Gingerbread OTA Update Now Available For HTC Thunderbolt


We’ve been getting reports that HTC Thunderbolt users are finally receiving that Gingerbread OTA update we told you about earlier today. Well, sorta. A lot of the info on that changelog was actually copy/pasta from Motorola’s change log so don’t expect too many changes. If you haven’t been prompted for the update just yet, you can successfully pull the update by jumping into your Settings > Software Update > Check New. This OTA update will bring HTC Thunderbolt owners up to Android 2.3.4. Good luck and godspeed! If you run into any difficulties or notice any funny business, sound off in the comments.

Chris Chavez
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  1. mine isn’t coming up with an update available when checking for new :(

    1. The same for me Paul.

  2. The install and reboot takes a very long time. Had me worried, thought it hung but it finally completed. Android 2.3.4, HTC Sense ver 2.1

  3. Got mine in under 5 minutes came down over lte installed and running beautifully. Much snappier with almost no lag

  4. Update received…

  5. How’s the voicemail notification? Any bugs?

  6. Mine is uploading now.

  7. I hope the OEMs are going to be good about ICS. THat’s going to be the big release that ppl are going to complain over.

    1. People complain about everything, and often use stupid terms like “goodness” regarding something they know nothing about. (Like all of the people who couldn’t wait for “gingerbread goodness” while knowing nothing about it). One of the most hilarious instances in the tech world of the misplaced use of that word were people who couldn’t wait for “Windows Vista goodness”. I still laugh about that even today.
      I’ll have ICS because the TBolt’s bootloader isn’t encrypted. I’ve been running GB for months and didn’t even realize until I started seeing articles about the update that the TBolt didn’t have “official” 2.3.x yet. God forbid they don’t work in Let’s Golf, VZ Navigator, and all of the other crap I end up having to remove anyway. Although, I actually liked Let’s Golf 2 – the only piece of bloatware I actually played with.

  8. Update sucessful. Smooth and fast, but they took off the clock app like they did to the Incredible 2.

  9. It’s downloading right now!

  10. my server failed i guess i have to be connected to the network and not wifi

  11. I got it, and it seems fine. I wonder how long until gtalk video chat works though.

  12. Can someone post the update, so I can flash it? I flashed to the gingerbread right before this one which was 2.11.605.2 and the release version is 2.11.605.3.

    Maybe I can just go to the store and they will update it for me?

  13. Still waiting fir this for the Samsung droid charge

  14. LOL!!…….I don’t need it or want it. I am already on 2.3.5 and waiting on 2.3.6 now. 2.3.4 is old and outdated already. Most other phones got their updated a while back.
    Times like these make me wonder why I even bothered getting a HTC phone. The next move would definitely be to Motorola since now it is owned by Google and they have always been quick with their updates.

    1. I’m sure they would be fine without you.

    2. That HTC phone that you hate and modded to get 2.3.5 wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the Devs. The HTC dev community is second to none. That’s why I buy HTC. I know I am not going to wait for updates.

      The way it sounds is that you aren’t happy unless you are on the latest and greatest. So you are going to mod your phone regardless if the carrier has updated it or not. So why complain about something that is meaningless to you?

      1. I have no issues at all with the devs. They are awesome. I however have an issue with the company policies and how they treat their customers.

  15. WAIT A MINUTE!!!…..if memory serves me right, HTC should be stopping the update soon and announce that there is a glitch in this update and provide another update date which probably sound like “It will be released in Q4”.

  16. All you guys taking this OTA are going to be PISSED when you find out voicemail notifications don’t work on this build.

    1. thats an odd relief for me actually. i hate checking voicemail but even more i hate having that stupid voicemail notification hanging out on my status bar. thatll be one mistake im going to capitalize on!

  17. congratulations wooooh took to damn long THIS IS A PROBLEM should be 2weeks after release

  18. Has anybody had success getting this over the flashed 2.11.605.2 version or will I need to find a download and flash again to update?

    1. That’s what I’ve been trying to find out. Sounds like this version has some stuff that the 2.11.605.2 doesn’t.

  19. has anyone noticed a reduction in 4 g speeds? I use to get a minimum of 12 megabytes per second download now I’m getting a max of 7. WTF?

  20. Download failed for me. Irritating. Now it says that there is no new software.

  21. Downloading now. I’ll let you know how it goes….long download at 3G cause my 4G rarely works!! I hope they correct that issue.

  22. Still waiting for Gingerbread for the Incredible, even though its been out for almost a month. Hopefully the T-bolt update goes smoother. About to Root and use CM7.

  23. Other than the new “Quick Settings” in the notification window and some new icons, don’t see much different.

    I notice that text app now properly informs apps that it’s a text entry field, not a URL field. Now Swype auto spaces properly in text messages.

    I think I will update to 2.3.5 ROM with sense 3.0 to try it out.

  24. no sense 3.0! YOUR KIDDING

  25. I downloaded the new update and everything went smooth. One thing I do notice though however is when I pull down the notification menu and hit the quick settings tab, the wifi icon has a red exclamation point floating over it. Why is it there because my wifi seems to be working fine?

  26. Wow, just throwing it out there. This made my phone not lag once since I’ve had it all day, its been super quick, and it made me enjoy my t-bolt again!! Thanks HTC and verizon!

  27. Did the update this morning …Very disappointed my phone has been going into 1x in places where I am always 3G and 4G…

  28. Has anybody had problems getting the front facing camera to work in google talk im only able to use the rear?

  29. My TB was unable to find any new updates. however, the odd thing is that when I click on status in the software update window, all the fields are blank except for source (which is set to verizon wireless)

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