Sprint Temporarily Suspends Gingerbread Update for LG Optimus S


In what is normally a joyous occasion in the Android community has turned into a nightmare for some. Apparently, LG Optimus S owners who have recently updated their device to Android 2.3 Gingerbread have been reporting more bugs and issues than you can shake a stick at (that means a lot). Sprint has officially acknowledged these issues in their community forums and they let everyone know today that they are halting the update until further notice. Here’s a quick list of the confirmed issues from Sprint.

  • Device no longer charging
  • No access to data services
  • SD card un-mounted or removed message
  • Device not recognized by Windows
  • Predictive text no longer works (keyboard)

These are just a handful of the problems that can be found after updating with software build LS670ZHV. Now, there are some workarounds that can be found here, but in some of the more extreme cases (like device not charging) you may have to take your device in for an exchange. So if your Optimus S suddenly prompts you for an OTA update — DON’T DO IT!

[Via Sprint Forums]

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  1. Device no longer charging

    Wow… That would mean people can’t use the phone anymore….

    1. One could even say Gingerdead MURDERED their phone o_O

  2. The Gingerdead Man is back!

  3. This sounds a lot like some of the problems with some GB ROMs for the Fascinate – both TouchWiz-based and AOSP – I wonder if it’s an across-the-board problem with GB itself (in which case Google would need to address this issue themselves)

  4. My wife’s Optimus S has had a lot of trouble.

    We had them re-flash it because it wouldn’t charge at all and we couldn’t do anything with it. Now it’s acting up again… resetting randomly and having more trouble charging.

  5. Didnt even read the article just love the pic lol

  6. It seems Gingerbread was much like Vista: unnecessary and did more harm than good.

  7. this doesn’t surprise me. LG has received lots of heat over their updates as of late. The gingerbread update for the g2x was a joke. I didn’t see no difference in how my device ran, except for my camera was gone.(all the features) I personally vowed to never buy another LG product again. They put out mediocre devices at the very best (if you consider them that good).

  8. lmao @ that devilish Gingerbread man with the knife in his hand..good one.

  9. i think it might be gingerbread i have a g2 and since i updated it to 2.3.4. it only charges to 79% other than that problem i love gingerbread

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