CyanogenMod 7 Alpha Reaches the HP TouchPad


For those seeing the marriage of the TouchPad and Android as a match made in heaven, the moment has arrived…sort of. The CyanogenMod team has released an alpha build of their Android ROM for the HP slate. That’s the good news. The bad news? The CM7 build will have little use to any but the most hardcore modders out there. Or those who are gluttons for mildly functional software.

Sure, the release has working WiFi, camera, Bluetooth, Netflix, and supports the system’s dual-core CPU, but the list of non-functional assets is so lengthy the folks at Cyanogen didn’t even bother to list them. The above video should give you a taste of what you can expect.

[via RootzWiki]

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  1. Sweet… looks like it will be a working option by Jan 1st.

  2. I’m hearing that it works pretty damn good for an alpha release.

  3. I want the android app store on my touchpad… Now.

  4. Best news since the price drop for Touchpad users :)

  5. oh please bring a good version….I will donate!

    1. Same here. If this works well, you can expect some of my money to be sent your way CM!

  6. The best part of this is that it shows that they are PROGRESSING. That is what is important, since CM does not like ETAs and they do not post their progress very often seeing something like this shows everyone just how far they have come.

  7. I’ve installed it, I think they are being quite modest by calling it an alpha. Not found a great deal that doesn’t work yet (one of Orange Pixel’s games is a bit screwy, ShootMe doesn’t work).

  8. while this looks pretty cool I still think I’m waiting for something based off of ICS

  9. Awesome news for the touchpad. But come on lets get some Epic touch 4g love……..

  10. If Installed, Can you still get your Gmail without using the browser? I guess what Im asking is can you set up your gmail like in an android phone….?

  11. I have installed it. Tough to get through the online instructions, but I got it done. Very impressed, using most of the apps I have come to enjoy and depend on from my HTC my touch. It is alittle buggy and has rebooted itself a couple of times, but far more usable than I expected.

    A heartfelt thank you to the developers. How do I contribute?

  12. im gonna try it

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