Sony Tablet S Has Begun Receiving Its Android 3.2 Update


The promised Android 3.2 update for the Sony Tablet S is officially read for download. It appears as if Sony is already setting a great Android track record for themselves by providing a timely update to the latest version of Honeycomb. Well, that and Sony needs their tablet owners to update to 3.2 if they want to take advantage of the upcoming Sony Entertainments services that should be arriving for Tablet S owners around mid-October. Sony’s Video Unlimited store will also go live sometime around Oct. 1oth. I’m curious — did anyone pick up one of these Sony tablets?

[Via PCAdvisor]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Sony products are often underrated. That looks like a nice piece of tabletry.

    1. Definitely agree. Sony makes great products, this tablet isn’t great, but it’s pretty good.

  2. I didn’t even realize it’s on sale…
    Not planning on picking one up, but might swing by best buy to check out the form factor.

  3. I played with one at Best Buy and I thought they did a great job with it. The screen looked great, I liked that it was different than the other tabs which all largely look the same. I don’t think that most consumers will buy it though. Sony’s tablets are both unconventional and I just don’t see them taking off, maybe they can capture 5-10% of the market in the near term.

    1. Capturing “5-10%” of the market would mean that it was the hottest selling Android tablet of all time. 5-10% of what market? Android tablets are just a niche right now, but give it time.

      1. I should clarify, I meant up to 10% of the Android tablet market. Seems that Samsung and Motorola have the inside track as of now, but this is a decent first product for Sony.

  4. I have one, its quite nice.

  5. I played with one at Fry’s, while 3.1 is pretty cool I really don’t see the advantage of using this over a PC or my Android phone. I guess it’s nicer that the screen is bigger than my phone.

  6. My GF’s father has one of these and I was actually surprised… it’s a decent little tablet in the form-factor. I don’t see it as being a great gaming tablet, but for reading books and other media I think actually, it might be the best tablet on the market for that.

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