Brand New Motorola RAZR Ad Spots [Videos]


After getting caught up in the hype of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, a few videos snuck their way onto Motorola’s YouTube channel showcasing none other than, you guessed it — the all new RAZR. If you notice, there is a complete absence of the typical robot killing badassery found in previous DROID adverts but this is more of a Motorola commercial and less of a Verizon one. Still, I think they do a great job at showcasing the device’s features (something those Droid commercials could learn a thing or two from). Let me know what you guys think.

And because they do things a little different overseas, I’ve gone ahead an included the Euro advert as well. Just wanna say, I would probably smack a chick if they ever did that to my precious smartphone but then again — I’ve never known the touch of a woman. (TMI?) Just watch the video already.

Thanks, Louis!

Chris Chavez
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  1. Commercial looks good, still getting the Galaxy Nexus though.

    1. Crossing my fingers for a Sprint version! :D

      1. me too sadly itll probably be a year later when they do get a version

      2. Hope you can cross them for a long time..:)

        1. Why? Whats stopping them from releasing a nexus with LTE on sprint and just disabling the LTE chip on the software side, then enabling it when sprint deploys its network?
          Wimax is dying, I don’t think they would want to release more phones on it now….

  2. Damn chris does your articles have to be funny all of the time lol

  3. “I would probably smack a chick if they ever did that to my precious smartphone but then again — I’ve never known the touch of a woman”
    That cracked me up lol, Yeah and i probably would do the same thing. The razor look more and more sexy to me. If only google make that the new nexus

    1. I’ve always liked the look of Motorola’s phones. Here’s to hoping they release a vanilla Ice Cream Sandwhich Droid phone! :D

      1. That’s why i kept hoping that the things with them and motorola would go through soon. The material of the razr is just exquisite.
        For now i would have to stick with my nexus s and I guess there is always an option of the coming cyanogenmod for the razr.
        Wait, how about a Nokia android phone. Impossible dream :(

      2. I agree, I’ve always loved Motos build quality, but the software side, and sometimes the hardware they put in the phones (not a problem with the Razr of course) just kill my urge to buy them..

  4. I am getting Nexus too. I have to wait though. verizon lucky!

  5. Razr V Nexus (to me)

    Razr Pros:
    -Thinnest and lightest yet tough!
    -Gorilla glass
    -4.3″ sAmoled qHD display
    -Tough looking, the carbon fiber back is too cool
    -Removable memory
    EDIT: – I can’t believe I almost forgot, lapdock 100! when that thing is $100 I am all over it! great idea, just too much, that is until sub100 (imo)

    Nexus Pros:
    -4.65″sAmoled 1280×720 display
    -Beautiful looking but probably fragile when compared to Razr Tough
    -ICS out the door
    -Curved glass might be cool but gorilla glass is better (I think)

    This is a tough call, right now I am leaning towards Razr but feel that when I see the Nexus and ICS, that is the one I walk out with… so I guess we will see (when we see (them))

    1. What about the cons of the phones? Well of course thats kind of hard to do with both phones not being released, but if you only look at the plus sides then you might forget about whats not too good on the phone.
      Oh and AFAIK Nexus has gorilla glass too.

      1. hmm, I looked into gorilla glass and nexus, found no confirmation or mention of it. I listed the pros because they seem to be neck in neck with only minor differences and I listed some standouts ofr me personally.

        Anyways I really think it will be a gametime decision once they are side to side.

        1. Yeah, the only thing thats killing me on both phones is the Razr’s non removable battery and the nexus’s lack of an SD card slot. The ICS to not ICS is another. The pros are too close for me to even compare, its which has the least worst cons that I’m going to go with.
          and I don’t remember where I heard Gorilla glass for the nexus, but if I find it/remember I’ll let you know.
          btw love your name.

          1. If you love my name then you’ll love this (probably) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjEKCwqe0f4

          2. I’ve seen it, funny stuff haha

          3. its kinda my call sign whenever apple fanboys are in force lol

          4. I am not in love with the Razr non removable battery BUT I can appreciate the thinner, tougher Razr because of it (it is the reason its splash resitant and thinner) and if we think about it, I have gone 1y3mo on my launch day Droid X, its got one more month and the battery made it, the Razr will make it 1.5 until the next best comes around don’t ya think?

