Samsung Galaxy Nexus and HTC Rezound Priced in Verizon MAP

From what I’ve been reading in our comments, probably the 2 most sought after Android phones due later this year are the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the HTC Rezound (Vigor). Both devices will launch on Verizon in the coming weeks and their “minimum advertised price” has been revealed in this leaked Verizon MAP.

Typical with Verizon’s top-end smartphones, both of these guys will set you back a mere $300 but that’s the price you pay for having bleeding edge technology right? If these devices can’t hold you over for the next few years — may heaven help you.

Also revealed was the earliest date these prices can/will be advertised at, cluing us in that we may not see either device until on or after November 10th at the earliest. We wont know for sure until an official announcement but it’s the waiting that kills me.

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. I hope I have the Nexus by Thanksgiving at the latest. Otherwise, I’m not going to be feeling very thankful.

    1. If you do get it by thanksgiving, your empty pockets will give you plenty of places to stuff all that food! No worries, I’ll be broke too! ;) oh and short a kidney or something.

      1. Well luckily, I started saving for this phone when I first heard about it, so I’ve had plenty of time and unfortunately it looks like I’ve still got more time to save up.

        1. totally agree that it sucks we have to keep waiting. I gotta find someone in need of a slightly used kidney quick if I am going to be there on launch day! I’ve never been good at the whole saving thing. haha

  2. As I said on Engadget and got hated on for. I will not pay $299 for this phone.

    1. Your decision, not gonna hate. But that leaves you with 2 options the way I see it. Either get an inferior phone, or wait for a while for the price to drop, while everyone else is enjoying the first glimpses of ice cream sandwich :)

      1. My contract ends in December so hopefully it will be dropped at least a little by then.

        1. $300???? Fuck that! I wanted the nexus as much as the next guy but I’m not giving in to these carriers raping us! T-Mobiles better not be more then 250 or im just going with the Galaxy s 2

          1. Not sure if serious.jpg
            300$ = 1650kr
            We pay 6000kr
            it’s only about 3.6 times more….
            And on Contract, about 16000 kr.

    2. the iphone 4s is $300, what would you rather have, a 4g lte phone with a 4 inch plus screen or smaller and slower phone for the same price??

      1. I would buy a Windows Phone over an iPhone.

        1. Id rather eat 7.5 mangos

          1. Mangoes are pretty delicious.

      2. there is the 16gb version for $199. I get what you mean. You have options and you are paying for the best option. But just because the 4S was a disappointment, it doesn’t mean that Android phones are automatically worth more. I hope this is the price before the $100 mail in rebate they are sure to offer in store. Or at least $50. Its just too damn much. I know its only $100 bucks more but that could be the difference in getting yummy Kraft cheese instead of that yellow excuse for cheese.

    3. Hell no. Its the principle of it, at least for me…if they want to start raising subsidized pricing, then they should give a little on the contact, either in price or length. But, this is VZW, and we all know its all about the bottom line, which is fine, if the market allows it, then that’s just business…, However, realize this….as VZW drives prices up, the other carriers will eventually follow suit…and after that, VZW will raise prices again…and so on. The consumer loses.

      Ok VZW lovers can kill me on my opinion now….

      1. Mega Big Red fan here and I totally agree. I’m happy paying more for my network because it is insanely large and reliable. Not to mention VZW hooked my little town up with 4g almost out of the gate. That was the tipping point for me. I packed up all my magenta fan gear and burned it on the way to Verizon! I happily pay $30 bucks more a month for the best network around.

        Back to your point. The subsidized prices will only continue to rise and if those devices do well, you are right, overall prices will just go up. When you are the most expensive network, you absolutely should cut your customers a break on the phones. Or, like you said, bring the plan prices down a few bucks. Overall, the economy can’t support this price scheme.

