Sprint ZTE N890 Revealed In FCC Filing


It’s been a long time coming but it looks as if ZTE is gearing up for their first North American debut on a major carrier thanks to their upcoming N860 handset. The ZTE N860 recently passed through both, the Bluetooth SIG and FCC, with the latter revealing the label (seen below) outing Sprint as the carrier. Unfortunately, that’s all we have to go on at the moment.

Once the N860 is released on Sprint, the name for the device will likely change. Given ZTE’s track record for delivering affordable Android handsets, I’d be willing to bet we’ll be looking at a mid-to-low range Android handset from the Chinese manufacturer. Still, I’m hoping for the best and the more Android competition the better.

[Via UnwiredView]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Just another phone to give android a bad name. We have enough already. Just like my old samsung behold 2.

    1. seems like another phone to give more choice

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