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Samsung Galaxy S II Lockscreen Got You Down? Here’s AT&T’s Simple Fix


We reported a short time ago on a “security issue” facing AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S II units. Apparently, when you unlock the phone and it goes to the lockscreen, merely letting the phone fall back asleep or “timeout” will allow you to quickly awake the device and bypass the lockscreen altogether. Well, in an effort to help calm the situation, AT&T has already provided a quick fix. No, this isn’t some long drawn out OTA update that will get pushed to the device once it launches but some simple ingenuity. An AT&T spokesman had this to say,

Samsung and AT&T are aware of the user interface issue on the Galaxy S II with AT&T. Currently, when using a security screen lock on the device, the default setting is for a screen timeout. If a user presses the power button on the device after the timeout period it will always require a password. If a user presses the power button on the phone before the timeout period, the device requests a password – but the password is not actually necessary to unlock it.

Samsung and AT&T are investigating a permanent solution. In the meantime, owners of the Galaxy S II can remedy the situation by re-setting their time-out screen to the “immediately” setting. This is done by going to the Settings->Location and Security->Screen unlock settings->Timeout->Immediately.

Crisis averted. While this is by no means a permanent solution, it should get the job done. You may now go about drooling over the Galaxy S II and counting down the days until it’s October 2nd release date.

Thanks, Steve!

Chris Chavez
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  1. Annnndddddd it starts already for the AT&T Samsung galaxy S II…. Wow im shocked

    1. No phone’s perfect, but for all the braying the Samsung sheep were about and how the GSII was going to be their savior incarnate and the general Moto and HTC bashing on their part, it’s more than a little funny

      1. I see more bashing of Samsung from HTC Fanboi’s more then anyone or anything else.

    2. oh shut the f op…

  2. Who uses lock screens these days apart from isheep who are unable to switch it off (and simply use 1234 anyway).

    1. Are you serious!? They HAVE to have a password? LoL!! It’ll suck if they forget it.

    2. No, iPhones do not REQUIRE a password. The majority of people who use them just choose to put one on.

    3. Thats right retard, nobody with an Android device uses a password swipe. And btw iPhone and Android don’t require passwords, its an option. So do all of us a favor and go back to your job changing garbage bags at McDonalds.

  3. I picked one of these up this morning. Great phone. For those upgrading from a Captivate, the capacitive button back-lights can now be set to turn on/off with the screen. One issue: I bought the only available screen protector from the AT&T store for $25 and it is terrible. It is frosted making the AMOLED screen look more like an LCD.

    1. Andrew, The SGS2 really doesn’t require a screen protector. The gorilla glass is pretty tough as is.

      1. Yeah, I know. But I am pretty rough on my phone. Keys and change in pocket, drops, etc. The Invisishield I had on the Captivate was awesome – couldn’t tell it was even there.

  4. beh, i dun use a password anyways.
    Hell, I use nolock from the market because the lockscreen itself is a pain after awhile. Power on the device, slide down, left, up or whatever first before i can do what I want to do. I rather just press power n do what I turned the device on for right away.

  5. ٍSirs,
    I have selected lock the screen with a graphic form, but I forgot the figure to open the lock screen and I’ve enter the code for dozens of times but it was faults . Please help me find a solution Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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