Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Up for Pre-Order at Best Buy


If 10.1-inches of Galaxy goodness was just a bit too much, the Samsung’s smaller (but not smallest) Honeycomb slate is coming to offer an alternative. Best Buy has launched pre-orders for the 16GB and 32GB Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 on their website, though specific shipping dates are not mentioned. The 16GB model is priced at $469.99, while the 32GB version is priced at $569.99. Both versions are WiFi-only and feature a dual-core CPU, 1GB RAM, and 8.9-inch display (as suggested by the name).

Samsung recently unveiled a beefed-up LTE version of the Galaxy Tab 8.9, but from the Best Buy product listing this appears to be the older version of the slate revealed at last year’s Mobile World Congress.

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  1. WIsh they were selling the 7″ version in the US. That being said, the 10.1 is a pretty nice tablet, so I have hopes for the others.

  2. Still overpriced!

    1. Yeah, for that price, I’ll get an Asus Transformer and put some back for the dock.

    2. Agreed they need to come down to the $300 range to offer a product that compets with some of the other tablets like the Xoom etc.

  3. Toshiba at200 please!!

  4. Looks nice, but until Samsung actually supports the 10.1 from Google they are on my shit list.

  5. It’s about damn time.

  6. I thought the 8.9 WiFi was supposed to sell for $399 and the 10.1 for $499. Is that not what was said at the introduction of both tablets this past spring?
    When are these companies going to learn that with the economy in the state its in overpriced products aren’t going to sell. Ask Moto how the xoom is selling. I wonder what the 2nd best selling tablet in the States is. I would imagine it might be the transformer but that is only a guess.

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