Oct 7th, 2011

This all started back in March when Apple took HTC to court for patent infringement. Unlike Apple’s attack on Samsung, their battle with HTC largely deals with the Android operating system found on HTC’s devices. Google recently stepped in and through threw HTC a bone by way of a few patents and now Google is speaking out to a trade panel regarding HTC and how they shouldn’t be banned from the US if, hypothetically, they are found guilty on infringing on a few of Apple’s patents. Google had this to say,

“Apple is the largest seller of mobile computing devices in the U.S. Allowing this supplier to eliminate the competition from a fast-moving maverick competitor (HTC) could drive up prices, diminish service, decrease consumers’ access to the technology and reduce innovation.”

HTC and their devices account for a third of Android devices sold in the US. Google’s main argument is that HTC and their use of Android are helping to “prevent Apple and iOS from becoming the sole viable mobile platform.” Google also pointed out Apple’s patent case against Samsung and Motorola who all use Android as their primary mobile OS. Google went on to say that an Apple victory in the HTC case could cause a domino effect, leading to a monopoly on the mobile industry in the U.S. Yeah, things are that serious.

We’ll know the outcome of this case on Dec. 6th when a commission is scheduled to announce its decision. Let’s hope public interest weighs in heavily on their decision.

[Via Bloomberg]

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