HTC Evo 4G and Kyocera Echo Have Reached Their End Of Life


It’s the end of an era, folks. T’was the world’s first 4G smartphone and first Android device to feature a 4.3-inch screen and front facing camera. Yes folks, the HTC Evo 4G will finally reach its “End of Life” (EOL) in only a few short weeks. Even though the Evo 4G beat out all other Android devices in sales last quarter, that wasn’t enough to save the device from EOL’ing. In fact, the white Evo 4G has actually been rushed to the slaughter house a little sooner with it reaching its untimely death only a few days ago on Sept 18th.

Keep in mind, this is an actually an updated list from the EOL we posted back in July and it serves as a bitter reminder of the (black) HTC Evo 4G’s fate. Anyone else feeling a bit sentimental about this?

(Oh yeah — and the Echo will be discontinued too.)

[Via SprintFeed]

Chris Chavez
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  1. I just got the Epic Touch, and it is simply Amazing… but loved my EVO 4G for the 15 months I had it. Long Live the EVO!

    1. Same story here. Loved the Evo 4G and everything about it (except that little white spot on the screen) but once the Epic Touch went on sale last week, it was not a hard decision. That Galaxy simply runs circles around the Evo in terms of speed among other things…

  2. Yeah! This phone was the first for everything. It was an amazing phone even though I upgraded to the EVO 3D. I’ll always remember you…my first super phone!
    R.I.P. :'(

  3. Crazy this phone only came out 15 months ago and now it seems ancient! Can’t wait to replace mine (HTC Sense restarts and low internal memory blocking email are driving me crazy)! Will probably wait another month or so to see if an iPhone 5 hits Sprint or if ICS devices start trickling out. Android’s come so far in the last year, still not sure I’d make the jump to iOS even if an iPhone did hit Sprint (would be tough to give up voice to text, google navigation, widgets, and tight gmail integration).

    1. notsureifserious.png

  4. Just imagine a EVO 4g LTE coming next year with 2 ghz dual or quadcore CPU. Maybe keep the original designs but tweak it a bit and add a front camera with a flash! That would be great I think

    1. I’d buy it in a second.

  5. It’s well over due on the Evo LOL, it was well over due the day it came out.

    1. I’mma let you finish but — The HTC Evo 4G was the best phones of all time!

      1. I agree… but don’t read too much into this guy… 3 sketchy posts in a row.. prolly just trollin’.

  6. And trust me I love HTC I just never liked the Evo.

  7. Kudos, Chris, for using a picture of Ryuk to talk about an EOL phone. I <3 you.

    1. Agreed. Death Note is the beeeeep! I thought I was going to miss my OG EVO, but then the Sprint rep let me hold my Epic 4g Touch.

    2. That pic looks creepy as hell. Now I gotta go look up what the hell a Ryuk is…

  8. Sprint already confirmed no I devises.

  9. Ah the G1 was first for everything then the ERIS and Moto1 were launched at the same time through Verizon. And then some time after that the Evo, but the evo wasn’t even close to first.

    1. First 4G phone…even though the 4G got botched.

  10. Little late to the game. TOS mentioned this months ago. Epic 4g is also reaching it’s EOL in November I believe.

  11. For a real “first attempt” into the super-phone market, this phone held up pretty damn well, continuing to be a great seller for Sprint. If they can get more phones like this but smaller for the non-geeks out there, SPrint may be able to get some increase in customer base instead of hemorrhaging like they have for years.

  12. Am I the only one who lol’d at the image shown at the main page for this article?

  13. Im thinking the echo was EOL on its release date.


  15. I like that Death Note picture. Heh heh…

  16. With root and an excellent ROM community, my EVO will suit me fine for at least another year. It does seem a bit bogus, though, that the “life” of a phone at Sprint is shorter than the contract one must sign to get that phone.

  17. Not mine. I’m rocking CM7/Tiamat and this thing just won’t quit. I’m so glad I went this route instead of keeping the 3D.

  18. I’ve still got about a year left with my Evo, and, while Im excited to get the latest superphone when my contract expires, Im in no hurry. It’s still plenty fast enough to do everything i need it to. For a 15month old phone, that’s still pretty good.

    HTC really hit it out of the park with the EVO. i cant think of a phone thats been released since thats been as big of a game changer as the Evo.

  19. my evo is the first phone i have kept more then a year for about 16 years . R.I.P Evo I hope you return for a sequel .

    1. What? Haven’t you heard about the Evo3D?

  20. Had the EVO for 7 months . Loved it! After being with Sprint for 7 years, had to give them both up for Verizon, and the Thunderbolt. Sprint and Clear botched my 4G dreams.

  21. Anybody remember the event that sprint held to release a revolutionary new device and how we all thought it was going to be the Galaxy S2 but it was that stupid echo? Good riddance.

  22. I made the move from the Palm Pre on Echo’s Launch Day after MLB dropped support for the Palm Pre. I am still happy with my choice. Hater reviewers had rage with the seam between the screens. I looked at the 2nd screen as a bonus. Instead of a slider keyboard, I got extra screen space for an on-screen keyboard when I needed it and I had extra screen space the rest of the time. That extra screen space came with the minor cost of a seam running down the middle. If I had gone with another phone instead of the echo, I would never get the extra screen space. I never got hung up about simul-task because I never used it. Dolphin HD was my browser, so no simul there. I always used either the standard single screen mode or tablet mode. The recent update to Gingerbread improved battery life and stability. The update seems to block all of the rooting techniques, so beware if that is important to you. With such an early EOL, I am worried about Sprint’s ability or interest if I need a repair.

  23. Thats to bad about the echo. I had it for about 2 months before selling it and getting the nexus s4g. It really was a great phone and the dual screens was a great feature. The only thing that really did it in was the poor battery life. I think if it had better battery life it and had community developer support it would be one of the best phones still on the market.

  24. You know the EOL cycle they put these phones thru is pretty much just official stuff to push off and get ready for newer stuff. but with Root on the Evo 4g you can get the phone to last beyond 15 months and well past 2yrs. Find yourself a good rom that performs multiple times more efficiently then what stock gives you and you got yourself a phone that lasts you longer. 1Ghz processors and the dual cores gave the ability for anyone to tweak their phone and make it last longer. Anyone with a dual core is most definately having performance gains that can last well beyond 2yr+ and perform as smoothly as upcoming quadcores, with the right Rom. I have the Evo 4G and its been a reliable fast workhorse with CM7 and dont feel the need for the newer stuff, yet.

  25. lol as if anyone cares about the echo.

    keyocera should stop making phones. and carriers should stop buying from them.

  26. Sprint should give out discounts to those who own phones which reach end of life.

    1. Why? The phones still work. Why would these people be entitled to a discount?

      1. Because I am one of ‘these people’

        1. Figures. Stop feeling so entitled. Stop feeling like you deserve something just because your phone isn’t being sold anymore.

          1. I would be offended if I were actually serious with my original comment.

            Nonetheless, I have just as much right to have my opinion on this as you feel the right to tell me what I deserve.

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