Sep 14th, 2011

The SpyEye banking trojan that’s been affecting PC users has now made its way onto Android. The developers of the malware have created a trojan called Spitmo which is made to target Android users by asking already infected desktop users to install their special “security software” in order to work with their bank’s online services on their mobile device.

If you’re gullible enough to take the bait your SMS messages will then be intercepted and uploaded to the crooks’ servers. Why SMS messages? The SpyEye developers have use the trojan to intercept the one-time SMS pass codes many banks use as a key defense to thwart password logging software.

If you think the problem of malware is a unique to Android, researches also found that SpyEye’s Android malware appears to be similar to a banking trojan used to steal SMS messages from Symbian devices.

This is all pretty scary stuff but once again, if it isn’t in the Android Market — don’t download it. And knowing is half the battle.

[Via TheRegister]