4G LTE Galaxy Nexus Spied in Time-Lapse Behind-the-Scenes Shot


At last night’s (or was it this morning’s?) Ice Cream Sandwich/Galaxy Nexus unveil, the Android team showed off some pretty impressive time-lapse photography. The results were simply to good to be achieved by simply holding the phone and snapping away. Thanks to a Google+ post by Romain Guy, a Google engineer who played a part in creating the video, we are now catching a behind the scenes glimpse at the contraption they assembled to make it possible. Aside from some clamps, a track, and a bunch of wires, the rig includes none other than Verizon’s 4G LTE Samsung Galaxy Nexus. How do we know? It says so on the back.

The inclusion of LTE hardware is said to add slightly to the thickness of the GNex, and though that may be the case it will be hard for manufacturers to continue to make that argument considering what Motorola has done with the Droid RAZR. From the angle in the above image, we can’t get much of a sense of just how much thicker the Galaxy Nexus will be with LTE, but hopefully it isn’t too drastic.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Damn this phone goes on sale in 3 weeks and we don’t know what carriers it will work on!!!

    1. All signs have been pointing to Verizon. This photo of the phone with Verizon’s 4G logo is just further proof.

      1. I am sure of that but Matias was using it on AT&T.

        1. They already said that the LTE would be the only one sold in the states and might release a HSPDA+ version “based on demand”

          1. That was never said. Show us a link…

          2. Uhh, they are releasing a HSPA+ version for sure, look at http://www.google.com/nexus/ under fast and 4G, clearly says LTE or HSPA+
            (muh bad if HSPDA+ is actually a different technology)

          3. 10:12PM Okay, this will be actually launching with both LTE and HSPA+, but which model each market gets depends on local demand. “In the US, Samsung is the leader in LTE.”

            From engadget live blog. http://www.engadget.com/2011/10/18/samsung-and-googles-ice-cream-sandwich-event-liveblog/

          4. Does this mean it is a world phone?

  2. This phone or a HTC phone supporting ICS without Sense better land on Sprint I refuse to go to any other carrier!!!!!

  3. Where’s the time-lapse video?

  4. Hopefully we’ll get a bigger battery to go along with the thicker body. And is it too much to hope for the 1.5GHz Exynos proc? Shoot, while we’re at it, let’s call this one the Nexus Prime :)

  5. somehow GNex just sounds dirty

  6. lol looks like they secured it with tiny jumper cables.

    1. Nope, full sized cables. It’s LTE that makes a bit bigger.

    2. Yea, I cringed a little bit when I saw that…

  7. verizon went right ahead and announced pre-orders for the RAZR on the 27th, why aren’t they announcing this bad boy too? Lets go Verizon! On a side note, I can see moto having some trouble selling the RAZR when the galaxy nexus is coming at about the same time. Granted, the RAZR does have a lot of “tough” features, and it is really slim; but the Gnex has it beat on screen and OS (well, and bootloader, but a lot of people don’t care about that)

    1. VZW is trying to draw in preorders on a highly recognizable brand (Driod and RAZR) before letting this thing loose. My guess is that the RAZR will skew more mass market, while the GNex will attract those a bit more knowledgeable and passionate about Android and the upcoming phones. Not a knock on either segment, just my hypothesis.

      1. I have a feeling the RAZR will be on sale for 199 and the Nexus wont. Verizon may have an open phone on their network, but that doesn’t mean they have to make an effort to sell it. Bloatware is where the money’s at.

  8. Should probably post a link to the video so we can watch it.

    1. The time-lapse portions starts at about 46:45 into the presentation. BGRugger’s link or http://www.youtube.com/android

  9. There are some other noticeable differences between this phone and the one that showed up at last nights event. From the image on the galaxy nexus site (http://www.google.com/nexus/) notice the branding. Both Google and Samsung are included. The photo above has no Samsung branding at all, only Google and 4G LTE. The camera also looks noticeably different on the Verizon variant pictured above from that of the variant shown on the nexus website. Perhaps the boo hooing over the 5mp camera was all for not here in the states?
    Edit: it could be the angle at which the picture is taken that has the lens/flash looking different on the above picture, hard to tell.

  10. Please don’t call it a Gnex again. Ever. Unless you are Vanilla Ice or Mark Wahlberg.

    1. I kinda like GalNex, but I haven’t heard anyone else call it that other than me.

      1. Both of those sound like STD treatments.

        1. lol, pass the GalNex ointment, my knackers are chuffin raw!

  11. It won’t add too much that’s for not a deal breaker, my nexus one is already thin enough and knowing Samsung it will be thinner than the n1.

  12. I hope somebody of significance to this site reads this. I believe the reason they can make the Droid Razr so thin with LTE inside is because they decided to forego the removable battery because as everyone should know it takes a lot more space to add connectors and a compartment to keep the battery away from the internals that people could unknowingly harm. So in the end I think you have to trade one of the most liked features of Android phones for the thin LTE phones. This will not always be the case of course but currently this is how it stands.

    1. Eh, who cares how thin it is really. Phones are thin enough already, we don’t need to keep getting thinner. I don’t really want to hold a postcard up to my head. Give me something to hold on to.

    2. It’s still weird.. it’s going to have to have a removable cover for GSM Sims.

      1. The Sim and SD slots are on the side of the RAZR underneath a little door.

  13. Considering the camera hump it probably won’t be that much thicker.

  14. That time lapse photography is pretty nice. They would need to have some type of tripod or gorilla grip for it to be feasible.

  15. I’m not so concerned with the thickness, but the lack of an SD card means I won’t be able to port all of my existing media over to the phone! Super Bummer!

    1. 1. Back up current phone data onto computer
      2. Plug shiny new Galaxy Nexus into computer
      3. Transfer files
      4. ?????
      5. Profit

    2. Why can’t you go up and down through DropBox?

    3. OH GOD, how do I get the files off my phone and onto another one!?!?!?! Such a mystery!!! ;)

      To quote Zoolander: “The files are IN the computer?”

  16. The Droid RAZR is def thin, but it leaves out a lot of stuff. Look at the spec sheet. No NFC. No gyro. No compass. No barometer. Just an accelerometer. So yeah, it’s thin, but you are losing some functionality because of it.

    1. What kind of use are you planning for that barometer, eh eh?

      1. the main purpose of the barometer is for a faster gps lock

        1. Nice, but I did not know that atmospheric pressure had any say in GPS communication?

  17. I’m thinking the galaxy nexus will be 199/299 just like the iPhone, the main rival as far as Samsung is concerned. I know it has 4g and all the higher end Verizon 4g phones have been 299, that would put the price points at 299/399, and the average user won’t see that much benefit when it is sitting beside the new iPhone.

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