Android 2.3.4 Update Rolling out to Galaxy S II in Nordic Countries


Samsung promised it’d be here for Europe later this month and it appears the first group of Galaxy S II owner are receiving the update. I’m speaking of Android 2.3.4, of course. Considering the Samsung Galaxy S II launched with Gingerbread this isn’t such a huge deal, but many have been waiting for Google Talk video chat and that’s exactly what this update brings.

We’re not sure what else we’re in store for but we’re hoping those details come to light before too long. There’s a discussion going on over at XDA. Get a manual ROM download there if you are unable to pull it down and read through the entire thread before flashing anything. Most importantly, if you are using a branded device it’s best to wait on this one until your carrier can provide the update (or until a developer can get it up and running for those handsets). [XDA, Thanks Hollow!]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. @MelvinMesa piss off with your spam

  2. @MelvinMesa piss off with your spam

  3. Hmmm… I finally broke down and bought a Galaxy S II off of Amazon about a week ago and it shipped with 2.3.4. I thought that was standard… I guess not?

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