Oct 17th, 2011

Hello there, Mr. Galaxy S II. What’s that you have for us mere days before the official unveiling of Google’s next Android update? A sneak peek at Ice Cream Sandwich running on a Samsung flagship that doesn’t have the word ‘Nexus’ in its name? It sure looks like it. While we have no way of confirming if this is, in fact, the real deal, we have no reason to believe it isn’t. The build of Android running here looks just like everything we have seen of ICS so far (and looks amazing), and if it is merely a copy it’s a darn good one. Either way, the ROM is promised to be coming soon. We can’t say how long it will take for Samsung to officially release ICS for the GSII, but it might just get an unofficial release concurrent with Google’s big announcement.

Update: In my hazy Monday morning state, I should have noticed the tell-tale signs that what we are looking at here is indeed a fake. Using a combination of leaked Ice Cream Sandwich apps and a third-party launcher loaded up with an ICS theme, the creator of this video did a pretty convincing job of tricking at least on Android blogger (yours truly). But hey, at least we know when Ice Cream Sandwich is released for devs to mold into their own custom ROMs it will look pretty darn beautiful on the white Galaxy S II.

[via GSMArena]

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