Sprint ReCharge Lounge @ CTIA 2011 [VIDEO]


It’s safe to say that Sprint’s ReCharge Lounge is ridiculously better than the ACTUAL press lounge put on by CTIA. Not only is it directly connected to the show floor (the real press room is upstairs and down a few halls), but they’ve got a pretty surreal, soothing, forresty jungle theme going on.

Food. Phones. Drinks. Tablets. Cucumber water. Jungle swing chairs. Massages. Relaxing but upbeat music. Waterfalls. Spring rolls. FAST Wi-Fi. And as Chris would like to reiterate: Cucumber water. This is definitely the place to be.

Sprint doesn’t have anything brand new on display which makes me wonder why AT&T (5 new Android phones just announced) or T-Mobile/Huawei (SpringBoard) or Verizon/Samsung (Stratosphere) didn’t hook up the media masses with something similar. Nevertheless, we’re grateful Sprint put together this tranquil environment for us to churn out content for you. It’s awesome.

Alright folks, back to capturing content and blogging!

Rob Jackson
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  1. dont rub luxury in our faces do some work and report something

    1. you’re just jealous like the rest of us…. ;-)

  2. Haha that’s the place I’d like to hang out after school. Phones, blazing fast wifi, massages, and CUCUMBER WATER! :D

  3. Maybe HTC or Google was going to make an announcement with Sprint and pulled back like they did for Nexus Prime?

    1. Nope, Sprint always does this at CTIA.

  4. jealous much? lol.

  5. LMAO, Rob is chillin like a pimp.

  6. I’m just wondering if you can get Sprint coverage in the Sprint lounge. har. har.

    1. -1

  7. At 24 seconds the man on the right looks at Chris with an expression of “dafuq”?

    At 1:01 Chris is momentarily more excited for the cucumber water than he is upset about the lack of the Nexus Prime announcement.

    And at 1:46 Chris gets a “look” from the attractive blonde.

    May I just saw I’m extremely jealous of the perks all of your jobs entail; then again you all do fantastic jobs so, hey, the benefits are well deserved =]

  8. I with I could actually write well so I could at least have a shot at being staff for a media site….

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