CyanogenMod 7.1 Released to Over 50 Devices


The CyanogenMod team has released a new update to their popular Android ROM bringing a whole mess of fixes and new features to 68 devices. The list of changes is too numerous to list here, but a full changelog is available detailing everything from Bluetooth improvements to enhanced camera options. The new ROM is build up around Android 2.3.7 and includes support for many new devices, including the HTC Incredible 2, T-Mobile G2x (LG Optimus 2X0, Samsung Galaxy SII, and the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc. Head on over to the source link below for all the details or fire up ROM Manager to get CM7.1 now.

[via CyanogenMod]

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  1. I don’t see a stable 7.1 release for the droid x :(

    1. Droid X and Droid 2 don’t have stable builds yet. Still just nightlies.

      1. and the official nightlies may be still based on the Froyo kernel. The forum link below is for the GB Kernel based CM7.

  2. I run the nightlies so I’ve be on 2.3.7 for a wee bit. :D

    1. Yeah, the nightlies have been working really well on my OG Incredible.

      Droid X guys: Cyanogen’s website says the X is supported. You might check out the Team Black Hat guys. They seem to do a lot for the X.

      1. i used to get 12-14 hours of battery life for my OG Inc…. now getting 18-19 on the Cyanogen Nightlies with an updated kernel

  3. The latest nightlies have been really impressive… I am getting great performance and battery life… CyanogenMod gets better and better

  4. Still no support for the Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4g Touch :(

    1. Toastcfh and koush are supposedly working on it.

  5. Does anyone know if this works with rooted (of course) Droid X running leaked gingerbead?

    1. There is no stable build for the X or the 2, but there are nightlies. I think the official nightlies are still running on the Froyo kernel (I know the Droid 2 officials are.) I would recommend going to the rootzwiki forum and asking there. The unofficial nightlies that are posted here will definitely run on the Droid X with GB.

  6. I’ve been running nightlies on my Incredible and battery life has been much better than Sense stock. Plus, the OS is 100 times better than stock.

    1. Does it allow for 720 camera recording and 8 megapixel pictures?

      1. Only 480p for videos. But honestly, I can barely tell the difference between the two since the Inc’s video camera sucks so bad. 720p on the Inc is pretty useless. All it does is add size to the file.

        I am not sure about the camera. It takes pictures that look good enough for me =) the size of the images I take with Cmod are 3264×2448

      2. I believe the the still camera is fine, but no 720p

  7. I’ll be waiting for CM8, kthx

    1. kthx <– you must wear skinny jeans. Why 8? What can you actually confirm in 8 that you will need for your phone, assuming you are still going to use the same ratty looking phone when 8 arrives. Thought so.

      1. Skinny jeans? Quite the opposite. I’m no hipster.

        And calm the hell down. I honestly don’t understand your outrage at my comment.

    2. There will be no CM8, only CM9.

  8. Where are you CM7.1 for Droid Charge? Or any official support for Droid Charge? grrrrr

  9. BLAH BLAH BLAH, where is CM for the Touchpad? :)

  10. MIUI is based on CM right? so will MIUI work this update into their next versions also?

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