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In effort to please all customers regardless of how much money is in their wallet, HTC will be adding another device into their “budget” lineup of Android devices. This time with the HTC Explorer. The device was originally code named the Pico but like all good phones before they’re released, found a last minute name-change. The specs are adequate for anyone looking to get out of their current feature phone thanks to a 600MHz processor more than capable of pushing the devices 480×320 pixels on a 3.2-inch display. The Explorer will also feature 512MB of internal memory and 384MB of RAM, 5MP camera on the rear and Android 2.3 with Sense 3.5.

Design-wise the Explorer seems to follow more design cues from the Incredible 2 than its Wildfire S cousin. We’re going to have to wait and see if this device will be announced tomorrow during HTC’s NYC event although I’m crossing my fingers for deets on the Incredible HD.

[Via Pocketnow]

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  1. I guess that answers any questions (if there were any) as to hardware requirements to run newer versions of HTC Sense.

    1. Or Gingerbread!

  2. You’re not alone Chris. I’m itching to upgrade my OG AMOLED Incredible for an IncHD

  3. So, they are releasing the Legend again?

  4. I didn’t know they made those processors any more,lol.

  5. I love htc…not really their budget friendly phones but all of them look really cool…

  6. And this phone will be free without contract extension right? This isn’t even an entry level device in today’s standard. maybe a $49-99 device for boost mobile but that’s about it.

    1. It better be free. You can get an Evo 4g for $50 now… Why in the world would I get this over an Evo unless it free?

  7. Same specs as the hero but no trackball and more ram.

  8. Seriously? In this day and age, if you can afford a data plan, you should be able to afford a better phone…

  9. 512 MB of internal storage – but it’s actually more like 150 MB free. I hate that in low-end phones, and it’s even worse that non-techies are getting them, because they wouldn’t even know what to do to put some apps on the SD. Google should at least make the App2SD thing automatic.

  10. Ewww gross

  11. So when will my unlocked sim free HTC Incredible S get sense 3.5? I had accepeted that maybe if the phone had to have specs similar to the Sensation to run it that I might be out of luck. But my phone has much better specs than this one, so it should be able to run Sense 3.5 fine!

  12. Yup, if they can run Gingerbread and Sense 3.5 on that hardware then they can port it to the Desire,

  13. With that name, I Wonder if MS will be pissed that this isn’t a Windows phone ?

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