        1. You all seem to forget that better technology costs more. Certainly, we’re taken for a bit of a ride, but this isn’t the era of the dumbphone anymore. Phones have differing degrees of hardware. Those on the bleeding edge of power will always be expensive. When a new computer comes out with all the most current parts in it, would you say that you refuse to pay for it (assuming you want a computer on the bleeding edge lol, work with me here people, it’s a metaphor.)

          1. Technically its an analogy (ugh nerd). But your point is valid either way. :D

          2. The evo 4g was bleeding edge technology when it came out, and was $200… I refuse to pay more than that for a phone.

          3. It was $200, and $10 a month for WiMax 4G whether you had it or not. That’s an extra $120 (1 year) to $240 (2 year). Call me crazy, but I’d rather pay an extra $100 up front than $120 to $240 total. On a 2 year contract that’s $140 difference between a Verizon 4G and Sprint 4G phone.

          4. It wasn’t really on the bleeding edge of technology, the nexus one had the same specs internally months prior.

          5. Agreed to a point…. Where I differ in opinion is the fact that VZW most likely is not charging an extra $100 to cover costs and small profit. No, I would bet that most of it is pure profit.
            I would love to see a breakdown (from carrier and OEM, not someone here) on manufacturing costs, sale price, etc, and the true profit margin…
            And again, that’s fine, that’s business. Especially when people are SO VERY willing to pay it.

          6. Yes but at the end of it all this subsidized price is insane. Im sure people wouldn’t mind the higher off contract price but this carrier not has high plans but on top of that you have an extremely high cost for the phone.

      2. This only holds true if you have to have it on launch day. I paid $249 for the TBlot and they are what now on Amazon?! a penny? Those that wait will not have to pay:)

        1. There is a catch. You have to keep it 181 days or be charged back $250.00. That is how long it takes Amazon (180 days) to be paid commission from Verizon. Still a good deal just a possible catch.

      3. Higher subsidized price with high priced plan is the opposite direction we need to go in. I’m all for paying a larger chunk of the phone (or all of it and having it unlocked), but the contract price needs to go down. But, as long as consumer continue to willingly sign expensive contracts, carriers aren’t going to change this model. Personally, we need to move towards shorter/no contracts with full price unlocked phones. That would drive competition among the carriers more and drop prices for everyone.

        1. Yes, you agree with me. Unfortunately, the masses in general are sheep, and as long as they keep paying the price….

    4. I love me some Android. I also love powerhouse devices. I do not love price tags like this one. $299…seems like Verizon is going to price Android out of the average guy’s range. $199 was a stretch when I got my Charge, and don’t get me started on how that was a waste of money. This is a ridiculous price and I won’t be getting one until the price comes down to at least $199. Even the Bionic broke the $199 and went for $229 at Best Buy. Also too much to ask. I can take $300 and get a Triumph on Virgin and never sign a contract. Oh ya and for half the monthly cost of 450 minutes with unlimited text and 2gb of data I can get unlimited everything. Hell I can buy a computer for $299 on a good Black Friday sale. This is insanity.

      However, its so thin and beautiful. And it will be untouched Android. Believe me Verizon doesn’t skimp on the pre-loaded crapware. Vanilla Android in itself is worth $300…I guess I’ll sell a kidney.

    5. First world problems are the worst, aren’t they….

      1. Americans have paid their dues a long time ago. It’s called dying and suffering through the American Revolution, the Civil War, and how many others after it, to live well today.

        Third World people are just supposed to get a hand out? Where is their initiative, their drive, their OWN revolutions? What a stupid comment.

        1. There are no stupid comments, only arrogant patriots with no sense of humor. Speaking of common sense, maybe their OWN revolutions will come at a time when they aren’t severely malnourished and dying of various diseases, and in far greater poverty than Americans were during their revolutions. I expect they have more important things to worry about. Anyway, thanks for showcasing our fine American hospitality.

          @ScottColbert – FWIW Your comment made me laugh :)

        2. umm…they do fight but are quickly stamped down by the military who is trained if not fully funded by the united states.

