Apps of the Day: Steve Jobs Remembrance and MagicLocker


Before we start apps of the day, we want to take one last moment to remember technology pioneer Steve Jobs, who died at the age of 56 after losing a long battle to pancreatic cancer. Without his vision and Apple’s execution of it we may not have the same sort of Androids we love today. Below is an app to show your remembrance of him. Partial proceeds are supposedly going to the American Cancer Society, but we have not yet been able to confirm this. We’ll be digging. In the meantime, take a look at the app and another cool one below.

Steve Jobs Remembrance App – This app boasts a noble cause. Buy the app and a portion of the funds will supposedly go to the American Cancer Society. No word on how much that portion is. Honestly, we don’t even know if this is legit – we’ll be trying to contact the ACS to find that out. Still, it’s a good idea to celebrate the memory of a technology pioneer. The app simply allows you to post your Jobs-related thoughts for others to see. $.99. [Market]

MagicLocker – Ever wanted a legit iOS-style lockscreen without being rooted? How about a Samsung Galaxy S style lockscreen? Or a Pulp Fiction lockscreen? Sound awesome yet? MagicLocker transforms your lockscreen into all of these and much more. Lockscreens are dynamic and rich in functionality. Many different screens – some free and some paid – are available in the market meaning it shouldn’t take log to find something you like. I’m just going to pretend my Samsung Galaxy S II is an iPhone 4S and call it a day. Free in the market. [Market]

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  1. Anyone who would fake the SJ app deserves to burn in hell.

  2. MagicLocker isn’t quite as smooth as MIUI’s lockscreen system, or as other replacements such as WidgetLocker and GOTO.

    But then again, you don’t need to pay or be rooted for this one either.

  3. You should probably wait to post about the SJ app until it’s been confirmed to be legit. If it IS shady, routing people to that app would be terrible.

  4. I do not want to look like a turn coat, and will not pretend in the moment of grief that I am an apple fan or Steve Jobs fan. I do not like apple and I hate people who take this opportunity to suck up. I think the tech world would probably be further along without Apple, they slowed tech and made it about “feel” because they couldn’t keep up.

    BUT!!!!! I will say this for Steve Jobs, he was AMAZING at creating demand. I don’t know of any man who was better at selling (what i consider an inferior product) to the masses. At creating from very little, a very large demand. And I will give credit that he was very good an changing the perception of technology as an entertainment or accessory device rather than a tool. I do wish that Steve RIP, and his family all the best. He is at the end of the day, a tech geek and they are always what the world needs in days of new frontiers.

    1. He died a litigator NOT an innovator. THAT is what is sad.

      1. Now it falls on Tim Cook. Will he dare to innovate beyond Jobs or will he just stay the course and sue everyone? Unfortunately after the iphone 4s, it looks like it will be the latter.

    2. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    3. I’m an Android user myself, but to say that the tech world would be further along without Apple is the most ignorant statement I’ve seen all day. They brought us the personal home computer and defined what modern smartphone should be, allowing Android to push past those definitions to innovate. you can say what you will about the iPhone, but there’s no doubt it’s existence changed Android for the better.

      Also, that statement about “feel” I find a bit ridiculous. My HTC Sensation is a complete beast under the hood. Looking at the specs sheet makes me all sweaty. However, none of those specs mean a damn thing when the end user experience is crap. The Sensation is glitchy all over and the user experience “feels” a whole lot worse than Touchwiz on my old vibrant, and that wasn’t favorable either. Focusing on feel is the best thing a company could do, because it pushes past the boundaries of specifications of dual-core processors and RAM. Using any iDevice really does feel great. It’s a smooth experience through and through, regardless of the features it lacks. Any company who isn’t focusing as much on the feel of the user experience as much as the specs isn’t doing the customers justice.

      1. Well spoken, sir.

      2. Not true for any idevice. The iphone 3GS has a really slow and awkward, laggy browser. The ip4 may be entirely different, possibly lag-free, I wouldn’t know. And the ip4s maybe even better. Here: I have Sony xperia Arc and already the standard browser was definitely quite much better than ip 3GS. But now I’ve downloaded Opera mobile (not: mini) onto the Arc and WOW how fast and smooth it is! And Opera is available for free on the Android Market!

    4. He was great at selling because everything he sold was his baby. He was personally involved in the design decisions, down to even the tiniest ones. You don’t have to agree with all of those decisions but they were his and he wasn’t reading off a teleprompter what someone else prepared for him to say.

  5. A better way to remember Steve Jobs is to simply post your thoughts to Twitter and donate your money to the ACS directly.

  6. Its a Sad news that the great legend behind Apple’s technology is no more among us today, Android and iOS are a huge competitor going in the market presently and iphone users will be looking for new innovation and support for their iphone OS, while Android is growing day by day and lots of cellphones are now making their cellphones compatible to support Android, which had made this OS much more popular than iOS.

  7. I was more interested in real apps. Nobody thinks you’re any kinder because you took this chance for more steve jobs garbage. Not everyone has to give a shit about someone dying.

  8. Steve was killed by PC. Pancreatic Cancer.

  9. steve jobs was a thief, liar, and non-innovator. im tired of every time someone says soemthing negative about steve jobs they have to say something like “the iphone changed smartphones” no shit! and that significant change has been don enad over with for many fucking years… it over! its over its fucking over!
    apple has been trying to hold back the tech industry for years and why doesnt that little sneaky bastard get credit for that? FUCK steve jobs. its a fucking blessing that he’s dead. he’s 1 of those ppl who was never going to move out of the way on their own so u had to wait til they retired or died. and even in retirement he would have been fucking shit up. his death was the only thing that was going to ~fix~ that problem (the problem was steve jobs).

    1. I bet even your friends think you are an ass. And I’ll use my real name to tell you so.

  10. Hope apple doesn’t sue the people who made MagicLocker…

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