HTC Vigor (Thunderbolt 2) Battery Pops Up On Amazon


Just in time for that rumored Oct. 13th launch date, official OEM accessories for the HTC Vigor/Thunderbolt 2 have already begun popping up on Amazon. The accessory in question is this 1620mAh battery that should put out an extra hour 2 of life when compared to the original Thunderbolt’s 1400mAh. Hopefully when paired with the Thunderbolt 2’s dual-core Snappy, we’ll see 12- 16 hours of pure Neftlix streaming on Verizon’s 4G LTE network. Okay, maybe not but anything over 5 hours would be an improvement. You guys excited about the HTC Vigor?

[Via Droid-Life]

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  1. Only 1620mAh for 1.5Ghz dual core, LTE, HD screen phone and you are expecting 12+ hours of video streaming? I’d say good luck getting over 5 hours in 4G.

    1. Remember, dual-cores HELP battery life — they don’t hurt it.

      1. Only if the OS supports it. As of yet, Android doesn’t utilize the dual cores; only some apps can.

        1. Unfortunately so. ICS better be optimized for dual core phones.

          1. It’s supposed to be optimized for dual core phones and tablets, but it seems like HTC don’t get it, even if that battery is slightly bigger it’s only gonna be good for another hour. They release a new phone every week with some minor updates

  2. Jeeeeez ….HTC just doesn’t get it! That battery will be dead within 5 hours.

  3. It’s funny that I can get 15+ hours using 4G all day with my bolt. Custom Kernels say hi.

    1. Yeah, but not out of the box. I’ve rooted the crap out of my Evo and now it lasts 20 hours and makes me french toast in the morning o.O

    2. are u using a sense rom and if so what kernel do u use? im bamf forever 1.0.6

  4. Guys problem isnt the 4G itself. The problem is phone going in and out of 4G and searching for the 4G signal. The searching part is what drains the battery.

    1. That’s part of it. The other part is that LTE is not using a low-power solder-on chip yet like 3G has for quite some time.

  5. The 1.5 ghz dual core is just a 1.2 ghz over clocked well that’s what the new HTC sensation g…(whatever It’s called) has. 4g LTE saves battery and so does the dual core. I’m not getting this because I’m on Sprint but just saying. Looks like there bringing back the red interior.

    1. LTE drains battery it doesn’t save it lol. May want to go back and look at how much a battery drain LTE is.

  6. I wonder if any of the other htc phones slim extended batteries will fit in the vigor stock battery door? If say the seido or another larger slim extended battery fits then that could add another 2 or so hours of battery

  7. I wonder if it will fit the og thunderbolt

  8. am i the only one who is wondering if HTC sense 3.5 will help or hurt the battery

  9. Don’t worry, you’ll have ICS 6 months later…you hope…err pray.

  10. I don’t get what the deal with all of these small batteries on beastly phones is. My Atrix can eat through its 1930 mAh battery like there’s no tomorrow, so why put a smaller battery in a phone with a bigger screen, faster processor, and LTE?

    1. Because its not loaded with blur lol.

  11. Ok.. Did I miss something ?… last I was hearing was that the Vigor was going to be the “Incredible HD”.. now it’s Thundebolt 2 ?

    1. I don’t think Phandroid has gotten that memo yet.

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