Gameloft’s Weekend Sale: NOVA, UNO, Assasin’s Creed and Asphalt 6 only $1


Gameloft is throwing a “fall weekend sale” for a few of the biggest and baddest in Android gaming. HD titles like, the first-person shooter N.O.V.A., family fun UNO, action-platformer Assassin’s Creed and the action-racing Asphalt 6, are all being offered up for only 99 cents this weekend only.

Even if you hate gaming, there’s no denying it’s a great deal. Just hit up the source link and get to downloading.

[Via Gameloft]

Chris Chavez
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  1. I bought Asphalt 6 for 1 dollar last week and all it did was FC at launch

    1. That sucks. Lol At least it was only a buck. Haha..

      Which phone?

      1. mytouch 4g

  2. This one turned out to be even more bogus then the madden bullshit. I’m tired of stuff never being right with Android apps.

  3. Gameloft site for Austria is still selling games for €3,99 :(


    1. Should move to the states lol just joking I agree they shouldn’t do it like that

  4. Gameloft can just fuck off. Since when are 99¢ equal to 99p? That’s 63p in the real world. It’s not a lot of money but still, it is 50% more expensive than in American money. Why do rip off firms always try to get away with ignoring real exchange rates and just try to charge 1£ for each 1$? It’s not like they have costs for shipping it to England. Even more so since my fellow posters describe the games as unplayable above. I for one will not down load anything from Gameloft!

  5. i cant get NOVA on my g2x…… maybe cus is a tmobile app and they want me to pay full price

  6. I would love to try this but, Gameloft does not support the Toshiba Thrive Android Tablet.
    Reading some of the comments, I see a lot of unhappy Gameloft users. :o(

    1. You can try to set your device as a different Tegra 2 tablet and it should work all the same.

      I have to pull tricks like that with my Evo 3D. Just find a comparable device with the same processor and everything works okay. =)

  7. Gameloft makes mediocre games. Graphics aren’t everything.

    And if they can’t reach a deal with a game developer to recreate an iconic game of theirs, Gameloft will severely copy it and just keep all of the profits for themselves.

    1. Have you not played modern combat 2

      1. Of course. Are you trying to prove a point by saying that? Because that seems to only help mine.

  8. No sell $7 for Asphalt on their site not even that much in the Market

  9. Says $4.99 when I checked. Do they reduce the price when you pay?

  10. I couldnt find it for any less than $4.99. Still bought it because i had a great time beating asphalt5, o, an it was bogo free. That sealed the deal lol

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