Oct 19th, 2011

After getting caught up in the hype of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, a few videos snuck their way onto Motorola’s YouTube channel showcasing none other than, you guessed it — the all new RAZR. If you notice, there is a complete absence of the typical robot killing badassery found in previous DROID adverts but this is more of a Motorola commercial and less of a Verizon one. Still, I think they do a great job at showcasing the device’s features (something those Droid commercials could learn a thing or two from). Let me know what you guys think.

And because they do things a little different overseas, I’ve gone ahead an included the Euro advert as well. Just wanna say, I would probably smack a chick if they ever did that to my precious smartphone but then again — I’ve never known the touch of a woman. (TMI?) Just watch the video already.

Thanks, Louis!

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