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With lots of different platforms, tons of different phones on each platform, and a multitude of outlets and avenues where businesses are connecting with their customers, the question of “how do I get people to download my app?” isn’t easily answered. That’s the goal of and after seeing a demo we were pretty convinced that businesses and consumers alike would find it pretty slick:

For app developers, you simply sign up for a free account, provide a link to your application on the various marketplaces it exists, and does all of the dirty work. In our example, we were visiting the Facebook page of a game, we chose to “Play on mobile”, it asked us for our phone number, texted us a link to the app, and it properly identified my Droid X and clicking the link led me right to Android Market.

That was just one example of how can work but with a little bit of creativity, app developers and marketers can create simple yet compelling ways for their visitors, customers, users, and passers-by to install their application. Of course, this works most effectively for businesses that already have a following and are attempting to extend their presence in the mobile realm.

You could create a landing page for your app and have users input their phone/e-mail and easily download it. You could print out a QR code and insert it in an ad or have it at an event. And regardless of whether you’ve got a Samsung Captivate, T-Mobile G1, iPhone 3G, Blackberry Bold, or some Windows Phone, it will send you directly to the proper market for downloading the app.

Not only is this great for businesses trying to create and develop a mobile relationship with their users, it’s great for consumers too. With a very minimal amount of steps and confusion, they can decide they want to download an app and easily have it laserbeamed to their device. Sure, Android Market already does this, but many users don’t understand or use this feature of the market. Everybody understands getting a TXT and clicking a link.

Another interesting feature is the ability to track how many people are inputting their information and actually downloading apps as a result. Right now there are both free and paid versions of – check out their website for more.

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  1. pretty lame… try to sign up and got a 500 error repeatedly.

  2. interesting… i’m gonna have to give this a try. very cool.

  3. Some of our customers were affected by an error in the registration process last night. We have pushed an update and the process should be back to normal. We appreciate your patience. If you have any questions, contact us at [email protected]

    To register your apps for free, visit:
    To learn more about GET IT, visit us at:

  4. Thanks guys, it worked for me.

  5. I used to make apps. It’s really easy, the web service allows to make mobile apps in minutes, and without programming skills at all.

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