Ice Cream Sandwich ROM Running on the Samsung Galaxy S II [Update: No It’s Not]


Hello there, Mr. Galaxy S II. What’s that you have for us mere days before the official unveiling of Google’s next Android update? A sneak peek at Ice Cream Sandwich running on a Samsung flagship that doesn’t have the word ‘Nexus’ in its name? It sure looks like it. While we have no way of confirming if this is, in fact, the real deal, we have no reason to believe it isn’t. The build of Android running here looks just like everything we have seen of ICS so far (and looks amazing), and if it is merely a copy it’s a darn good one. Either way, the ROM is promised to be coming soon. We can’t say how long it will take for Samsung to officially release ICS for the GSII, but it might just get an unofficial release concurrent with Google’s big announcement.

Update: In my hazy Monday morning state, I should have noticed the tell-tale signs that what we are looking at here is indeed a fake. Using a combination of leaked Ice Cream Sandwich apps and a third-party launcher loaded up with an ICS theme, the creator of this video did a pretty convincing job of tricking at least on Android blogger (yours truly). But hey, at least we know when Ice Cream Sandwich is released for devs to mold into their own custom ROMs it will look pretty darn beautiful on the white Galaxy S II.

[via GSMArena]

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  1. 2 things:

    1.) why do people attach horrible music with these type of vids?
    2.) this kid needs to learn how to apply a screen protector

    1. Why would anyone put a screen protector to a gorilla glass display in the first place..

      1. also a great point (actually wasn’t aware if the S II had gorilla or not)

      2. Because gorilla glass can stratch

        1. Not if you carry your phone in a pouch…

          1. Ok but what happens when you drop it taking it out of the pouch?

          2. Then not even a screen protector can save you.

        2. ..yep …my Galaxy SII has a few scratches on the glass now… It’s about 4 months old.

  2. Its Fake.
    Icons in the top bar are from a custom rom and the app switcher is available online somewhere.
    All the apps shown can be downloaded from xda and installed on GB.

    1. Agreed definitely fake, the icons in the notification bar look similar to the SteelBlue CM7 Theme Chooser theme.


    2. I agree. Plus isn’t ICS supposed to have the widget manager thing like Honeycomb? He added widgets on this one just like every other Android build has done. ICS is supposed to have some major changes visually… this looks no different than what my Droid Charge is running now aside from the task manager and custom battery/signal icons (which also look familiar). I call fake.

      1. You are correct about the widget manager. This is obviously fake.

  3. Makes me wonder about that leaked Nexus Prime video. O_o

  4. Dunno if it’s real or not, but it looks better than the last leak. That shade of blue was much nicer than the other one. 1 more day and we’ll get to see ICS!! YAY!

    Music player looks really nice :D.

  5. It’s fake. How do people fall for this? It’s the launcher from Syndicate Apps (probably baked into a custom ROM).

  6. If it wasn’t for the presence of the Aperture Science logo for the signal strength bars…

  7. I love how silky smooth it is.

  8. There are certainly reasons to believe its not the real thing. The icons at the top just cannot be stock, they don’t fit with what we’ve seen so far but the major giveaway is when the multitasking app drawer is opened the market shown is the old tablet market and not the one that opens when it is tapped.

  9. 100% fake, and a bad one at that. Looks nothing like the screenshots that have been leaked and is clearly a custom skin on gingerbread with a half working launcher replica

  10. This is the fakiest of fakes. He just picked up a common launcher. That multitasking button is proof – he was in the music app on a particular screen, but when he hit the button it showed a completely different, unrelated screenshot of the app. On top of that, the multitasking button only showed GApps, which is exactly what that fake ICS launcher does.

    C’mon, guys, do some better digging before posting this stuff.

  11. Faker then a pornstars Tits

  12. Does anybody know the name of the song? Its catchy!

    1. 009 Sound System – Born to Be Wasted.

    2. yes the first time , but i heard it a thousand times , not by choice
      and now 2 seconds and mute

  13. yeah this is mad fake … if you saw the video of it running on the Nexus S this shit looks so Wack no where near as clean as on the NExus S lol

  14. Another vote for the fake for the following reasons.
    – The battery indicator shows the % and not a battery – leaked screenshots show the battery and Google has yet to push out an actual % indicator.
    – When that menu slides up from the bottom, the background is blacked out on this device. Leaked screenshots of this same menu show that the background is still visible.

  15. I havent seen it in any other samsung phones, but FFS that looks like an Iphone 4. (only better)

  16. This is a ROM but its not IC. I know oyjee ROMS way before IC that have these same looks and animayions. Damn, I know launchers that do this alone. It is very annoying how these mobile blog sites are running with it or even giving it credit as it being darn good. It looks just like the normal android we have now. Okay the app drawer goes sideways instead of up and down. You happen to have an all blue unprofessional theme of icons. Ugly. What happened to the on screen keys? No, you’ll give them credit as it being an early build. Psh! Please. You mobile sites should be pointing out how fake it is. These videos have been the IC launcher all this time and ita been updated as more things leak out. Are we so excites we don’t use common sense anymore? All videos do the same thing. Go in the damn app drawer and never go into a new app that we’ve never seen before. They show that ugly big most recent apps thing and scroll through it dramatically slow. They are taking advantage of you and uploading dumb ass videos as IC approaches. I mean that’s what I would do. They never go in the about phone. They haven’t shown us anything new. I can’t wait until the real thing is showed off tomorrow night and it’ll be all over with. This is embarrassing.

  17. Its not a rom its part of a gingerbread launcher even the people in the youtube comments notice the signal and the antenna bar not matching

  18. I need ice cream to make it’s way over to my vibrant. Since I’m not do for a full upgrade until may. I wonder what phone T-Mobile will have out by then??

  19. I think that this is not Android ICS. It is only customised Gingerbread ROM.

  20. Epic Fake, Good bit of coding

  21. 100% fake – I was using this launcher last week but it’s buggy as hell so removed it. Please don’t believe it,,

  22. This doesn’t even look close to real. You should really change the headline or update it to say that it’s fake.

  23. Totally fake, it´s a launcher and the ice cream sandwich music app if you guys want to check were are the links http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1271755 for the ics launcher and the music app is here http://www.xda-developers.com/android/ice-cream-sandwich-music-player-4-0-beta-leak/

  24. This is the early version of an ics launcher that has been created. Here is the link:

  25. the music app is ics though. it was leaked about a week ago

  26. In the last two ICS videos, the device had a screen rotation animation a la’ Motoblur. This doesn’t have the animation.

  27. His leaked ICS Music app does weird cool things! When he goes landscape his does a cover-flowesque type thing, when I go landscape on mine it just does a grid a’la stock gallery.

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