    6. You pay extra for the top of the line. I don’t think this has anything to do with Verizon. Basically Verizon is only subsidizing that ETF, which is $350, plus around $50-$100. Look at the new iPhone 4S for example.

      iPhone 4S 16 GB: $200 On Contract, $649 Off Contract
      iPhone 4S 32 GB: $300 On contract, $749 Off Contract

      The Droid Charge is a $700 phone off contract, it’s now $200 on contract. This phone could easily be $800 off contract, so $300 is reasonable. People have always paid more for top of the line. I mean, look at LCD TVs when they first came out, plus BlueRay Players, the PS3, XBOX, etc.. The list goes on. I think carriers are starting to realize that power house phones do sell and people are now willing to pay $300 for a phone. In the past the average off contract price for the best phones have been around $600, that’s no longer true.

      1. AT&T ($200), Sprint ($200), and T_Mobile ($230) customers don’t have to pay extra for “top of the line” Samsung Galaxy S II phones. Spec wise these phones are better than the Galaxy Nexus and yet they $100 cheaper.

        Now that Verizon changed their entire wireless operation to accommodate the iPhone (Tiered data, no new every 2, no yearly upgrades) they may as well screw their Android users by adopting iPhone pricing.

        By this, $100 premium for LTE devices, logic, when a 4G iPhone finally is released it better be $399.

        1. Its cause of the LTE Radios.. And its not like you cant get the phone ceaper at a bestbuy or something.. Wait till the other carriers get LTE and have to compete more than maybe the prices will start to drop..

    7. Then don’t buy it. I’d drop $400 without blinking. Quit bitching.

      1. we’re not all rich ass holes though.

        1. 40k nyc, living alone. I’m using an OGD and have been saving for a proper upgrade. This is it. If it were 500 i’d still do it. This is two years we’re talking about.

          Thanks for being a dick though.

      2. Subsidized?

    8. Ditto. I will not pay 300 for any phone. That is way too much for a subsidized price. I guess I’ll be waiting a little longer. Come on Holiday sales …

    9. 299 is a steal, Id pay double that in a heartbeat.

      1. But if you paid double that, you wouldn’t expect to then ALSO pay “subsidizing” prices on your cell contract.

    10. This started when they put LTE chips in phones, and Galaxy Nexus will have LTE, too. But I agree they are also trying to make this a trend of standardizing high end phones at $300. You’re probably better off buying it unlocked and getting a cheaper contract later.

    11. Or you can just wait until Amazon has an amazing deal and drops the price. Problem solved.

    12. My belief is right there with you, but I also provide a variable conclusion. Other smaller companies will grab some of the business with their cheaper priced/not as bleeding edge phones and still cater to those not willing to pay the high mark for these new phones from Verizon and the like.

    13. I see your point, though with the other phones that they charged 300 for, the price will go down to 200 in a few months. Not quite an excuse, but it still seems to be their theme.

  3. Seen this before. The 10th is exactly 1 week from the suggested 3rd release date. I believe it will be available online/phone sales 1 week before stores. They did this with the Droid 3.

  4. Crooks.

  5. Can’t wait

  6. I want my HTC Vigor… Don’t care what they decide to call it… VIGOR is what it will be named by me. And i hope to call it mine soon.

  7. What does the “map period” on there represent?

    1. End of life will be at those last dates I believe which is really a shame. VZW gets rid of good phones way too fast.

    2. thats pricing..pricing should lower after that…why would the cycle end only a few months after the release?

  8. I say we all make an agreement amongst ourselves to call it the Vigor anyway…lol That would be so funny. I can see it now. “Sir sales are through the roof on this awesome new phone we put out but no one is calling it what we named it.” “WTF? Ok fire the PR and reserch people.” LOL! Hey um just sayin….

  9. Fully expected this to be a $300 phone, so no surprise there. Don’t care, I want it too bad. Finally, a worthy successor to my Fascinate, which the Charge was not (not even close).

    1. Kind of like how the Mytouch 4G is also called HTC Glacier on XDA? I love that it’s still known by it’s codename.

      On a different note, I’m really hoping this nexus comes to T-Mo.

