Official HTC Rezound Extended Battery Accessories Make Their Way To Online Retailers


As most of us already know, any device touting 4G LTE connectivity and a bright 4.3-inch 720p display is probably going to be eating up a lot of juice. Thankfully, HTC will have data-heavy users covered in time for the HTC Rezound launch on Verizon. AndroidForums member jikhead posted this official 2750mAh HTC extended battery for the Rezound, giving a little more “umph” to the one area that Android devices need it most — the battery.

Having a full 24 hours of battery life does come at the cost of losing that sexy slim profile but hey, some guys wont mind the added .35-inches of extra junk in the trunk. More cushion for the data-pushin’ I always say.

Thanks, NightAngel79!

[HTCPedia via AndroidForums]

Chris Chavez
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  1. More cushin for the data pushin!!! LMAO!!!! Priceless!

    Am kinda liking the look of the extended back though…

    1. Yeah! They actually made it more ergonomically to fit in the hand better. Normally the look like a brick sticking out of your phone..

      1. Can’t wait to get that in my hand! Wait, is that what she said??

  2. Thought it was 4.3 inch screen? Since when did it change to 4.5? Another ugly htc extended battery that you will need just to make it through a day.

  3. 4.5 are you sure about that

    1. Whoops. Got mixed up. 4.3. =p

  4. That’s just racist to have a big battery door painted black.

  5. gotta love the complainers on here. nothings ever good for some of you, huh? my incredible makes it throughout the day FINE without having to charge it. *rollseyes* anyway, i’m looking forward to this beast!

    1. Some 3G devices do pretty well with normal to light usage. Some people do some crazy stuff on their phone and with 4G it absolutely kills the battery..

  6. Lmao I had an incredible good battery life loved the phone, tb on the other hand I might make it to lunch. Hopefully they figured out how to make sense sip the battery on 4g

  7. I might have a problem with is the back cover of the Rezound. It looks like it could have minor problems sliding into a pocket. The back might catch onto some fabric and cause it to not go in easily.

  8. Mmmmm, that’s actually pretty sexy.

    I must say Chris, I always love reading your articles!!

  9. Keep it crack’n Chris. First time I’ve laughed while reading a battery review.

  10. SSSSSexy.

  11. Here’s hoping Mugen and Seidio take a lesson and learn a little from HTC and produce some decent looking back covers!

  12. they need to make these things standard. i can see trouble ahead if they dont. i wish there was a way to just make something that would attach to most (or all ideally) phones

  13. These newer HTC phones with the larger screens and 4G capabilities drain the battery pretty quickly. I would definitely recommend picking up some HTC accessories to keep your battery charged up and ready to go at all times.

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