Unity 3D Engine – Taking the Pain Out of Cross Platform Game Development


While we were spending some time at the Samsung Mobile booth, Rob and I ran into “the Unity guy” who gave us a quick demo on the power of Unity 3D engine. Joe Robbins showed us how easy it is to build a cross platform game using the Unity engine and painlessly output that game into a working Android, iOS, Xbox or PS3 game.

The game demo (Angry Bots) was being edited in real-time on a computer where those modifications were then immediately playable on the game demo running on the Samsung Galaxy Tab. All it took was one-click to then output the game onto other platforms. It was pretty cool to see everything in action and even though I know next to nothing on game development, the Unity platform made it all seem so easy. It’s no wonder some of Android and iOS’s upcoming blockbusters like Shadowgun and Bladeslinger are all being built with the Unity engine.

Chris Chavez
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  1. I swear to God my high school friend created this game from scratch using Unity. I even got to play it in his computer and he was editing it. I told him to publish it to the Market but not sure if he actually did. I am surprised that the game got onto the Market, will ask him if he published it or someone else published it for him.

    1. would be really cool if he did. if its him, tell him congrats.

    2. Hmm. I don’t believe it. I know for a fact that the Angry Bots demo was made internally by actual Unity developers. Unless your friend is working for Unity, I don’t think he had anything to do with it. It does come as a free project with a new Unity install, so maybe he was just showing you that project.

  2. Cool story bro…

  3. Unity have already demoed the ability to output to Flash 11 (using Stage3D), meaning that the same code can reach the desktop PC market as well.

    1. unity3d can build to desktops, web, android, and iOS naturally.

      1. Well yes, but what is the penetration figure for the Unity plugin on the desktop? I believe it’s less than 5% (somewhere in the range of 20-30 million). That’s a big disincentive for desktop development. Flash is closer to 98% but it will take a little while for Flash 11 to get to those levels. Nevertheless, Flash Player gets download numbers similar to the entire install base of the Unity player on the day of release for each new version.

        1. Well you’re only talking about the browser. As Kf mentioned, Unity can deploy to the native PC desktop already. Most major games are distributed this way. Yes, being able to deploy to Flash will help spread Unity, but in my point of view the Unity browser plugin is fine (and it allows the developer to do more – the Flash export is limited in functionality). Anyway, the Unity plugin is already built into Chrome, so anyone who has Chrome has Unity.

          1. I actually didn’t know it was distributed with Chrome. Thanks for the information. I think there is a huge difference in possible audience between requiring someone to download an app on a PC just to try a game and simply navigating to a web page, which is why Flash casual gaming is massive and I think compiling for Flash will be huge for Unity. Mobile is a different story where people download apps without a thought.

  4. one question does these games created by unity on android require tegra 2 or any good single core or dual core android phone can run it

    1. Unity games run fine on single and dual cores. I’ve personally tested on an EVO 3D and a Droid X.

  5. Odd, can download it on a G2 but not a Galaxy S.

  6. No, he is the ORIGINAL creator of Angry Boys. He started making the game about a year ago. He then turned in Angry Bots to Unity in exchange for the Pro version of Unity.

  7. Actually, Unity is not the original creator of Angry Bots. Over a year ago, my friend sold Unity the rights to Angry Bots, a game that he originally created together with a friend from Canada. He turned over Angry Bots to Unity in exchange for a copy of the Pro version of Unity, which is valued at over $1,000. After that, Angry Bots started appearing in later versions of Unity as a “quick start” project for other users. My friend did not have the slightest idea that Angry Bots would become popular and appear as a demo to show off the power of the Unity platform.

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