      Edit: was meant to reply to @Blackthanos …. sorry

  10. You’ll always be the Vigor to me.

  11. $300on contract with $350 etf = $650, approximate retail value $599…….where is the subsidy on these phones?

    1. Where did you get the approximate retail value? Even the Samsung Charge retails for $700. Retail for this phone should be at least that.

      1. No… The charge retails for 569.99 from vzw website….as well as the majority of high end smartphones

  12. $299, time to get my wallet ready!!!

  13. u guys complain about 300$, every phone me and most phone enthusiasts out of USA buy these phones at 500-600$ unlocked

    1. Yeah, but we are talking $300 SUBSIDIZED… I would love it if American carriers operated like European carriers.

  14. I’m ready to sell my soul to get this nexus off-contract! Its not like I really need it anyways ;)

  15. I kinda expected it to be around $300, so I’m cool with this price. Just so long as the phone/OS live up to their hype.

  16. NO THX…..No Verizon Nexus SCH-i515 with low specs and too pricey……
    I will wait and buy the Tmo/AT&T/World Nexus GT-i9250 with high specs…….since it could be more that 2 versions of the Nexus Phone.

    1. Forever alone, envious of all those who take the leap.

  17. All this means is that you will be able to get it from Amazon or another etailer for about $200 on day 1.

  18. $300 is fine, but the release date sucks. I was really hoping to take the Nexus on my trip on 11/4.

  19. I can’t believe how many people are unwilling to pay $300 for this phone, and considering buying something else after waiting so long for this one. You know this is the one you really want. Don’t shortchange yourself. $300 is fair in my eyes and is what I was expecting it to be from the day I heard about it. I’d pay that just for a phone with these specs that looks this sexy, but throw in Ice Cream Sandwich and I feel like I’m getting a bargain. Keep in mind software development is by no means free, so considering this phone is sporting a brand spanking new OS I’m not surprised it comes at a premium. Besides if you are willing to pay $200 but not $300 consider that you’re going to have this phone(hopefully) for 2 years. That works out to a little over $4 a month extra over a $200 pricing. To me, it’s definitely worth $4 a month to have the exact phone I want and not have to compromise. Plus, I’m guessing in 2 years if you kept it in good condition you could still sell it and get a nice portion of your money back.

  20. Commonsenseplease = kind of a dick lol. They’re paying more because they have to buy them unlocked to work on their carriers and hes telling us to that we have it better over here. I’m almost positive that has nothing to do with the civil or revolutionary wars…

  21. This price doesn’t phase me in the least. I’ve got my final $100 NE2 bonus and I’ve lined up a buyer for my rooted/ROM’d OG Inc to use it as an Android PMP with a buttload of accessories for $130. I get a 22% discount at VZW as well, so I’ll be effectively paying somewhere in the neighborhood of $26 dollars for the Vigor ((200 – (200 * 0.22)) – 130). Sounds acceptable to me. Don’t know what ya’ll are complaining about ^_^

  22. I want videos of nexus prime bro!

  23. Remember, remember, the 10th of November

  24. You people might wanna remeber that could inlude a rebate somehow. Calm down.

  25. You people are nuts. This phone is an amazing piece of technology. It’s nearly as powerful as a laptop, but it fits in your pocket. $300 is an amazing price. Even the retail price ($500 to $600) is reasonable. A 1280 x 720 Super AMOLED 320PPI 4.6″ screen for $300!! You realize just a year ago that wasn’t even possible. I’ll take it!!!

  26. i bet this phone will be nowhere near $299 on at&t

  27. Wow phones going north of $250

  28. I feel like for a device that you can:
    1. Make phone calls
    2. Surf the internet
    3. Take quality pictures
    4. Take quality video
    5. Watch Netflix, HBO, Hulu, and the list goes on
    6. Play games
    7. HDMI out
    8. Listen to music (spotify/grooveshark/personal library)
    plus other things I’m sure

    all on a device that fits in your pocket!
    for $300 dollars…seems like a steal to me.