          5. All I know is I’ve done more battery pulls than I can remember, and even if they have a way to “force” shut down the phone, if its software based it can still fail.

    2. What about the HTC Rezound?? :O

      1. HTC has never really impressed me and thus its Razr or Nexus from my solid but old Droid X!

    3. I know that Moto came out today and said ICS will be out first part of 2011 and I’m sure with Google acquiring them it will help. I just think ICS out the door with a phone that it was made for is so much better, also look at all the little things coming from people who work at Google today that were not mentioned in the press conference. They are not big things and probably mean nothing to most people but who knows how great ICS will be and what the Devs. will be able to do with it. This is a tough call and I’m not an HTC fan so thats just a no. If they came out and said January ICS will be on the Razr it might actually change my mind, but what if its not out until lets say May or June? Then it really sucks, I’m not taking that chance and with a 720p screen and ICS out the door the Galxay Nexus is my new phone.

    4. Razr cons:
      -Locked Bootloader

  6. Does the Nexus have HDMI out?

    If not that is another strike against it, but it is still a toss up.

    1. MHL, google it.

  7. No removable battery = sadface.

  8. Chris, I’d guess both of those ads are European. As you mentioned, there is no Droid motif whatsoever, the phone is repeatedly shown as the “Motorola RAZR” which they announced would be the non-US name for it (“Droid RAZR” in the US, obviously), and, at the 0:45 mark, it says “Kevlar fibre” – that’s not the American spelling.

    1. True. I think one’s like the international version from Motorola. The other is specifically what they’ll show in the UK =p

  9. The RAZR is seriously the best looking phone I’ve seen in a year or so, maybe more. Still, the lack of touch buttons (for Android 4.0) and no HD resolution kind of kills it for me. I’ll wait for RAZR 2, which will hopefully have stock Android by default if they get acquired by Google, and will also have unlocked bootloader.

    1. It has Super Amoled Plus, the nexus doesn’t.

      1. k, wait… what? razr is using samsung’s super amloed technology and you are saying the SAMSUNG galaxy nexus is using only amoled?

        1. Galaxy Nexus is Super Amoled. Razr is Super Amoled Advanced…aka plus.

  10. Updates, screen, camera, and battery are why i will get a galaxy nexus. The RAZR is a good phone just lacks the same quality that the nexus has in those categories. Build quality is one thing that you can beat a SGN tho.

  11. iPhone makes you look like a girl, Droids make girls like you. Message received.

  12. Am I the only one that noticed that the data logo said H+ not 4G LTE or at least 4G or LTE? I mean yeah its possible AT&T is getting its own version. And I guess the video does say Motorola RAZR and not DROID RAZR. I don’t know just thought that was odd… maybe I missed some news that this was going to other carriers also under that RAZR name, and yes I know the name RAZR wasn’t Verizon exclusive.

    Either way.. I think I’m still in a toss up between this and the Galaxy Nexus.. they are both sweet devices.. but think I’ve got a leave toward Nexus

  13. • Remember, buying the Nexus and all of its ICS freshness also means that for a while developers will probably be struggling to adapt to it. It’s not such a bad idea to go with the RAZR and give the Android Market a few months to receive quality apps catered to the new OS.

    • Why is nobody speaking about the new Motorola apps featured on the RAZR’s homepage? http://www.motorola.com/Consumers/US-EN/Consumer-Product-and-Services/Mobile-Phones/DROID-RAZR-BY-MOTOROLA-US-EN


    For the most part they look useful and as if they will be offered to Motorola/RAZR phones only… am I right?

  14. question: Razr is sporting these sensors:


    Does the Nexus have a Gyro or Barometer?

    Also, Razr qHD SUPER AMLODED screen, Nexus is sporting a 1280×720 AMOLED (not super)?

    thx your friendly neighborhood fapple

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