HTC’s October 6th UK Event is Definitely for a Beats Branded Handset


Members of the UK press have received further details regarding the October 6th event HTC informed everyone about. The invitation clearly shows Beats headphones so we expect them to announce at least one of the rumored handsets shipping with this technology.

Considering the HTC Vigor is headed to Verizon and this event is being held in the UK, we’ll rule that out. That leaves us with the HTC Runnymede, which has recently been rumored to come to retail as either the HTC Bass or the HTC Sensation XL.

The latter name would refer to the fact that it has a 4.7 inch display compared to the Sensation’s 4.3. Unfortunately, this one won’t have a dual-core Snapdragon processor, but the 1.5GHz single core chipset inside should handle HTC Sense with ease. And we’re expecting Beats music integration, of course. It all unfolds on October 6th and we’ll be checking the newswire viciously that day. [SlashGear]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Honestly I think it’s cool HTC is pairing up with Beats cause of branding and also that audio software upgrade as well.

    I don’t own any beats audio headphones because I would prefer something like seinnheisers or something for quality headphone audio, but I do own a an HP Envy 14 Beats Edition laptop. Unforchantly for HTC I will not be buying a their handsets, my eyes are set on the Galaxy S II

  2. Lol does anyone else see it weird that this event lasts till 1:30 in the morning?!

    1. Dr. Dre is playing a live show at the event.

      1. really? Where is this going down?

  3. Sad that the Vigor won’t be announced on the 6th :/

  4. Why did they have to release it in the U.K. first? Bass Beast is U.S. Brand.

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