Sony Ericsson Slightly Improves From Q2, But Will Make Nothing but Smartphones Beginning 2012


Sony Ericsson have posted their financial results for Q3 2011 and, at first glance, things don’t look entirely too pretty. Sony Ericsson generated €1.59 billion in revenue over the quarter. This is a drop from €1.6 billion in the same quarter last year, but not a big enough drop to raise serious concerns. In fact, this is a pretty good improvement over last quarter’s €1.19 billion.

Sony Ericsson posted net income of negative €50 billion, a trend that hasn’t seemed to improve over the quarters. This same time last year, Sony Ericsson enjoyed €49 million, but we all know how quickly things can change in this industry.

Following the above trends, unit sales (includes anything Sony Ericsson makes) are up to 9.5 million, a decline from last year’s 10.4 million but an improvement to last quarter’s 7.6.

So far, the Xperia line of smartphones has been their biggest source of overall revenue, bringing in 80% of the flow. 22 million have been shipped to date, according to Sony Ericsson.

CEO Bert Nordberg has mentioned that they will be shifting focus entirely to smartphone production in 2011. We imagine they want to streamline their business in order to help their dire situation, though another possibility could be that this is due to a rumored transaction set to take place where Sony would by Sony Ericsson’s mobile half of their partnership with Ericsson in order to add smartphones to their portfolio. In any case, these are drastic actions from Sony Ericsson and it clearly shows their sense of urgency in a worsening situation.

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  1. net income of -$50 billion? how does that work?

    1. I know, I think it was supposed to be million

  2. Cybershot Android phone with xenon flash & 4″ screen with large battery please. Before touchscreens Sony Ericssons camera phones where fantastic & the arc is good but better with a xenon flash & 1080p video.

    Sony also need to keep up with the rest so no more year old processor & just enough ram, 1.2 dual core & 1 gb memory & at least 8gb ram, MINIMUM specs.

    1. I’ve expected for years to see phones start to have Cybershot / Canon / Nikon / etc branding on them (and actually better cameras in them, as well) and am shocked that it hasn’t already happened.

      1. i thing panasonicmade a lumix camera, but the lens was was still pretty tiny

      2. samsung schw 880

        WAS that phone good enough?

        Or do you mean a phone that has like a horrible UI experience and more focused on taking pictures? I mean a phone of those specs would be awesome, since I’m a camera person, but I know that a phone with high camera specs AND high phone specs would be pretty large (weight wise). Is there enough people that would actually BUY this phone?

        I mean, I also like listening to music, but that didn’t mean I was into the HTC Surround. So… wii have to join together and make this phone.

        Oh!! And what about the Nokia N8? I would have gotten that had it not taken FOREVER to come out. -_-

    2. Carl Zeiss lens too–bigger then the 1/8″ thing found in most phones.

  3. Sony join the dual core club, screen, and be the first Android to beat Apple’s camera. Cybershot bro!

  4. Sony Ericsson are very capable of making some really good handsets. They have the capability to produce powerful camera phones and powerful gaming smart phones. If they come up with innovative ideas like the way HTC are doing with beats audio they can curve a market for themselves.

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