Need More Assurance That Sprint Premier is Coming to an End?


If leaked news or a trip to your local store weren’t enough to confirm that the Sprint Premier program would be no more, perhaps these nice letters arriving to customers’ mailboxes will do it. Sprint’s informing everyone through snail mail (and likely online) that the Premier program is being shut down.

Sprint cites changing times in the wireless industry with 4G phones and unlimited data as reasons why they had to axe the popular program. If you don’t know, Sprint premier customers received perks like yearly upgrades, discounts on accessories and first access to new devices.

Slowly but surely, we saw this coming. Not long before initial word of the program coming to a complete halt, Sprint moved to a tiered system for their rewards program. Customers were split into silver and gold. Silver was maintained for people who met the previous conditions and the only incentives they got to keep were early device access and discounted accessories. Gold status was given to customers who paid a bit more and they kept everything from the old program.

And now it’s completely gone. Customers were outraged with this change alongside many others. Some have said that their pricing, premier program and unlimited data were the last things they had going for them. Scratch one off the list. The hard part is always wondering what’s next to go. What’s the over/under on unlimited data? [Sprint Feed]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Got one of these last week. It’s sad :(

  2. I used premier benefits precisely once. Might have been twice if I didn’t get shafted and thrown into the “Silver” tier… I was thinking about an upgrade from my Evo. I should have been grandfathered in there.

  3. Sprint’s no longer offering anything that anyone else isn’t. Oh, except charging a $10 4G tariff per line for weak 4G if you can get a signal at all.

    We rarely talk (used only 1700 total in 5 months). So we switched to AT&T with a low minute plan. Sure, they have their issues. But at least I can upgrade to a wide variety of Android phones in 18 months instead of 22 and get them at new customer prices. Not “$75 off full retail” or “$150 off full retail minus rebates” that allow them to bait-n-switch. Even now, the Photon is $99 for new customers, $199 for upgrades.


    1. It is not 4G data, god why do people still think that. Read before you talk.

      1. That’s interesting…. Because after doing speed tests on 3G and 4G *data* speeds are 2 to 3 Mbps faster on 4G than 3G.

        Sprint’s own website ( says under 4G coverage “Our fastest data service”.

        But hey, you must know more than Sprint does about their service, so I’ll defer to you.

    2. It’s actually built into the plan now because of all the confusion it caused. They do offer unlimited data but it is spotty and slow.

      I am a firm believer that subsidized equipment prices is what keeps prices so high in the states.

  4. I’m on Sprint because of unlimited data with low monthly fees. That is literally the only thing that keeps them relevant. I’m not sure if they think they iPhone is going to bring them a flood of new customers, but without exclusivity — and now without many other former Sprint perks — why would new iPhone users pick Sprint?

  5. at least the paper they printed this on was nice.

  6. I am running out of reasons to stay. Unlimited spotty data in Hampton Roads isn’t cutting it. Verizon is starting to sound more attractive.

    1. Finally someone in Hampton Roads who feels my pain lol. “Unlimited spotty data” is unfortunately pretty accurate. I will have to switch to Verizon soon here, but it’s a shame because I loved my low monthly bill with Sprint. I just need some reliable coverage.

  7. Had Sprint for the longest time. Lets say over 10 years. I cant tell how you how hoppy I am not having a contract after all these years. I am not much of a talker on the phone but I use data and web and thousands of texts. I bought a Moto Triumph and switched to $35 Virgin plan and they offered me the $45 plan for $40 so I took it. Bill is $43 with taxes. Unlimited Pandora, Froyo 2.2.2 stock unless you root it and install 2.3.5 which is Beta version still in progress. No more $90-$100 per month on Sprint..

    1. That’s probably great for you in your area, but virgin’s coverage is even more abysmal than Sprint’s. You are also greatly limited on the handsets available to you. There certainly is a trade-off, but it’s good that you are happy with what you have now.

  8. I don’t even want a cell phone no more there all screwing to the wall. We put time nd alot of money to companies in they treat us with or no respect at all when it comes to changes.. but how we all say time will tell…..

    1. Well put my bother….. Totaly agree

  9. if the unlimited data gets axed, ill leave sprint for AT&T. With that perk gone, I might as well get a GSM network so it works internationally and lets me get data/voice at the same time.

    Downside being of course that AT&T’s signal in SoCal is abysmal … but 4g has taught me to tolerate that.

    1. Where in SoCAL? I have used AT&T in the Centura County area extensively and have had zero issues.

  10. The main reason I switched to Sprint last year (besides wanting the Evo 4g) was because of the yearly upgrade they told me I would get being premiere That was one of their main selling points to me and of course they changed it right before my 1st year was up..I am just waiting for the Prime or something to come out so I can drop this lame carrier..I don’t use data enough to worry about unlimited.

  11. Sprint sucks nad service slow wimax plus the phones really aren’t that great. Maybe the 3D and that’s it. At least I can get a new phone whenever it comes out on verizon, only (HTC) and there’s a mess up in everyone’s contract so there is a way to get a new phone all the time. Let’s just say call and bitch more then once about your phone and then choose your new one lol. I get a new phone a few days after it released, everytime. Here is an example I had an omnia i910 then and eris then an incredible and a palm pre for my girl then an ally for my mom and now a thunderbolt, revolution, a palm pre 2 an incredible 2 and a galaxy tab which im using to type this Lol. I never paid a dollar for not a one and they are all brandnew.

    1. Oh and I keep my other ones and never get charged for it, never one time have I had to pay. One of the rep on the phone said your a smart smart person to figure out how to get new phones and it’s legal.

  12. Like I said in other articles, I really hope they don’t get rid of their unlimited data. I have T-mobile, I’m tired of them slowing down my speed after 5 gigs. As soon as my contract is up, I’m jumping to Sprint.

  13. They have to do what they have to do keep being about to keep a profit. I am not a gold premier so I really don’t care. Now I am only have to wait 20 month for an upgrade. Subsidizing phones are not cheap. Look and Boots and Virgin. Their phone suck balls

  14. I already bailed a few months ago and went back to AT&T (and was able to get my unlimited data plan back) for this very reason. Rumor is they will get the iPhone 4 and the iPhone seems to have the nasty reputation of eating unlimited data plans with it. Only time will tell, but if Sprint starts selling iPhones like crazy they will likely nix their unlimited data down the road as well.

  15. I wouldnt be surprised if Sprint is being bought out…that would be the ultimate …Season of Change….

  16. It would be great if they had a plan for major LTE network and expand it fast as Verizon.

  17. I’m going back to a two way pager.

  18. typical…

    it’s the way of the world…this trend started ages ago (like seriously WAY before any of our lifetimes) with debasement of currency…once upon a time a coin was silver or copper or gold, then they figured out they could use less of the real and call it good.
    As for Sprint…the latest change sucks… however…they’d have to REALLY suck bad for me to consider going back to AT & T. Doesn’t matter when you go…things remain the same. B of A is taking (much deserved) heat for new ATM fees…but Wells Fargo snuck them in previously without any hoopla.

    In the future… we’ll all pay more… and get a little less OR…we’ll go back to sending smoke signals.

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