AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S II Now Available


Over the weekend AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S II went on sale, but you already knew that if you count yourself among the many who have been eagerly awaiting this handset’s release since it was first announce last February. You can pick up the Galaxy S II for the standard $199.99 over at AT&T’s website or in stores. With its release on Ma Bells network, T-Mobile remains the only major player left with plans to release a variant of Samsung’s flagship superphone.

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  1. “With its release on Ma Bells network”.. Verizon didn’t get this phone :) (it was part of Ma Bell’s network as well)

  2. Damn you VZW. We need a real phone. My OG Droid is dying.

    AT&T customers can rejoice. You can compare the SGS2 and iPhone 5 side-by-side in a couple days.

  3. Rogers needs to get this

  4. I played with this phone at a corporate AT&T store yesterday. It was fast at loading apps and screen display – felt about equal to the Thunderbolt I played with a month ago at a Verizon store. But, of course, I couldn’t do benchmarks with the store demo model, so all I can comment on is how it felt. However, I did run Speedtest on it and it was terrible. The display said 4G and gave me four bars, but the best I could get was 1.8 Mbps down and .67 up. I was inside a one-story building only a short distance from the street with floor to ceiling windows.

    When I played with the Thunderbolt it gave me 11-12 Mbps down and 5-6 Mbps up. Of course, Verizon has rolled out their LTE service here, while AT&T is still offering only their fake 4G. T-Mobile here has rolled out their HSPA+42 network, so I’m going to hold off a week or two and go there to compare their Galaxy S2 with their new Amaze. I’ll probably get one or the other.

  5. I bought one yesterday. Excellent phone. Kudos to AT&T for keeping it — name and all — true to the international version to the extent possible. Two small gripes: The phone could use some texture or rubberizing on the outer edge, and the only screen protector the AT&T store had was $25 and almost frosted (makes the display look like an LCD).

  6. Went to AT&T store today to purchase–was told that no AT&T stores in Northern California will be getting shipments of this phone. SERIOUSLY?

  7. Got mine. It’s awesome. No AT&T stores had it (So Cal area), ended up buying mine at Best Buy.

  8. I am in india and planning to import this phone from US so anyone plz tell me how much do u pay at the time of buying the phone. After i get it I am gonna unlock it using http://www.unlockgenie.com

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