PNC Virtual Wallet App Makes Its Way to Android


Word on the street is that PNC’s virtual wallet is the bee’s knees. I’ve even heard of people switching to PNC because of the virtual wallet. While I’m not so sure an app would be enough for me to switch banks, those who are thinking about it (and those who are already with the bank, of course) should rest easy knowing that PNC has finally released the virtual wallet app in the Android market. Mobile deposit, funds transfer, bills calendar – it’s all there. The laundry list of excellent features is below but be sure to find the free download in the Android market. [Thanks Joe!]

MAIN – At-a-glance view of Money Bar, the upcoming week and your last five transactions.

MOBILE DEPOSIT- Use your camera equipped Android device to deposit checks.

TRANSFER FUNDS – Slide the Money Bar to transfer funds between your Spend and Reserve accounts. Use Transfer Funds to move funds between the Spend, Reserve, and Growth accounts.

CALENDAR – View your scheduled payments and transfers, transaction history, paydays, reserve items, and Danger Days.

PAY BILLS – Make one-time bill payments to billers you have already set up online using Virtual Wallet.

ACTIVITIES – View recent transaction history in your Virtual Wallet accounts and search for specific transactions by date, amount, or check number.

LOCATE PNC – Locate the nearest PNC Bank Branch or ATM using built-in Location Services or search by zip code and street address.

RESERVE ITEMS – View items and use Buy Now option to transfer from your Reserve account to your Spend account.

SECURITY – With PNC’s Security Assurance, you can be confident that your personal and financial information will be protected while using the Virtual Wallet App.

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  1. So in your post it says “The laundry list of excellent feature is below…” but there is not a list below it :(

  2. It doesnt matter what is in the article, its total spam anyway.

  3. Wow everything the Chase banking app does, pretty sure the Wells Fargo banking app does the same.. Except they were on Android a year ago. Article does look suspiciously like a ad for PNC bank. “word on the street” – who exactly said that?

    Frankly I would not consider a bank that does not have a good Android app.

    1. “Frankly I would not consider a bank that does not have a good Android app.”

      That’s pretty damn funny. Thanks for the laugh.

  4. i was hoping this would be coupled with an NFC credit card/bank participant.

  5. Yes i like NFC

  6. Lol i dont get how people are dissing the article! PNC is the 5th largest bank in the US, lots of people have it, and a lot of them use their “virtual wallet” account system. The general PNC android app is decent, but lacks a lot of the flair of the iPhone equivalent, and the competitors android apps, so this is significant… why put down the article? or the app? or the bank? I doubt phandroid cares about PNC over any other bank, but they do recognize that many readers are customers, so this is unquestionably newsworthy.

  7. good app only problem is the remote deposit doesnt work at all!!!

  8. Just an FYI, if you use this app, lock your phone. Logging out of your account in the app does not secure it.

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