrade on my current Desire HD & I can’t wait to put my pre-order in.

    2. Isn’t the screen a downgrade from the super amoled plus?

  67. 5MP camera?
    No SD expansion?
    Headphone jack in the bottom?
    1.2Mhz core not rumoured 1.5?
    1750Ma battery not 2050.

    Fairly minor but things that would make me look elsewhere ….

    Can’t help thinking that within a few months the HTC/SE phones will out perform the Nexus

    ICS looks ace though….if the face recog etc work (unlike the unveiling :) )

    1. Just wanted to mention that megapixels and battery size are irrelevant. Unless your printing out poster sized images, 5mp’s are enough. 1750 – 2050.. none of that matters. What matters is how hard the phone will have to work. If the phone ends up running real hard, then 2050 will be as powerful as 1500.

      Food for thought.

  68. (Yawn) So THIS is what’s supposed to have Apple running scared???? No wonder they didn’t bother to release the iPhone 5….

    1. Troll much?

      1. I am not an Apple fan. but this is definitely not an Apple killer many hoped for (me included). The advantages this has over Apple IMO are…

        HD graphics (still no data on if this will be an advantage with the GPU)
        Larger screen
        Glass: won’t shatter if dropped

        Other than that, I am not too impressed. The Razr had more WOW factor than the Nexus. If the bootloader is unlocked from Day 1, this would put HUGE competition on the Galaxy Nexus.

        Some people look between the lines and can make an objective comparison of different products. As much as I hate Apple, I would have probably got the 4S if it had 4G, 4″ screen, and gorilla glass. Simply because the ICS phones did not impress enough.

  69. Only disappointment will be if it’s a verizon exclusive. Don’t pull an early apple move and limit it to one carrier in the US. You will be losing sales to the fruit company.

  70. When someone does come out with a phone with a 1.5 processor I hope I run into one of these disappointed commenters so they can show me how much better their phone is than my Galaxy Nexus. But who am I kidding? By then they’ll be waiting for the quad core 2.7 jizawatts with a 13 MP camera and the new nano SD slot.

  71. The software was good, though not great, because most of the new features are already taken care of by Touchwiz or Sense. Basically Google just copied what Touchwiz and Sense had that stock Gingerbread didn’t, which makes them better all-round products.

    As for the hardware, I like the new HD Super Amoled screen, shape and design. The camera is not good enough at only 5MP and could do with a camera button. No microSD card slot is a crime, especially as they are not giving a 32GB or 64GB onboard storage as standard. No mention of HDMI out, but it probably does have it from the microUSB port with a MHL adapter. The battery is quite big,but would have been nice if it could have been bigger, seeing as Motorola can manage it.
    Then the processor, which is an Omap 4 1.2 Ghz dual core. It may be ok, but I was really hoping for a new Samsung Exynos at 1.5 Ghz made with the 32nm process, which is faster and uses less power.

    If there was a choice between the Nexus Galaxy and a Galaxy S II HD – same as Galaxy S II, but with an HD Super Amoled, NFC and the newer Exynos chip, I would go with the Galaxy S II HD.

    I prefer physical buttons on a phone as well, on a tablet it is ok if they are all on the screen, but for a phone, physical buttons are best.

    1. Personally, I want pure Android with enhancements like resizable and scrollable widgets, notifications that can be dismissed individually and other enhancements that make navigation easier. Google has done a nice job of that with ICS and made it look really great at the same time (better looking than Touchwiz or Sense in my opinion). Just because the others incorporated these UI features first, doesn’t mean Google shouldn’t enhance their own UI. I also won’t buy anything but Nexus because I want to be one of the first with OS updates in the future.

      I too hope they have HD through MHL, and a MicroSD drive would have been nice. However, aside from a couple things missing from the hardware, the phone has everything else I want or need: HD Super Amoled, LED notification light, NFC and a Gyroscope (even a barometer to assist GPS) among others. It would be a great upgrade from my Nexus One if it comes to T-Mobile. A 5mp camera is just fine for a phone since I’m not a photographer, printing large images. As long as the sensor creates nice quality images, I’ll be happy. I’m sure the processor and GPU will be enough to get me by on a phone for the next couple of years too (a tablet would be a different story). Having no hardware buttons is also one of my favorite features of the Galaxy Nexus.

