Second Honeycomb Leak for Logitech Revue Walkthrough [Video]


There has been a second leak of Honeycomb for the Logitech Revue, apparently, and with the leak comes a juicy 8 minute video showing what to expect once the official update comes to the Revue.

If you were worried that the unit wouldn’t be powerful enough to run the update smoothly, guess again. Some have even said this thing runs smoother than the original build.

Video’s above and if you want to apply the leak manually links and instructions can be found here. (Before you go, do make sure you’re on the first leak before updating to this one – you’ll brick the thing otherwise). Anyone else suddenly wanting one of those $99 Revue units? [via Channel Android]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Do any of you Phandroid writers have a revue? Any of you use the old leak and update to this one?

    I want to know the changes and if it is worth my time to update!

    1. The update gives you access to the Android Market. That alone will make it worth your time.

      1. Yeah, I have the previous honeycomb leak, which only has a few bugs.

        I just wanted to know if all they did was fix bugs.

        I have had the market and apps for a month or more now.

  2. I have a Revue (didn’t have to pay for it, Thanks Cisco!) but I have not loaded any of the leaks on it. Why? The uncertainty that surrounds whether the official build will load over-top the leak build when it becomes available. That coupled with the fact that Netflix is a no-go on the leak and the biggest reasons why I haven’t. Instead it will sit there and collect dust while I use my PS3 to consume online content.

  3. I have applied both leaks and this latest leak definitely works a lot better. I can confirm that Netflix does work on this latest leak and performance is definitely better than any of the other builds. I have not noticed the audio drop issues with this latest build compared to the original leak. Also, the market is working as we would expect it too. I was able to download applications from the market and they installed and updated as well so this is definitely a lot closer to the final build. I haven’t tried the Pandora application yet. The only odd thing I have seen so far is that one time I was in the applications and the main menu bar was missing some applications but when I went back into the applications menu and back out they were fine. Hasn’t happened since the initial day so not sure if it is a re-occurring issue or not yet. Overall, I am impressed with this build so far and excited about what is to come.

    1. If what you say is true, I just might finally take the plunge

    2. I was just thinking though, maybe it wasn’t the HC Update that made Netflix work on the revue, but the Netflix app update that enabled all devices over 2.2.

  4. ummm, I have netflix on my Revue now, without Honeycomb. What’s the big deal?

    1. It wasn’t available for the first leaked Honeycomb build. Once you installed the first leak, Netflix was removed.

  5. anyone use a slingbox and Google TV? I’m looking in to setting up a slingbox at different location and using a Logitech revue at my house to access it.

  6. I was starting to regret buying the Revue but hopefully once the official Honeycomb update comes it’ll make the device worthwhile. My main issue is the speed of the device. As of now, performance is pretty slow. Judging by the video, it does seem a bit quicker.

  7. got the revue as a gift from my wife last x-mas. i have never regretted having it, its been amazing and awesome from day one, and i use it everyday. whether its just browsing the net, streaming tv and movies from various sites, watching netflix, etc….its been great..anyone that has had one but boo hoo hooed because it couldnt do this or that or the other thing, but hasnt appreciated the fact that you can have the internet on your living room tv screen, seriously needs to stop taking things for granted. the fact that the update is coming and there will be TV ready apps is just icing on an already tasty cake.

    im just waiting on the official revue update…leaks are too risky

    love the losers worrying if its “worth my time to update” …all u people got is time, time and money apparently. well we all gotta grow up now dont we.

    1. You just called me a loser?

      By “worth my time” I meant to download it. My internet gets 0.23 down. When I am downloading something, I cant even use other tabs because it slows it down even more, until it’s practically unusable.

      And I actually have no time. And no money. No Job.

  8. I hope Logitech updates the product soon…

  9. Fu ck logitech for keep playing with my mind!!!!!!

  10. i think i put the wrong file on my usb card… I downloaded them both at the same time thinking I would remember which was which, but I think i put the wrong file on first and i may have bricked my device. Any suggestion on how to re-install the first leak?

  11. So I think I may have bricked it. I was downloading both leaks at the same time and thought I remembered correctly which file was which. But I think I accidentally put the second leak on. So anyone can help me unbrick it. Maybe go back to the first leak and start from there?

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