Samsung Galaxy Tab Plus Poses For The Camera – On Its Way To T-Mobile


Some leaked pics of a new Samsung tablet (SGH-T869) found their way online today. According to TmoNews, T-Mobile is gearing up to release a new and improved version of last year’s Samsung Galaxy Tab 7-inch . The device you see before you be known as the “Samsung Galaxy Tab Plus” (+ is the new “i”).  The Tab Plus will be the official sequel to last year’s 7-inch Galaxy Tab this time coming with a noticeably improved design and compatibility with T-Mobile’s 4G HSPA+.

Originally, I confused this little tablet with Samsung’s upcoming 7-inch Galaxy Tab 7 but apparently we could be looking at a completely different 7-incher. The Tab Plus will come with Samsung’s TouchWiz UX on top of Android 3.2 but nary a peep was made on pricing or launch date. Strange that it would be a completely different 7-inch tablet from Samsung but then again, we’ve seen weirder things happen when a device drops on T-Mo. Either way, 7-inches has always been my sweet spot. What do you guys think?

[Via TmoNews]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Whoa, what? I thought it’d be ages before that makes it over here. Yea, consider me a very interested customer. The one thing that could sway me to look elsewhere if the Galaxy Note also appeared.
    (also, it’d be sweet if it was a phone, too)

  2. Awesome, I’m psyched!

    Hoping for:
    dual-core (at least)
    gig of ram
    and… *drum roll* SAMOLED!

  3. That’s not the 7.7.

  4. If it was not on T-Mobile maybe…it would catch my eye …but iguess 20 a month ain’t bad to use something slightly faster then 3g…

    1. Slightly? lol, *dumbass alert*

  5. Guys, this is to the 7″ Galaxy Tab what the Samsung Galaxy S 4G was to the original Galaxy S Vibrant….it’s an update, and probably going to be reasonably priced as well, since it’s using either an up-clocked Hummingbird, or a Snapdragon.

    It is NOT the SAMOLED, Exynos powered 7.7.

  6. “To me, 7-inches has always been my sweet spot. What do you guys think?”

    Thats what she said!

  7. Meh, I’m focused on the 7.7 atm…might give this a look if it’s competitively priced.

  8. Halfway don’t be a fartknocker…T-Mobiles so called 4g is hardly ever mentioned when comparing to Verizon …the only one that you really hear about (and even it can’t compare) is Sprint. You love T-Mobile…good for you…but be sensible, its cheap for a reason …don’t be Fart knocksr-ble be sensible…

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