Deal Alert: Motorola Xoom 32GB (Refurb) Only $350 On


If you’ve been dying to get a taste of Honeycomb (and eventually Ice Cream Sandwich) you might wanna scoot on over to deal-a-day site Today’s deal is a 32GB Motorola Xoom for only $350 + $5 shipping. Keep in mind these are refurbished units but if that doesn’t bother you then more power to you. With an Nvidia Tegra 2 processor and full access to the Android Market (cough — Kindle Fire — cough), any way you slice it, this Xoom is quite a deal.

The Motorola Xoom 2 was recently leaked and even though that device is nearing release it will most likely be priced around 2.5X more than the deal you’re getting here today. Anyone fixin’ to grab one of these?

[Via Woot]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. The amount of ignorance/arrogance in the comments there is unbearable.

    But on a side note there is a 1 year warranty with these refurbs

    1. going by the comments time stamps there were no comments when you said this… so…

      1. ummm when i looked it was at 46 comments.

        Maybe you misread my post, i was referring to the comments on

        also they put up a new item at 1am. i posted my comment at around 225am. do you really think there were no comments at woot an hour and a half after they put it up?

        1. you are correct, i did misread it.. that’s what happens when i run on no sleep i guess. i read “there” as “here”

      2. Ha Ha, I was thinking the same thing.

  2. To many tablets/ tablet news to choose im going to gold off till spring at least.

  3. haven’t got the money unfortunately. on another note 1saleaday has a pandigital ereader for $99.99

  4. Don’t have money yet for today, and I really want it! Toolbar icons and interfaces are great which make me sick of it, and also with its processor. Better more than the oldies Desktop.

  5. Wow.

    Never in my life have I ever said “Wow, look, *only* $350” when it came to a phone/tablet/Crackberry/Android/etc…

    Something in me just died. o_O

  6. A used tablet that sucked when it was introduced and has since been surpassed in design and funtion by pretty much every other tablet launched and this is exciting why? A Xoom? I don’t think I would take one for free.

  7. I want one! As on the picture said. Yes, I really want one! With the good graphics card it has, I can basically add all my favourite games to play in a unique gaming pad and store all my favourite toolbar icons.

  8. Looks like iPhones Development should make it great, not only because of their low price but also their good customer service and has a long warranty service. Yes, this also looks so exciting because it’s new and latest.

  9. The user interface is great with Nvidia Tegra 2. Surely my icons for windows will work with this. I can now play my favourite games with its unique gaming experience. The 1 year warranty is enough I think for this.

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