Motorola DROID RAZR Does Have a Locked Bootloader


The main question everyone always has when it comes to Motorola’s phones is always about the bootloader. An unlocked bootloader makes it easier to load up custom ROMs, though Motorola has not yet come through with their promise of providing a way to unlock their phones’ bootloader after they purchase them.

Users met the DROID RAZR with the same question, and unfortunately the answer is “no,”, it’s not bootloader unlocked. Don’t fret too much, though, as the great development community for Motorola’s phones have always found workarounds and I’m sure this phone won’t be much different. We’ll have hands-on footage of the DROID RAZR very soon so sit tight.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. 2 things going against it right away. Not to mention coming out around the same time as the nexus.

  2. This just killed it for me. Thanks Motorola for making the choice that much easier for me.

    1. Blame Verizon as per Motos twitter page Verizon wanted a locked bootloader.

      1. Yeah Verizon hates unlocked bootloaders. It’s not like they are getting ready to announce a Nexus device in a few hours.
        Oh wait….

      2. That is just moto’s bs excuse every time anyone asks. Funny every moto is locked down no matter what carrier.

  3. If Motorola were reasonable with updates, this wouldn’t be a problem.

    However, after how bad my Milestone was before being hacked, heir refusal to unlock it so we could fix them ourselves has made me never want to buy Motorola again.

    1. I feel the same way. I still have the Milestone. It was great after I got a custom rom on it, but before that I hated the device.

  4. Seeing as how the device has all the regulatory logos on its back, it’s actually possible it has a non-removable battery.

  5. Thanks a lot Verizon

  6. Do not want.

  7. I’m running a custom rom on a locked Droid 3. Just sayin…

    1. Yea, how that flashing other kernels going for ya?

  8. I refuse to buy a phone with a locked bootloader.

  9. Should be called iRAZR since it has locked bootloader and non-removable battery.

  10. Never expected they will unlock it. Nexus to go.

  11. Come on people. You had to realize this was nothing more than a simple refresh. The Bionic came out just a couple weeks ago. There isn’t that much of technology change. This was nothing more than a “here’s our next thing” announcement. The Nexus announcement will be key on the state of Android. They have to make Apple play catch up, which I am hoping they do.

  12. So if this phone hardlocks or gets boot looped, how exactly is one going to reset it?

    1. You’re right. That would be kinda scary :O

      1. I’d prefer not to have to Factory Reset because the phone decided to lock up. I’m sure Moto has thought of that. Then again, this is Moto we’re talking about. lol

  13. Good try Moto. You fail yet again at providing what users want.

  14. No surprise at all. Will not buy, will vocally advocate people avoid Motorola products because of this. Let us run Cyanogen on it!

  15. Locked bootloader and no ICS…FAIL. They could have at least unlocked the bootloader if they weren’t going to ship it with ICS. As expected, Moto lied their asses off about unlocking future phones.

  16. If you guys care so much bout boot loader. then don’t bother buying the DROID RAZR or Motorola phones.

  17. Pics or it didn’t happen!

  18. i have an atrix that was locked. now it’s not and its running cm7.1 beta. moto makes good phones, with great hardware. sure, locked bootloaders are annoying, but it shouldnt be a deal breaker, especially for ppl who frequent sites like phandroid. i mean, cmon!

    1. The people who are complaining must be used to having everything done for them.

  19. I don’t care how powerful, beutiful and thin this device is or has better spec, as long as Motorola locks the bootloader, forget it. Motorola, you SUCK…Verizon, you SUCK too.

  20. That’s why motorola sucks along with Verizon.

  21. Verizon insisted on a lock bootloader to keep their crapwares on the phone lol

  22. I was hoping with Google to see some vanilla phones come out of Motorola. Motorola has the hardware but fills it with so much bloat it needs a rascal scooter to get around.

  23. If Verzion really cared about a locked bootloader, then why is the Nexus Prime unlocked?

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