      Each Wesley to their own I suppose :p

      1. I believe they do have MHL just like SG II.

  72. I like turtles. (But hell, I’m never getting an apple product ; )

  73. The ONLY disappointment I had was in the gpu… But did they have a bunch of leftovers from the s? To not even upgrade such a base component to me just seems off :/ other than that the phone is amazing… The lack of bluetooth 4.0 seemed weird to me too, but not close to a deal breaker…

    And regarding screen size, it’s got an INSANELY small bezel and has software buttons so it’ll probably be comparable size to nexus s but also be thinner…

  74. Very few people seem to understand that there is much more to cameras than the number of pixels. DSLRs can be much more expensive and capable at the same pixel rating as a point-and-shoot because the sensor is many times larger, the pixels are larger, faster, they have more light sensitivity and far less noise. Frankly, I’d rather have those extra capabilities than more pixels. A large number of pixels is only necessary when doing severe cropping or printing in large formats (which most people can’t even do because they have an 8.5*11 printer.)

  75. One thing that’s never been mentioned so far is battery life. Can the phone last 2 days of moderate use on a charge? I don’t care about the size of the battery–that’s completely irrelevant (the phone’s components can draw little or a lot of power). I really want to know the talk time, video playback time, etc.

  76. Overall the phone is decent. However, I don’t know… i was just less WOWed then i hoped i would be i guess O_o.
    I was left wanting something else. What that else was? Not really sure, but definitely still wanting something else.

    Then add my disappointment ( probably caused by over hyping the phone buts till) with the lack of an SD-card, and this is really a no go for me.

    Also don’t give me any of that crap about cloud storage and blah blah. That takes data usage and an internet contention. That isn’t fucking reliable. Also i like to just be able to swap out my card onto new phones. Or friends phones or whatever. Non of this hook up to computer then dump the memory on to the computer to back it up.

    OH that also brings up that fact with the internal memory i will have to now back up my card all the fucking damn time in case something happens to the phone. Because if it does i am fucking fucked on anything i had saved on the phone. I back up my SD card now but only like once a month to like 3 months, with the internal memory i feel like i would have to do it daily now just in case the phone breaks.

  77. Plastic, no gorilla glass front, crappy camera specs, no sd card – WTF. The only reason any one will get the phone is because the Razr has a locked battery.

    1. As far as I know, the G-Nex has gorilla glass…


  78. Nexus One: Awesome!
    Nexus S: Meh (More or less a Galaxy S)
    Galaxy Nexus: F*** YEAH!

    Shame I have a year left on my Nexus One contract. Hope the Nexus 4 is good!

  79. I want a middle of the road choice. Content, but not wowwed.

  80. I’ve been using Cyanogen on my locked bootloader Motorola Defy for the past few months… I guess people haven’t heard of 2ndinit… Translated this means that locked bootloader doesn’t equal ROM fiddlers hell…

  81. Really? of the insane number of comments no one here cares about the benchmarks? The iPhone 4s just blew the Samsung Galaxy II out of the water in the benchmarks. If the Galaxy Nexus can beat the iPhone 4s, it will be my deciding factor whether to buy it or wait for something better.

    1. Benchmarks are important to me only in that it can give an apples to apples comparison on the performance of the phone. Graphics and processing power are important because that is all a smartphone is really good for: games, movies, etc. Email, web browsing, etc should all be easily handled by almost any of the phones. I do not care if I can do spreadsheets or word processing on my phone.

      The biggest question at this point is how the 4460 performs graphically with the HD display and running games? Honestly, what other graphic intensive work would a smart phone perform for people?

    2. I have heard that the benchmarks were from a handset running gimped software, and should be ignored as they are not indicative of the software that will be on the phone at release.

  82. The Nexus phones do get the latest software, but the hardware is always average. This is why I stick with the Galaxy line of phones, that’s a perfect balance of hardware and software(once CyonogenMod with ICS comes out).

  83. I guess I was just bummed, like with the iphone 4s… there’s nothing revolutionary about this phone. I can sit here and think of at least one new feature that no phone has had before… don’t they want to wow us?

  84. The only thing that I am disappointed with as far as hardware is the lack of removable storage. Everything else, while not the absolute best, is top tier, and more importantly, the software is optimized to the specific hardware.

  85. ok guys, lets be honest, one thing that has sucked on android forever is battery life. although they made improvements in gingerbread it made little difference…the HARDWARE is all up to date, but (correct me if im wrong) the software is what has the most drastic effects on battery life? google should really put some work in to that for jelly bean or whatever the hell the next version is to be called

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