DIRECTV Nomad Allows You Watch Recorded Content On Your Mobile Device


The DIRECTV Nomad will be officially announced tomorrow but we’ll go ahead and spoil it for you ahead of time. The Nomad allows you to take the recorded content off your DIRECTV DVR and transcode it for transfer to your PC or mobile device. Pretty snazzy if you’re always on the go (hence the “Nomad” title). To make those grumpy network execs happy, the Nomad must have an active connection to your DVR and the internet for it to work. If you unplug the Nomad or no longer have a DIRECTV account, all of your saved content will be erased. Oh- and once transferred onto your PC, Android or iOS device, the content will only be available for 30 days and must use the special Nomad app for viewing. There will be no streaming of any kind going on here. The Nomad itself can store up to 100 hours of HD and 200 hours of SD content and will retail for $150.

[DIRECTV via Gizmodo]

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  1. Yeah I’ll stick with my Slingbox.

  2. Lame. I would rather have DirecTV now, but would rather switch for the Dish Sling thing.

  3. Slingbox is awesome, but it does not work well on a plane for 5-10 hours.

  4. Had no idea about this thing, till just now… Was kind of excited till I realized it’s pretty much useless. No streaming… transcoding…. wtf are they thinking… who has time to transfer huge files to their phones, and PCs. Right… I will get another recorder/DVR for my DVR so that I can watch a show after I transfer the whole file over to my device…

    Why don’t they just offer some software that can transcode the files with your pc, into PC viewable files and mobile formats right from the… they already have Directv2PC software can’t be that hard…

    The only thing that this could be useful for is if it worked like the TiVo to Go feature… where you can transfer the shows onto your PC to archive them (permanently) or to off load your FULL DVR to clear more space… but with 30day expiration that goes out the window as well.

    Must be some reason why they didn’t go the Slingbox route… copyright issues with the media companies…? Slingbox still the way to go obviously..

  5. Almost as dunderheaded as advertising free Sunday Ticket for everyone except their current customers. That’s OK though. It pissed my wife off enough that we will finally be getting rid of DirectTV (after her novella is finished…)

    1. soon as my contract is up in December I dropping direct tv and never looking back. I have been with comcast, dish network, and direct tv.

      And Direct TV has by far been the worst in customer service, and quality of service.

    2. Free Sunday Ticket only for new customers? Damn what a fraud!!!

    3. Lol..everyone thinks they are entitled to FREE Sunday ticket. Gee, last I checked, DIRECTV is a for profit corporation, you know, a business that tries to make money. Sunday Ticket is a premium, high value entertainment package. The fact that they can charge $300 a season for it proves that in and of itself.

      Anyway, all these current DIRECTV customers forget they got a basket of goodies when they first signed up. Its called marketing.

  6. wow. seems pretty useless.
    in the time it takes to do all that and put it on my computer, i can just download the shows via warez or torrent and keep in as long as i want. this actually seems very counterproductive.

  7. DirecTV’s Nomad is pretty cool for DirecTV’s customers but is reality DISH Network Sling adapter is better because for one you can watch DVR recordings more than just 20 hours however much recording time you have recorded on your DVR and if you have the 922 DVR you have up to 100 hours of HD recording time! Plus with I can watch both live TV and with DISH Network’s free app called Dish Remote Access I can schedule my recordings from my phone, tablet, or laptop. Another advantage DISH has is there is no monthly fee with the sling adapter and it cost $50 less. A co-worker at DISH also told me that the sling adapter is being offered free for new customers!

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