T-Mobile Joins Verizon And Backs Samsung In Apple Infringement Case


Following in the footsteps of Verizon, it looks like T-Mobile is the newest carrier to jump on Team Samsung in regards to Apple’s patent infringement case asking to ban the sale of Samsung products in the US. T-Mo filed their own amicus brief supporting Samsung by contending that a ban of Samsung products would cause “unnecessary harm” with the holiday season right around the corner, T-Mobile would be unable to find replacement products in time.

It may be too little, too late seeing how Apple pushed for a preliminary ban back in July and noted that T-Mo’s amicus brief may be invalid given their timing. It’s also interesting to note that Sprint hasn’t done any filings in favor of Samsung but that might have something to do with a certain Apple smartphone rumored to launch on the carrier later this year.

[Via Reuters]

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  1. Im loving this! I do hope Apple drop this shiz, and concentrate on their own products…….can somebody pass the popcorn?

    1. The only people from Apple involved in this ‘shiz’ will be their legal team and a few executives and the executives only involvement will be the odd meeting to decide should we sue someone the legal team tells us is steeling our business… I mean stealing our intellectual property.

      So unless you think the legal team is involved in product development then I think they are concentrating on their own products.

      This said I totally agree I hope they do drop it and stop wasting money on patent bullshit. We fund the government who stands over the legal proceedings and will pay a premium to the manufacturers who take part. I think the shareholders Apple should stand up and say stop wasting our profits!

      1. lol no need to get technical……but well said! But yeah, Its gotta end somewhere though, what the outcome will be is anybody’s guess.

      2. Well, the legal team isn’t its own company. It’s part of Apple. If Apple itself were more focused on its own products, then they would focus their legal team on acquiring new patents, copyrights, etc. Just because a legal team doesn’t seem to have anything to do isn’t a good reason for them to initiate costly frivolous lawsuits. If the company wasn’t encouraging/demanding this of them, then it wouldn’t have happened.

  2. Is T-Mobile just doing this because they found out they’re not getting the iPhone 5?

    1. not necessarily Verizon has the iphone and they are doing it, mostly because of the loss of money from banning samsung phones

      1. I think they are just trying to protect their “Prime” Future.

    2. They are protecting their 4G networks, Apple won’t support it for a while…

  3. i love apple computers but will never get on the iPhone bus.

  4. T-mo not included obviously but if they really wanted to help they could stop selling the iPhones until Apple gave in to their demands. They are obviou sly just giving the public some lip service.

    1. That would be nice, the only problem is Verizon, and AT&T probably already have a contract signed with Apple. So they can’t just stop selling the iPhone until Apple gives in, it would be a breach of contract.

      1. well that and it would be a huge drop in revenue. If Verizon dropped the iphone, AT&T would be the exclusive carrier again. If AT&T dropped it, they’d basically go out of business (as the iphone is the only decent reason I can think of for being an AT&T customer). If they both dropped it at the same time, that would be tacit collusion, which would get them investigated for anti-trust violation. Whoever drops it first, stands to lose the most. Even in the best-case scenario, where everybody drops it at the same time, they all still technically lose sales, as the iPhone (like it or not) sells like god-damned hotcakes.

  5. I can’t wait until Samsung sues Apple when the iPhone 5 is released.

  6. This is just getting ridiculous (of course it has been since the first attempt at a ban hammer from Apple). It is obvious that Apple is scared shirtless (haha, autocorrect) about Android taking the cake in sales (which it quite obviously is, unless the cake is a lie). So now my question is; why ban attempt to ban ALL Samsung products? That means ill have to get rid of my stereos, my phone, my TV, and my MP3 player.

    1. The ban applies to the sale of the products…not to the owning of them. You’d be able to keep your electronics no one is going to confiscate them from you. :P

  7. If the carriers would ban apple iPhones apple would have no choice but to back off. I know Verizon and att have contracts with then currently let them expire to send a message to apple

    1. well, a business is a business. If they drop the iphone all at the same time (which would technically be tacit collusion which is illegal), then they would lose money by not selling a product that tons of people want. Yes, they’d save money by getting the Samsung ban lifted (assuming the ban would actually go through), but it wouldn’t make up for the huge loss in sales. I totally understand your sentiment here, but in the end, businesses are in it for the money. Always.

  8. i love apple computers. thanks for the awesome post. T-Mobile Joins Verizon And Backs Samsung In Apple Infringement Case is nice post.

  9. Epic picture.

  10. I’m not sure it would take all that much to get them to do it. Really if AT&T stepped up and defended Samsung then Apple would have a little more to listen to since AT&T is the biggest supporter of the Iphone.

  11. LOL at cheap photoshop, but funny.
    I think the only carrier won’t tell apple to back the eff off is ATT.

  12. reason i hate apple. anytime they see a threat they get sue happy. reminds me of the time windows was catching on and everyone was switching from macs. they sued microsoft for the trash can thats why its called the recycle bin.

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