    1. And don’t forget all of this is done on the best display technology available (Super AMOLED) with an amazing high res and ppi. That display alone is worth the price.

  29. i rather get the 16 gb 4s for 199. dammm, i remember last year no smartphone on verizon went higher then 199.

  30. heres what i want:

    HTC Nemesis
    4 In 1440×900 (16:10) 424ppi HAST S-LCD display with stereoscopic 3D capability(capacitive multi touch screen) with gorilla glass and unnoticeable amount of bezel(edge to edge)
    Quad core 1.4GHz Tegra 3, 12 core Nvidia GPU
    2 GB Dual Memory (1GBx2) DDR3 RAM & Dual Channel
    2GB of ROM
    32GB Internal Memory with expandable memory via MicroSD up to 64GB
    Dual OV8830 8mp cameras with 1080 video recording @30fps and 720 @60fps and 3D capabilities with dual LEDs
    3mp FFC
    Bluetooth 3.0, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, GPS, MHL, DLNA, NFC, Accelerometer, Gyroscope
    LTE @ 700mhz & 800mhz
    HSPA /UMTS/WCDMA 850MHz/1900MHz/1700MHZ/2100MHz
    CDMA EV-DO Rev. A 800MHz/1900MHz
    Android Ice Cream Sandwich
    9.5mm aluminum unibody chassis with matte finish
    3.5mm audio jack
    left side of the phone is a volume rocker, right is the power / sleep button, and bottom is the MHL and headphone jack
    Notification light
    Thin 2200mAh battery
    7.1 surround sound speakers
    Noise cancellation mikes
    4 capacitive standard android keys
    Gorilla Glass covers most of front including notification light, capacitive keys, display, and front facing camera. Excluding ear piece.
    Volume buttons, vibrate/silent/sound toggle button, 2 stage shutter button, power key, and 3d toggle
    115mm (height) x 50mm (length) x 9.5mm (depth) @ 140g

    Samsung Zenith
    4.5 In 1980×1200 503ppi HAST HD Super AMOLED Plus display (capacitive multi touch screen) with gorilla glass and unnoticeable amount of bezel (edge to edge)
    Quad core 2.5GHz Exynos
    4 GB Dual Memory (2GBx2) DDR3 RAM & Dual Channel
    4GB of ROM
    32GB Internal Memory with expandable memory via MicroSD up to 64GB
    S5K2P1 16mp camera with 1080 video recording @60fps and 720 @100fps with dual LEDs
    5mp FFC
    Bluetooth 3.0, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, GPS, MHL, DLNA, NFC, Accelerometer, Gyroscope
    LTE @ 700mhz/800mhz/1800mhz/1900mhz
    HSPA /UMTS/WCDMA/HSPA+ 850MHz/1900MHz/1700MHZ/2100MHz
    Dual SIM
    CDMA EV-DO Rev. A 800MHz/1900MHz
    Stock Android Ice Cream Sandwich
    8.2 mm slim dark brushed Duralumin unibody chassis with carbon fiber
    3.5mm audio jack
    Left side of phone is a volume rocker, right the power / sleep button, and bottom is the MHL and headphone jack
    Notification light
    Thin 2200mAh battery
    7.1 surround sound speakers
    Noise cancelation mikes
    4 capacitive standard android keys
    Gorilla Glass covers most of front including notification light, capacitive keys, display, proximity sensor, and front facing camera; Excluding ear piece.
    Volume buttons, vibrate/silent/sound toggle button, 2 stage shutter button, power key
    125mm (height) x 62mm (length) x 8.2mm (depth) @ 112g

  31. Everyone saying that the price does not matter. The phone being ‘worth’ $300 is not the point. The carriers making every excuse to charge more for their products/services is what everyone is upset about.


    It would be awesome if we could get everyone to hold off buying this phone until Verizon drops the price to $200. Go 99%

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