Riptide GP Racing Game Coming to All Android Devices This Month


The developers at Vector Unit have mentioned that their Android game Riptide GP, a wave racing game, will be coming to all Android smartphones sometime this month. The game, highly regarded by many for quality graphics, gameplan and lots of fun, was previously only available on Tegra 2 devices. I covered this game at CTIA this past March and I can say without a shadow of doubt that many non-Tegra users will want to be up bright and early to check this one out when the expansion goes live. No specific date yet but we’ll keep our ears to the street. [Droid Gamers]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I’ll be glad to finally play the game on my Galaxy S II without the help of Chainfire 3D. It’s nice to have tools that help circumvent artificial limitations, but I always prefer the games to play natively.

  2. Great title–Coming to all Android devices. Makes me smile. Props to Vector Unit for going beyond Tegra 2.

  3. i just hope they don’t dumb down the graphics. i would like to see them take advantage of other phones including the galaxy s2.

  4. It would be nice if they gave a discount to those of us who bought this for their tablets. I would still buy it again for my S2 but it would be nice to get a discount sine I already own it for my 10.1

    1. Well actually you won’t have to buy it again unless they re-release it as something else, like Guerrilla Bob and Guerrilla Bob THD. It will be available for both devices in the market under the same app unless they change it somehow, and you won’t have to buy again.

      1. that would be nice cause it looks great on my 10.1 cant wait to play it on my S2

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