Skype for Android Brings Video Calling to New Devices, Landscape Support


Skype for Android has received an update to version 2.5, bringing along video support to a group of 13 new devices. The list contains a mix of both smartphones and tablets, including the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Motorola Droid Bionic, and LG Optimus 3D. Additionally, the latest version of Skype adds in features such as landscape mode for video chat, improved Bluetooth headset support, and the ability to delete and edit instant messages. One change that might not be so welcome is the inclusion of in-app ads for users without Skype credit or Premium account.

You can find the latest update in the Android Market now. For a complete list of newly supported devices head over to the Market link below.

Android Market Link: Skype for Android

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  1. Sorry for kinda off topic, but when will we get gmail phone calls on Android is what I want to know. I’d always prefer supporting Google rather then using Microsoft Skype w hen I have the choice.

    1. Check out the app called Groove. It allows gmai voice phone calls.

  2. Can anyone confirm front cam working with video calling on the Transformer? I’d be surprised if it doesn’t since they have support for the Galaxy Tab 10.1, Xoom and even the Acer tablet…

    1. Yeah I can confirm that it works (finally) for the Transformer. Once you get the update, go into the app settings and enable video chat.

      If it doesn’t work, go into SettingsApplicationsManage ApplicationsSkype and clear cache, then it should work fine.

      1. awesome thank you!

  3. What about over Wi-Fi our droid3 only Skypes with the cell side of the phone.

  4. about time! now i can actually recommend Honeycomb tablets for people who want to use tablets for skype video

  5. Imma try this out on my Xoom to my brother’s Evo. Hopefully it’ll work out nice!

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