Leaked Document Details Samsung Stratosphere Specs, Compares to Other LTE Devices


The Samsung Stratosphere is headed to Verizon to further bolster a growing line of 4G phones, but the new device holds a unique feature not found on any existing member of Big Red’s LTE family. A physical keyboard will set the Stratosphere apart, while middle of the road specs should provide an affordable option for those looking to get in on Verizon’s next-gen network. Most akin to Sprint’s Epic 4G, the Stratosphere features a 1GHz processor, Android 2.3, a 5MP camera with 1.3MP front-facing camera, and 4-inch Super AMOLED display. You can see how the handset stacks up to other members of Verizon’s lineup (and the competition) in the leaked documents uncovered by our friends over at Droid Life.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Physical keyboard, ugh… KILL IT WITH FIRE!! jk… (not really)

    Cheers for the choice – I hear some people dig that format.

    1. Yeah… it rocks for things like NES emulators and typing nonstandard commands on terminal emulators. Love my KB on my Epic.

  2. they blatantly lie about the epic not coming with pre installed memory. it comes with 16gb’s.

    anyways its a year old epic with extremely minor updates. id take the droid 3.

  3. Uhhh The Epic 4G comes with a 16GB card.

  4. Last I checked, the bolt has 2.3.4

    1. Not yet.

      1. nah bro its gots dat gingerbread as of last night

  5. A 16GB memory but it’s like the old style one and toolbar icons are just likely the same. I’m about to buy that epic 16GB 4G one. The wireless Verizon is also good right? Sooner or later those we’ll be mine.

  6. Droid 3 is better with dual core and the same 512mb memory. Only thing it lacks is 4g

  7. They have a lot specs wrong on those…guess its all propaganda for those less knowledgeable, smh at tht. Good ol big red (devilish).

  8. Then I choose the 4G LTE! Smoother and faster, and sure I get sick paying drag ad dragging toolbar icons. Looks like it has the highest speed in download and on board memory.

  9. Dual-core processor in 4G stateis too much, I wish iPhones development should make it better than before. Now look, it becomes smoother on streaming and has highest speed on downloading I think.

  10. The Samsung Stratosphere is epic because of its 4G LTE speed installed. It seems that this makes my uploading and downloading of icons for windows becomes faster than before. I’m hoping I got you today!

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