Apps of the Day: Matchstick Master & Connect 4 Baviux


Apps of the day brings us a new puzzle game and one old classic. One will cost less than today’s bags of chips while the other one is free as free can get. Get over to the Android market and check them out. If you like them, let us know in the Android market.

Matchstick Master – This is a unique puzzle game seeing users manipulating matchsticks in order to create a certain pattern or setup. This one’s not for pyros (no lighting the matches here) but it will give you a faint remembrance of the devastating habit. You’ll get 60 levels to brighten up your day (see what I did there?) and it all costs less than a bag of chips. [Market]

Connect 4 Baviux – No, I don’t know how to pronounce that last word either. That aside, Connect 4 Baviux is a fun spin on the classic match-up game. Baviux is in reference to the developers’ existing game on the Android market. Instead of colored discs, you’ll get Baviux. They have faces and I would hope they also have personalities and voices. Other than that, it’s Connect 4 with four difficulty levels (quite fitting) and Scoreloop integration. Free in the Android market. [Market]

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  1. If you like puzzle and strategy games. you should play Cut the Rope. Which is included in the great app list

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