Motorola Xoom Family Edition Arriving In Stores – Kid Friendly Software Included


The Motorola Xoom “Family Edition” (MZ505) has just shown up in a few leaked images as it arrives at retail stores. While the device isn’t quite available just yet, we do have an idea of what to expect from the family friendly tablet once it’s arrives on store shelves.

First and foremost is this new “Family Edition” branding that is setting it apart from the current (and upcoming) Xooms. This tablet will come bundled with Zoodles edutainment software, giving the device the ability to run in family friendly “Kid Mode” for passing along to your children. This gives parents the peace of mind that their kids wont be visiting any sites that have anything to do with “1 cup” or emailing colleagues with a bunch of gibberish. A nice amount of Zoodles software will come preloaded (around $40 worth) for keeping your kids busy and educating them on everything from their ABC’s to developing their own Android apps (not that last part).

While pricing has yet to be revealed, you can expect this device to be the more “affordable” out of the new Xoom line of tablets from Motorola. I mean, c’mon — I don’t think your kids care about quad-core processors or IPS displays. Just, “More Dora!” As far as availability goes, something tells me we can expect the Xoom Family Edition will be released in a few short weeks.

[Via Engadget]

Chris Chavez
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  1. I still wouldnt buy my kids (if I had any) a tablet.

  2. I usually put mine in airplane mode before handing it off. I neglected to do so the other day and my daughter bought the $2 upgrade to Lane Splitter and another $1 app by the same dev. Couldn’t get a refund either.

    I sometimes wish it wasn’t so easy to purchase apps – having a CC saved on file and always being logged in. I’ll just be more careful and keep it in airplane mode.

    @Socal…if you had kids, you’d know why I hand it off. Absolute easiest way to get through a meal at a restaurant with a 3yr old. My daughter has mad skills on the xoom. Can’t read but she can navigate through it, turn on music, open videos, flip through pictures (including pinch zooming on things she wants to see closer). It’s an amazing way to teach hand/eye coordination and to learn about computers at the same time.

    1. Sounds like the easy way to raise your kids… have something do it for you rather than teach them manners and how to sit at a dinner table. Don’t you love the times we are living in?

      1. Totally uncalled for. How many kids do you know with perfect table manners? It’s not exactly uncommon for children to yell in a restaurant. Sometimes, it’s not even for a lack of manners, some kids just start talking really loud when happy or excited!

        1. I know Plenty. But plenty more that are bad. Americans just have shot parenting skills and justify it away any way they can. You prove my point wonderfully.

          1. You obviously have no children. With this attitude you also won’t ever find a woman who would like to have any from you.

          2. As I said, I do not have children. I am engaged, and we are talking about having a child down the road. You have already made way too many assumptions about me. As I said in my previous post, I have wasted enough time. Good day.

      2. You definately do not have kids. If so, you’d realize a 3 yr old can not be taught table manners. OR, you would have the screaming kid over there that everyone is annoyed by. Mine, sit and eat quietly knowing that when they are finished, they will get to play some zebra paint or a game that teaches how to read. Blindly judge if you wish…

        1. Youre absolutely right. I don’t. But my mOther runs a family day care. Willing to bet ice self with dozens more kids than you have. You can teach a three year old table manners. It’s called discipline. The fact that you believe it impossible speaks leaps and bounds for how props raise their kids these days.

          1. yup my 2 nieces are pretty good

          2. sure as H*** would not risk it to have your mom and her day “care” get anywhere near my children, disciplining them all day long. And to think that you had to endure that day AND night at the hands of your mom when you were just a little boy. Speaks leaps and bounds to explain your ingrained attitudes today.

          3. LOL. Now you are making assumptions as to what I mean by discipline? For the record, I am simply speaking about teaching a kid manners. “Use inside voices”, “don’t talk out of turn”, etc. If that is an ingrained attitude I am happy for it. You seem to imply a three year old is uncontrollable without a tablet pc to keep them occupied 24/7. Give me a break!

            Not a single person in here twenty three years of work has ever complained. She has had many law enforcement parents, including one who is currently in the FBI.

            But keep assuming buddy. I have already wasted enough time on your justifying away why your kids are bratty.

    2. Imma raise my kids like my dad raised me. With manners and a slap on the mouth or a good spanking (I bled sometimes) when I yelled an misbehaved.

      1. So your children wouldn’t get any toys (your 1st post) but instead would be beat and battered all day long (your 2nd post) till they bleed with long term consequences … LOL get out of here, that’s so OTT that it’s obvious you just be trollin’ … meanwhile, in the real world, if you ever going to have children I trust you will be a rather very sweet and nice dad to them.

        1. Yeah I hope nobody took that seriously lol.

  3. Your awesome Chris even a piece like this find a way to make it fun to read long time fan of your writings and Phandroid keep up the good work

  4. @Veccaster…you do know you can password protect any app you wany right? theres one called pro lock protector…or somethinb like that. Ill post the real name if you want it. cost 99 cents…not much for something sooo needed.

  5. Wow, and this discussion got outta hand fast. I didn’t realize I had stumbled off of phandroid and onto rude foreigners rip on Americans parenting The point of the matter is if you can give a kid a xoom and they’re happy, I’m gonna do it. Kudos to motorola for keeping the parents in mind.

  6. “1 cup” HAHAHAHAHA

    1. Hmmm. Maybe I’m just slow today but honestly don’t get it …
      Is that a gay insider joke perhaps?

      Care to explain? (I know explained jokes no longer are funny … but at least they wont bug me anymore either.)

  7. Also, I have a tablet that I use for various personal tasks but I have also downloaded a number of kids books for my 2 year-old son. I read through the books with him, I don’t just let him have the tablet, they are interactive (which is obviously different than a normal book), and my son laughs and laughs at certain books. A tablet is a futuristic version of the old stand-by’s for kids: books, puzzles, madlibs, cards, etc. They can be VERY educational and used in the same manner as traditional kids toys/games. That being said, I have seen many parents who just give their kids a tablet and let them watch a movie at the dinner table. I don’t agree with that quite as much as I do the educational games or books where the parents and kids interact with the application together. It’s all about the individual family, everyone’s different.

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