Droid RAZR Makes an Appearance on NenaMark’s Benchmark Site


According to a recently posted NeneMark benchmark report, Motorola indeed looks to combine two of its most iconic brands with the introduction of the Droid RAZR. Speculation has tied the Motorola Droid RAZR to the previously rumored Droid HD, though NenaMark’s mention of a 960×540 qHD display casts some doubt on the connection. Then again, the lack of an HD display may account for the phone eschewing the name in favor of the RAZR moniker. Also revealed is a 1.2GHz OMAP 4430 CPU. It is always cautioned not to put too much faith in these online benchmark reports, as their contents are subject to manipulation.

The Droid RAZR should drop in time for the holidays as a member of Verizon’s ever-expaning lineup of Android handsets. With the Droid Bionic out of the way, it is fully expected the RAZR will carry a 4G LTE radio and be ready to run with the best of them.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. not to exciting

  2. MOTO is behind the curve and not unlocking their bootloaders. They will never get my business again.

    I wonder if they are going to to stagnant like last time they used the RAZR brand?

  3. i was really looking forward to an android RAZR, but not tweaked as a droid -_-
    it should be available to everyone like the old RAZR…

    1. The original RAZR took quite a bit of time to get to all the masses. It had been out for at least 1.5 yrs by the time I was able to get one on AT&T

  4. So first we got the Sidekick Android device, I bet you guys already forgot about it. And now this.

    As long as they keep the OG design in mind of flip phone, slim, metal, those epic buttons, etc….it will sell well (i think)

  5. I don’t see much step up from Bionic. Still qHD screen, the same OMAP 4430 just slightly bumped up.

    1. Its a qhd super amoled. Big difference!!

      1. I thought Super AMOLED is only on Samsung’s devices.

  6. aw, i loved my RAZR, in my head this sounds a great idea, but unfortunately, I anticipate something completely different from what I’m imagining.

  7. My girlfriend (currently an iphone owner) always talks about how she misses her RAZR. She says she’ll switch over to the Droid side if they release a pink version. ::rolls eyes::

    1. Has she seen the Rhyme??

  8. ANDROID flip phone. bring it on!

    1. Ummm its not gonne be a flip phone..

  9. It’s not going to be a flip…but it is going to be the thinnest Android on the market…

  10. I still have my razr, it was indeed a very handy and stylish during its time. Lets hope this makes the same impact as its predecesor.

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