You’ve Got 6 Hours to Buy This Nexus S for $300


1SaleADay came through in the clutch with affordable 32GB microSD cards last time and now they’re offering something even sweeter. They have the Nexus S available for today only (6 hours left as of the time of this posting) for $300. It’s for use with AT&T and T-Mobile and is completely unlocked for use on either of the two. It doesn’t say this one’s refurbished but be wary before making your purchase decision. Get started here. [Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Prime must be coming.

    1. so what

      1. So they’re trying to get rid of excess stock of the older model before the new one comes in.

  2. It does list the condition as new on the specs page. I’m thinking about getting one for my sister.

  3. It’s also worth noting that this is the **Samsung Nexus S I9023**. Which means it’s the S-LCD version, and not the SAMOLED one that first came out for T-Mobile.

  4. 3G frequencies are incompatible with at&t. So this phone can only use Edge on at&t networks.

  5. Bunch of crap if you are on AT&T. This is not the AT&T version. It does not have AT&T 3G frequencies. This is only good if you are on T-Mobile.

    1. I’m actually on AT&T. And never have a problem with their service. It depends what phone you have or what area you live at. So don’t say nothing bout a carrier that doesn’t have good service. I have good 3G service and HPSA+ service.

      1. I’m also on ATT and I love thier service. You did not understand my statement. I’m saying that this phone they are selling is not the one meant for ATT and therefore the phone is lacking the proper 3G frequencies to enable the phone to work at 3G speeds on ATT. It has the proper frequencies for T-Mobile only. Therefore my statement is that if you are on ATT this phone is crap ….not that ATT is crap. There is another Nexus S variant model for ATT which is the I9020T (looks identical) and that one has the ATT 3G frequencies. It is very misleading for to advertise this phone to ATT customers, since they are doing them no good deed by selling them a phone where they will be stuck at EDGE 2G speeds. The average person coming across this deal will see 3G mentioned and ATT and they will assume that they will get ATT 3G speeds and they wont with this phone.

      2. He’s not saying AT&T is bad only that this phone doesn’t work properly with it as it doesn’t have the proper AT&T bands.

  6. If only it was for Verizon. If only. If only. If only.

    1. Switch to GSM prover (Tmobile or ATT) and have freedom to choose the devices in your own way

      1. I wish, but Verizon seems to have the best service, both in terms of reception and power. And sometimes they also have the best phones. I guess I’ll just wait for the Galaxy Nexus.

  7. The good thing – it has NFC, Near Field Communication support

  8. I really want it to upgrade from my original Samsung vibrant but i feel paying possibly 200-300 extra for the nexus “prime” with hopefully much better specs, better screen (res), processor, etc.. it wouldn’t be worth it to get the nexus s now. WHAT SHOULD I DO? lmao.. any help would be loved:)

  9. Shit ill sell you mine for 250 lmao

  10. Bought it :)

    1. I bought one, too. Did you receive it? Mine’s still “pending.”

      1. Still haven’t received it yet either. I’m hoping to get an e-mail real soon. Driving me crazy.

        1. Driving me nuts, too. I already received my cases and screen protectors shipped out from the West Coast…

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