Angry Birds Developer Rovio Planning On Getting Into the Publishing Business?


Besides rolling around in a pool filled with their $70 million in Angry Birds revenue, just what does Rovio “the world’s fastest growing global consumer brand ever,” plan to do with all that cash? Well, the Finnish group may be looking to get into the indie publishing business. In an interview with Develop, Rovio suggested that they may be in talks with mobile game studios to jump into the new business venture. Rovio executive Peter Vesterbacka has this to say,

We have some plans for this area, but not ready to announce yet. If we do something in the publishing area, you can expect it to be a bit different.

Back in March, Rovio scooped up $42 million in a new investment fund although it was not disclosed what projects the cash would fund. Rovio has also mentioned they plan to have their stock listed on New York Stock Exchange in which it was recently valued at $1.2 billion. If Rovio does go through with this indie publishing venture, it will give small time developers a chance at scoring big thanks to Rovio’s internationally known brand.

[Develop via DroidGamers]

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  1. Angry birds is overhyped and every game is the too similar to the last one.

    They need to completely redesign the game so then it’s fun again.

    1. I’m waiting for the Angry Birds RPG o.O

  2. People still play Angry Birds?

  3. maybe add new birds

  4. Getting into publishing? Sounds like fear of failure to me if / when they decide to come up with new IP and a new game. Congrats and all, but lightning doesn’t always strike twice and there are a lot of good developers out there making interesting games. It seems they can wash their hands easier of new IP failures as a publisher than sucking it up themselves.

  5. The downfall of their business will be they are not trying to do other things. We have all seen the one hit wonder bands that have come and gone. This would be the same for the mobile gaming world. They need to work on the next big title. Even if it is not as good, they have the name now, they will get the players. Angry Birds is starting to die down and the hype is only still there because they keep pushing it out there. They are trying to hold on to this one hit wonder as long as they can rather than make the next one.

    Zynga had that hit with Mafia Wars. They then used that fame to create more games and now they have an army of popular games (even though i like none of them :P )

    I will be interested to see where they go from here.

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